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             "Anne Rice" <>

My line:
Jacob Hollinger>Johann Niklaus Hollinger>Philip Hollinger>Susanna Hollinger
m. Jacob Bonebrake-Susanna is my 3ggrandmother.

Regarding Jacob:  Does anyone have birth and or death dates?  Does anyone
have information on his emigration?  Does anyone know who or when he
married?  Does anyone know where he is buried?

Regarding Niklaus(sp?):  I have born 1740 died 1785.  Does anyone have
birth and or death dates?  Does anyone have marriage information?  Does
anyone know where he is buried?

Regarding Philip:  I have born 5-20-1762 died 9-5-1821.  Is that what
someone else has?  I have married Elizabeth Hess she being born 1762 died
2-15-1812.  Does anyone have when they married?  I have them as being
buried in the Hollinger Gravesite-does anyone know if this is correct and
if this is located north of Waynesboro PA?

Regarding Susanna:  I have born 2-14-1791 died 10-17-1840.  Is that what
someone else has?  I have married Jacob Bonebrake he being born 7-1791 died
3-25-1832.  Does anyone know when they were married?  Does anyone know
where they are buried?

Thanks anyone for any information you may have that will help me.  I am
sorry I am posting with questions instead of having information for you.

ANNE - Thanks, I'm sure we have someone that can help you with Proving your
dates, etc. We have a copy of Nicholas' will. We could use the family info
on Susanna and Jacob Bonebrake.

Does Anyone have Philip Hollingers family?
marie, iowa

PAM - Thank You, I'm sure ANNE will appreciate.  marie, iowa

        "Pam Villanueva" <>

Hi Marie,

I saw your posting on Jacob Bonebrake.  If you can give me a few days, I'll
check him out in the Bonebrake book that I have.  It's pretty reasonable to
suspect that he's somewhere in it.  I haven't yet found anyone with that
surname who wasn't -- even if the information was minimal.

My Bonebrake connection is through Frederick and Joshua and connect to my
Mason family.

--Pam in CA

 I have found out through the Waynesboro Alexander Hamilton
Library that Jacob Bonebrake and his wife Susanna Hollinger are buried
with his father Conrad Bonebrake and mother Mary Thomas Bonebrake at the
rise of the field in the back of the house on the homestead by the Antietam
Creek just northeast out of Waynesboro.  I had been to that gravesite but
hadn't seen Jacob and Susanna's stones-had seen Susanna's parents' stones.
As far as Jacob and Susanna go, the info. is on page 444 of the Daniel
Beinbrech His Ancestors and His Descendents book by Marie Rizek Bonebrake
1990.  That might be the book Pam is referring to.  I have made copies from
it.  It has the children of Jacob and Susanna as:  Mary, Samuel, Anna,
Susanna, Jacob, David, Elizabeth(my line), and John.  Do you need any info.
on any of the children?  The book says that Jacob and Susanna are buried at
Ringgold Cem.-that's just inside Maryland south of Waynesboro-been there,
and they are not.  As said at top, there's buried at the farm.  I have a
summary of Nicholas's will-have that it was made 11-27-1784 and probated
1-28-1785-wish I knew his widow Catharine's last name.  I have Nicholas's
children as:  Philip m. Elizabeth Hess(my line), Elizabeth Hollinger m.
Frederic Boyer, Jacob, Daniel, Catherine m. Jacob Hess, Anna Maria,
Christian, Eve, and Magdalene.  His son, Philip:  I have a write up of his
will, have he married first Christine Lauver and had no children, married
second Elizabeth Hess and had 11 children:  Elizabeth m. Grove, Catherine
Jacob Shockey, Christina m. Martin Watts, Motlena(Magdalene) m. Michael
Ho(e)lm, Mary m. John Grove, Peggy(Margaret) m. Jacob Wishinger, Namcy m.
John Shank, Hannah m. Abram. Stouffer, Susannah(my line) m. Jacob
Samuel m. Elizabeth Royer, and John m. Elizabeth Grove.  I am not sure if
all this is correct.  Anne