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Fergusons Falls

Originally known as Millford, Fergusons Falls was renamed in honor of the early settler Captain Ferguson when a post office was established there. This was the closest village to the Stafford farm and would have been a source for supplies, postal services, blacksmith services, social activities, and later St. Patrick's Church. Thomas McCaffrey was the first settler coming in 1815. McCaffrey was apparently a close friend of Tobias Stafford and Betsy (McGarry) Stafford. Thomas was one of the witnesses to their marriage ceremony in St. John's Church in Perth. He also signed his name as witness to one of Tobias' later land transactions, and was present at the baptisms of some of the Stafford children. Other early Ferguson Falls residents were John and Patrick Quinn, Patrick and Martin Doyle, James Carberry, James Power and William Scanlon. Two Stafford girls married into the Quinn family. The Hollinger family was also among the first settlers. By 1857, Ferguson Falls was booming. John Doyle was the Innkeeper, James McCaffrey was listed in the business directory as a Wagon Maker, John & M. McCaffrey were the local Blacksmiths. John Stafford, Tobias Stafford and Elizabeth McGarry's son was the area Shoemaker, and would later open a shoe store in Almonte, then in Perth. There was also a sawmill and a grist mill owned by Robert Blair and a hotel owned by Charles Hollinger.



Thomas Hollinger found in:

Census Records: Ontario, Canada, 1871
District: Hastings West Sub-district: Sidney
Birth year range: 1844-1845 Age: 26
Gender: Male Birthplace: Ireland
Ethnic origin: Irish Religious affiliation: Wesleyan Methodist
Occupation: Laborer Division: 2
Microfilm roll #: C-9991 Page: 84
Head of household comment: This person is listed as a head of household.

Subject:  1876 Marriages Woolwich Twp., Waterloo Co


11134-76, (Waterloo Co.), George Michael STEFFLER, 22, farmer, Woolwich, of

Woolwich, s/o Lorenz & Elisabeth STEFFLER, married Catharine OTT, 20,

Woolwich, of Woolwich, d/o John & Elisabeth OTT, witn: Michael TREISSINGER &

Louis HOLLINGER of Woolwich, on 1 February 1876, at Elmira


11170-76, (Waterloo Co.), Balthaser WAHL, 22, carriage maker, Woolwich, of

Elmira, s/o George & Barbara WAHL, married Margaretha HOLLINGER, 20,

Woolwich, of Woolwich, d/o George & Margaretha HOLLINGER, witn: William

ZIEGLER, Wellesley & George WAHL, Woolwich, on 12 December 1876, at Elmira

10797-79, (Waterloo Co.), Peter SEHL, 25, painter, Berlin, of New Hamburg,
s/o Peter & Clara SEHL, married Wilhelmina HOLLINGER, 24, St. Catharines, of
New Hamburg, d/o Joseph & Cresentia HOLLINGER, witn: Nicholas SEHL &
Catharina HOLLINGER, New Hamburg, on 14 October 1879, at St. Agatha


Del Templin
Del Templin []




JULY 2004


Subject:  Re: [BRE] Brethren in Canada



 I believe it is. I found it listed in the Brethren Encyclopedia as a

reference. "A History of the Church of Brethren in Western Canada".   by Albert

Hollinger 1943 122pp  BD theise, Bethany Biblical Seminary,

 Do you have a copy Sherry?




> Dennis, do you mean the thesis by Albert Hollinger?  I don't think it was

> published.  A typewritten copy is at Earlham College since Bethany's library

> is

> now integrated into Earlham's collection.


> Sherry Petry

> Atlanta, GA


Your reference would indicate that both you and Sherry are correct.  An

accepted thesis is considered as having been published and is put into the

library.  In 1943 the thesis would have been typewritten and bound (as most

were until the late 1980s or early 1990s when graduate schools began to

accept computer generated work).  Usually no more than 5 or 6 copies were

generated via carbon paper.  You should be able to obtain a copy of the

thesis via interlibrary loan now that you know where it is.


Bob Harter

Bob Harter []


MS929 Reel 6 Huron/Brant Township, Bruce County
#27041:  HOLLINGER, Minnie; f; Dec 17th 1871; George HOLLINGER & Rachel
MITCHELL; farmer; George Hollinger, farmer Hanover; Jany 11th 1872; G.
Landerkin MD; Daniel Sullivan; Brant Bruce

Caitrin Malone


Marriages to go on line at:

Format - Registration No.; (County); Groom; age; occupation,
birthplace; residence; status; his parents;
bride; age; birthplace; residence; status; her parents; witnesses;
marriages date and place.

10797-79, (Waterloo Co.), Peter SEHL, 25, painter, Berlin, of New
Hamburg, s/o Peter & Clara SEHL, married Wilhelmina HOLLINGER, 24,
St. Catharines, of New Hamburg, d/o Joseph & Cresentia HOLLINGER,
witn: Nicholas SEHL & Catharina HOLLINGER, New Hamburg, on 14 October
1879, at St. Agatha

       "sjmarsh" <>

#013109-81 (York Co) John Bowes HOLLINGER, 23, Pickering, Markham, b,
farmer, s/o Samuel & Mary HOLLINGER, married Elizabeth RAE, 22, Scotland,
Markham, s, d/o James & Mary RAE, witn: James RAE, Lavinia HOLLINGER, both
Markham, 3 November 1881, Markham Village

        Robin Potter <>
Subject:  [UPP-CAN] More Bible Christian BMD

This is the last of the info I have recorded from the Bowmanville

Sept 19, 1883
Died, July 12, 1883, Martha HOLLINGER, b Huntingdon 1865
Born Welcome, 31 ult, son of Mr. BECKLE
Mar Ingersoll, Oxford Co, 11 inst, Alfred MAPES & C. FOX
Died, Martha BECKLE, wife of T. BECKLE, age 39

Oct 3, 1883
Died Williamsburg, Aug 30,  Agnes Annie [correction in Oct 10 issue -
should have been Julie Annie] WERRY, born 1866
Died Oshawa, 10 Sept, John RUNDLE, born Luxulyan, Cornwall, age 49
Died Huntington, 18 inst, James HOLLINGER, 63y 1m 15d
Oct 17, 1883
Died, Jul 27 Wm DEACON, born Cornwall 1810, mar Wilmot DENNIS who died
Died Huntingdon, 18 Sept, [Janus/James - can't read my notes] HOLLINGER,
b Mill-town, Antrim, Ire. Aug 3, 1820 mar Elizabeth MILLS
Mar Ivanhoe, 10 inst, James HOLLINGER & Elmira THOMPSON
Mar Port Hope, 5 inst, Thomas ADAMS & Maria Jane HENNINGS
Mar Brooklin, 3 Oct, Robert HOPKINS & Mrs. Sarah A ELLIOTT
Mar Belleville, 15 inst, Thomas WOOD & Martha ANDREWS
Mar London South, Robert MANLEY & Olinda NORTHCOTT
Mar Kleinburg, 10 Oct, Thomas IVORY & Eliza BARRASS
Died Columbus [, Ohio??], Grace ELFORD mother of Thomas & John GILLBARD

This was on the Immigrants to Canada, part two

Listed as member of the Loyal Rangers under the command of Major Edward
JESSUP. It is not dated, so it is unclear whether it is a list prepared
before or after the disbandment. The latest date in the 'Dead' or
'Discharged' column is Dec 24, 1783.
Transcribed from original documents held in the collection of the
National Archives of Canada. (Ottawa) RG 19, vol 4447, file 18
marie, iowa

        From: SHIRLEY
             ShirleyRobinette <>
    Marie, Somewhere in my files I may still have some info on Hollingers in
Many years ago (don't remember how long ago) there was a Hollinger gold
mine in Canada-supposedly one of the largest & richest gold mine. Maystillhave the info.
Will check files & see what I can find-it may be in HKH book.Shirley

Johann Henrich H. b 1721 Germany

Samuel H. b 1753 Weisbach, Germany
m Elizabeth Zimmer

Johann Ludwig H. b 30sep1788 Obermiesau, Germany m Elizabeth Sherer

George H. b 1815 Obermiesau Germany
m Margaret Brechbill

Louis B. H. b 1835 Canada m Catherine Christman

William Hollinger b 1875 Listowel, Ont. Canada m Martha McCartney

Kenneth H. b 1918 palmerston, Ont. Can.
m Marie Lamky (this is my grandfather and grandmother)

Richard J.

e-mail= (please send)

 I am not sure how many of the HOLLINGER connections that subscribe to the
> list would know of Waldmohr so I thought that I would add a little
> description.
>  Waldmohr is a district in the Palatinate (Pfalz) in what is now
> Rhineland-Pfalz in Germany.  My HOLLINGER families also came from this
> to Canada, albeit starting about 1840 rather than 1736.  There were not a
> lot of HOLLINGERs in the Waldmohr district in the early 18th century.

             Thomas HOLLINGER b abt 1844, Ireland

             Glen Brunskill <>

>> With many thanks, and hoping for a breakthrough. . .
> Donna Hollinger Kroschel

Dear Donna,

I don't know about a breakthrough but I had a look in my data base for a
Thomas HOLLINGER  in Ontario.  Of the 26 HOLLINGERs in the 1871 Census
Index there is only one Thomas.  He is Thomas HOLLINGER  (age 26 born
Ireland) in Hastings Co., Sidney Twp.  Sidney Twp. contains the
towns/villages of Frankford, Trenton and the west side of Belleville.

Is he possibly your Thomas?

Regards,  Glen Brunskill

Searching for any HOLLINGERS related to or descended from William HOLLINGER
b. 1816 Ireland, m. Margaret Anne b. 1822 Ireland. Children Thomas Henry
b. 1844 Ireland; John Ostrom, B. 1845 Ontario; Samuel J. b. 1847 Ontario;
Rachel M. b. 1849 Ontario; James b. 1854 Ontario; Esther b. 1858 Ontario.
Family is shown living in HUNTINGDON TWP. in censuses from 1851-1881.
may be brother or cousin to James Hollinger m. Elizabeth because each have
sons buried next to each other in Moira Cemetery, Huntingdon Twp.

#003340-81 (Grey Co); James Alexander PATTERSON, 23, carpenter, Erin twp.,
Durham, s/o James Henry PATTERSON & Hannah HOLLINGER, married Letitia
MITCHELL, 23, Brant, Walkerton, d/o James MITCHELL & Mary EARNEST,
witnesses were Annabella PATTERSON of Brant & W.L. McCONKY of Durham, Sept.
2, 1881 at Durham

Subject:   [MNPOLK-L] RYAN, Huntsville, Polk, MN

   I think I can help you a lot.  I believe your Thomas was a sibling to my
great grand father's second wife, Elizabeth Ryan.  They were from Lanark
Ontario and I have done a lot of research in that area.  Here is a
that I wrote about the family in my Sullivan family history:
The Ryan Family----
        James T. Sullivan's second wife was Elizabeth Ryan, a descendant of
another pair of long time friends and neighbors of the Sullivans in Lanark
County, Anthony Ryan and Elizabeth Cavanaugh.  Anthony is listed among the
earliest settlers to the Bathurst District.  He arrived from County
Ireland in 1820 on a military ship and was listed on the passenger manifest
as having a wife and one son under the age of 12.  On March 16, 1825,
Ryan was given a free grant of land on the west half of lot 6 on concession
in Lanark township.  Anthony was classified as a military emigrant which
means he came from Ireland to Canada aboard one of the troop ships that was
in Britain to drop off discharged soldiers.  Rather than return the ships
empty to Canada British emigrants were offered free passage.
        Anthony and Elizabeth's children married into many familiar names
the area such as Hollinger, Hartney, Quinn, and Stafford.
Here is the descendancy chart.  You will find Thomas as part of generation
son of John Ryan and Elizabeth Hollinger (another collateral line of mine).


#006940/98, (Hastings), James McGUIRE, 58, hotel keeper, Quebec, Belleville,
W, Methodist, Samuel McGUIRE & Sarah WAH, Sarah LLOYD, 31, widow,
Belleville, Belleville, W, Methodist, Thos. HOLLINGER & Margaret COOKE, J.
LLEVOK? & Jennie COOK of Harold, 17 Dec 1898, Rawdon

       Eileen Carson <>

  GC-British Columbia, Canada<br><Center><h4>(general B.C. messages
Subject:  Kerr, Minnie ca 1890 father John from Ireland

Looking for descendants of John Kerr or his daughter Minnie or sons. Sons
(names unknown) were in the Canadian Airforce during WW2 and visited relatives
in Glasgow, Scotland. John Kerr was born ca 1860 in N Ireland son of William
Kerr/Jane Hollinger had a brother Robert (my g grandfather m to Mary Ann
Forsythe) a canal harbourmaster in Glasgow Scotland. If any of this rings
bells please get in touch, as I have scanty info on the Canadian branch
of the family.

            Re: Perth Co., Ontario, HOLLINGER s

            Fri, 1 Jun 2001 21:42:53 -0400
            "Glen Brunskill" <>

Hi Sharon,

Michael, I see has forwarded one of Richard Johnston's e-mails.  Richard is
a grandson of Kenneth (the second Kenneth, b 1918) a brother of Melvyn and
Wesley.  I have a much more remote connection to this family (via Samuel, b
1753, probably near Miesau, Pfalz, Bayern, Germany) and all of my
information on this particular family I obtained from either Michael Bogues
or Richard Johnston.

Re your questions:
> Are any of them still alive? If not who was the last survivor? It sort of
> looked like it was Wesley. Is that right? Did he have any children?

I don't know, although as some of the 14 children were born after 1930, I
would say most likely.
I don't know.
I don't know.
Yes, he had at least one child, Bonnie.

I would prefer, as most of this research was Richard's, that he answer on
any details of these more recent HOLLINGER's.

I have a lot of information on earlier HOLLINGERs and would be very
interested in learning your friend's name and address and how she connects
in to the Southern Ontario HOLLINGERs.

As far as I know, all of the German origin HOLLINGERs (from the 1871 Census
of Ontario) are descendants of one or the other of Samuel's (b 1753) sons
Ludwig (b 1788) or George (b 1800).  All of the Irish origin HOLLINGERs
(from the Census) are likely related to these brothers as well but more


Glen Brunskill, Burlington, ON

----- Original Message -----
From: sharsam <>
To: Glen Brunskill <>
Sent: Friday, June 01, 2001 7:48 AM
Subject: Re: Perth Co. HOLLINGERs

> Good Morning;
> I am really not sure what the relationship is , I am simply trying to help
> her learn of this family . I do geneology so that is why she asked for my
> help.
> She only mentioned the names Melvin and Wesley. From the other message I
> enclosed to you that she had recieved from someone on Rootsweb I see that
> Melvin and Wesley had many siblings.
> Are any of them still alive? If not who was the last survivor? It sort of
> looked like it was Wesley. Is that right? Did he have any children?
> I will forward any message I receive from you to her
> Regards and thanks for answering so promptly
> Sharon
> ----- Original Message -----
> From: "Glen Brunskill" <>
> To: "sharsam" <>
> Sent: Thursday, May 31, 2001 10:34 PM
> Subject: Perth Co. HOLLINGERs
> > Hi Sharon,
> >
> > I do have a connection with Melvin and Wesley.
> >
> >         -----------------------
> >         -----------------------
> >
> >
> >    Glen Eric BRUNSKILL-1
> >
> >    is the 4th cousin 1 generation(s) removed
> >
> >    of Wesley John HOLLINGER-9035
> >
> >
> >    Their common ancestor is
> >
> >    Samuel HOLLINGER-638
> >
> >
> > How is your friend related to Melvin?
> >
> > Glen Brunskill, Burlington, ON

            HOLLINGERs from Ontario 1871 Heads and Strays Index

            Thu, 23 Aug 2001 21:11:48 -0400
            "Glen Brunskill" <>

 Hi Ted and List
This is a link to the 1871 Heads and Strays Census Index of Ontario

See the end of this message for the results of a HOLLINGER search of the
1871 Heads and Strays Index

To the best of my knowledge all of the German Origin HOLLINGERs in the index
are related to two brothers:  Ludwig and George HOLLINGER.

#19  Ludwig HOLLINGER is Johann Ludwig HOLLINGER son of Samuel HOLLINGER and
brother of my lines George Balthasar HOLLINGER (see below).
  Name:Johann Ludwig HOLLINGER-5545
   Sex:M       ID No:
 Birth:30 Sep 1788
 Place:Eichelscheiderhof, (near Waldmohr) Pfalz, Bayern, Germany
   Chr: 2 Oct 1788
 Place:Eichelscheiderhof, (near Waldmohr) Pfalz, Bayern, Germany
   Death:13 Feb 1875
 Place:Woolwich Twp,Waterloo,,Canada

#2 Elizabeth (nee SCHNEIDER) HOLLINGER is the widow (second wife) of George
Balthashar HOLLINGER  My line is via George's first wife Charlotte TRAUTMANN
(b 1800, Breitenbach, Pfalz, Bayern, Germany - d 9 May 1832 Obermiesau,
Pfalz, Bayern, Germany)
  Name:Elizabeth SCHNEIDER-104
   Sex:F       ID No:
 Birth:20 Feb 1808
 Death:25 Feb 1894
 Place:West Montrose,Waterloo,Ontario,Canada
  Name:Georg Balthasar HOLLINGER-102
   Sex:M       ID No:        54
 Birth: 1 Jul 1800
 Place:Eichelscheiderhof,(near Waldmohr) Pfalz, Bayern, Germany
 Death:15 Jul 1862

Rec #
 Family Name
 Given Name(s)
 District etc...
 County & City/Township

Age=56  BP=GERMANY;  Eth= GERMAN;  District=32; Subdist=A; Div=4; Pg=4.  WAT
Wellesley Twp.
Age=63  BP=GERMANY;  Eth= GERMAN;  District=36; Subdist=A; Div=1; Pg=2.  GRY
Normanby Twp.
District=32; Subdist=B; Div=4; Pg=1.  WAT Woolwich Twp.
District=27; Subdist=H; Div=1; Pg=19.  BRU Brant Twp.
SN=T.  Age=45.  BP=GERMANY;  Eth= GERMAN;  District=32; Subdist=C; Div=2;
Pg=40.  WAT Waterloo North Twp.
District=32; Subdist=B; Div=2; Pg=17.  WAT Woolwich Twp.
7 of 26  HOLLINGER  FN=JAMES;  Age=50.  BP=IRELAND;  Eth= IRISH;
District=62; Subdist=C; Div=1; Pg=25.  HAS Huntingdon Twp.
8 of 26  HOLLINGER  FN=JAMES;  Age=28.  BP=O; Rel= CP.  Eth= IRISH;
District=47; Subdist=C; Div=1; Pg=92.  YOR Toronto- St. David's Wrd.
9 of 26  HOLLINGER  FN=JAMES;  Age=30.  BP=IRELAND;  Eth= IRISH;
District=34; Subdist=F; Div=2; Pg=70.  WEL Erin Twp.
10 of 26  HOLLINGER  FN=JANE;  Sex=1;
Age=20  BP=IRELAND;  Eth= IRISH;  District=46; Subdist=A; Div=1; Pg=11.  YOR
Toronto- St. George's Wrd.
11 of 26  HOLLINGER  FN=JOHN;  Age=22.  BP=O; Rel= CE.  Eth= IRISH;
District=38; Subdist=A; Div=1; Pg=94.  HLT Nelson Twp.
12 of 26  HOLLINGER  FN=JOHN;  Age=31.  BP=IRELAND;  Eth= IRISH;
District=24; Subdist=C; Div=1; Pg=12.  WEN Ham'tn City- St.
13 of 26  HOLLINGER  FN=JOHN;  Age=29.  BP=IRELAND;  Eth= IRISH;
District=62; Subdist=C; Div=1; Pg=32.  HAS Huntingdon Twp.
14 of 26  HOLLINGER  FN=JOHN;  Age=32.  BP=O; Rel= CS.  Eth= IRISH;
District=48; Subdist=A; Div=2; Pg=28.  DON Pickering Twp.
15 of 26  HOLLINGER  FN=JOHN;  Age=45.  BP=O; Rel= RC.  Eth= IRISH;
District=81; Subdist=I; Pg=3.  REN Renfrew Vil.
SN=FRANKLI  Age=27.  BP=ONTARIO;  Eth= IRISH;  District=35; Subdist=D;
Div=3; Pg=72.  WEL Arthur Twp.
17 of 26  HOLLINGER  FN=JOSEPH;  Age=10.  BP=ONT; Rel= RC.  Eth= IRISH;
District=80; Subdist=D; Div=1; Pg=63.  LAN Lanark Twp.
SN=B.  Age=32.  BP=O; Rel= LU.  Eth= GERMAN;  District=30; Subdist=G; Div=1;
Pg=17.  PER Wallace Twp.
District=32; Subdist=B; Div=4; Pg=1.  WAT Woolwich Twp.
20 of 26  HOLLINGER  FN=MARY;  Sex=1;
Age=17  BP=O; Rel= CE.  Eth= IRISH;  District=46; Subdist=D; Div=1; Pg=50.
YOR Toronto- St. John's Wrd.
District=36; Subdist=A; Div=1; Pg=1.  GRY Normanby Twp.
SN=L.  Age=49.  BP=GERMANY;  Eth= GERMAN;  District=36; Subdist=A; Div=1;
Pg=55.  GRY Normanby Twp.
23 of 26  HOLLINGER  FN=SAMUEL;  Age=38.  BP=IRELAND;  Eth= IRISH;
District=48; Subdist=A; Div=1; Pg=63.  DON Pickering Twp.
24 of 26  HOLLINGER  FN=THOMAS;  Age=26.  BP=IRELAND;  Eth= IRISH;
District=60; Subdist=A; Div=2; Pg=84.  HAS Sidney Twp.
District=62; Subdist=C; Div=1; Pg=25.  HAS Huntingdon Twp.
26 of 26  HOLLINGER  FN=WILLIAM;  Age=30.  BP=O; Rel= CS.  Eth= IRISH;
District=48; Subdist=A; Div=2; Pg=28.  DON Pickering Twp.

oct 2003

Message Board URL:


Message Board Post:


Seeking any information on any BEST family members who worked as miners in the Keweenaw Penninsula area.


Particularly, a George Best who is now buried in Minnesota. He worked at the Allouez mine in MI, also at the Hollinger Mine at Timmins, Ontario, Canada until 1917

Subject:  [NIR-DOWN] Surname Hollinger



Researching surname Hollinger.  William James Hollinger b. County Down May

15, 1815; m. Margaret Anne Duell (Doul/Dool/Pool) b. Nov. 12, 1820, Northern

Ireland.  Emigrated to Hastings County, Ontario, about 1844. Hoping to identify

parents/siblings of each.

Joan Koornstra []

Some more marriages - to go online at:


format - Registration No.; County; Groom; age; occupation; birthplace;


his parents; bride; age; birthplace; residence; her parents; witnesses;

marriage date and place.

015600-99 (Waterloo Co) Daniel SCHAUS, 22, spinner, Normanby, Hespeler, s/o

Jacob SCHAUS & Caroline HOLLINGER married Pauline FORTNEY, 23, Mildmay,

Hespeler, d/o David FORTNEY & Catherine SCHWARTZ, witn: John P. FORTNEY &

Lizzie SCHAUS both of Hespeler, 28 November 1899 in Galt.

Feb 2005


Message Board Post:


would anyone have buried information for Mary HOLLINGER DODDS buried at Forest Lawn Mauseoleum, Toronto.  looking for dates etc.  any help appreciated

Subject:  Re: Forest Lawn Mauseoleum, Toronto: Mary HOLLINGER DODDS



This is a Message Board Post that is gatewayed to this mailing list.




I was at the Ontario Archives and accessed their microfilmed copy of the mausoleum entombments.


John Dodds' died Feb. 22, 1917 aged 69 in Toronto. His wife Mary Jane Hollinger dates are 1855-1918.


Rachel Dodds' dates are June 2, 1836 - June 17, 1929. Her husband James Hollinger dates are June 19, 1846 - March 14, 1916.


Annie Hollinger's dates are Feb. 12, 1881 - March 25, 1931.


Lavinia Victoria Hollinger's dates are Feb. 3, 1861 - May 29, 1927. Her husband Alman Harrison Graham's dates are March 2, 1859 - Sept 7, 1917.


In the vital records I found John Dodds was born in Caledon Twp to parents George Dodds and Catherine Rutledge. He was an undertaker. He died while living at 72 Triller Ave, Toronto.


Mary Jane Dodds died Dec. 12, 1918 in Hanover. She was a grocer/shopkeeper. She was born in Toronto to John Hollinger and Ann Jane Hanson.





Peter_McCrae []

Subject: Elizabeth Catherine Lamont 1886

Elizabeth Catherine 'Lizzie' Lamont, fifth child of Marion and Angus Lamont, was born on 14 February 1886 in Grey Township, Huron County. Canada.

In 1910 she was still living at home east of Brussels. Canada.

She was married on 10 April 1918 in Brussels to William J. Hollinger (b.17 January 1895 in Grey Township), son of Louis (b.24 May 1867 in Ontario) and Annie (b.23 June 1876 in Ontario) Hollinger of E½ Lt.9, Conc.10, Grey. About 1918 they were owners of the Lamont homestead and it was sold about 1964.

Elizabeth died in 1959 aged 73 yrs..

He died in 1977.

They are both buried in Section F, Brussels Cemetery.Canada.


Subject: Re: Donat

Have you tried getting the marriage certificates and death certificates ? Or try the Manitoba Genealogical Society at

----- Original Message -----
From: "Delores Stevens" <>
To: <>
Sent: Tuesday, July 26, 2005 8:17 AM
Subject: Donat

> Am seeking information on the following, who were married at Gretna,
> Manitoba

> Carolina Donat and Jacob Hollinger married July 29, 1908

Subject: Elma Centre Cemetery details

Is anyone available to check the details of a burial at Elma Centre, Atwood? Julia (Hollinger) Carson, Elma Centre Cemetery, Atwood, Perth County, Elma Twp. Ref: PH178-2. Any help is most appreciated. Thanks, Cathy

Catherine Randall []

Subject: obit lookup HOLLINGER

request lookup of obits for
James HOLLINGER d. 14 Mar 1916, Toronto, wife, Rachael DODDS HOLLINGER d. 17
Jun 1929 in Toronto
thanks for any help



Am seeking any information on the following:

On April 29th, 1908 Caroline Donat (nee Kroening), a widow, age 64 of Neche,
North Dakota, married Jacob Hollinger of Bathgate, age 62. Jocob is listed
as a widower divorced, a farmer who's parents were John Hollinger and Anna
Banman. Witnesses were Rudolph Schaler and Ferdinand Donat (Caroline's
son). They were married in the Lutheran Church in Gretna, Manitoba.

Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Delores Stevens []


LEWIN, DOROTHY Peacefully at home on Tuesday, December 20, 2005. Dorothy Lewin of Barrie and formerly of Dundalk in her 84th year. Loving wife of the late William Lewin. Dear mother of the late William Lewin and his wife Lynda of Singhampton, Dorothy Ann Moscarello and her late husband Albert of Barrie. Grandmother of 4 grandchildren and 4 great grandchildren. Many thanks to Dr. Rick Irvin, Wendy Bailey of CCAC, dear friends Gwen and Allan Maw, Silvana Hollinger, Norma Sykes, friends and neighbours for their compassion and care. Friends may call at the STECKLEY-GOODERHAM FUNERAL HOME, Clapperton and Worsley Streets, Barrie on Friday from 2:00 p.m. until time of Complete Funeral Service in the Chapel on Friday, December 23rd, 2005 at 3:00 p.m. Spring Interment Bethel Cemetery, Dundalk. Memorial Donations to the Royal Victoria Hospital, Regional Cancer Care Centre would be appreciated by the family. Condolences may be forwarded through
- 12/21/2005 - ID7612949

Gary Boivin []
Subject: Barrie, Ontario Examiner- Dec 23 2005


Heather Bertram []
Some more death registrations to go on line at:


HOLLINGER, Mary, f, December 23, 63 years 9 months, Perth Co., cause - thrombosis of cancerous sinus, widow, burial - Barrie Union Cemetery, d/o Henry Cook & Anna Horst, both born Perth Co., infm - Mrs. A.W. Dopp of Tavistock, sister, Vespra Twp (Simcoe Co.) 030648-33


Martin Hollinger HOLLINGER, Martin. Passed away on Wednesday, April 4, 2007. Cherished father of Lisa, Andrey, Barbara and Michael. Father-in-law of Robert Torralbo. Beloved Zaida of Matthew, Rebecca and Jake Hollinger-Torralbo. Dear former husband of Sarah Kopyto Hollinger. Brother of the late Phelix and Dr. Harvey. Devoted son of the late Sema Turkel and Harry Wolf Hollinger. Funeral service was held on Thursday, April 5. Due to the festival of Passover, Shiva commences Tuesday evening, April 10. Andrey and Michael will sit Shiva at Andrey's home on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings only. Shiva private. Contributions in his memory may be made to The "Martin Hollinger Memorial Fund" c/o The Montreal General Hospital Foundation, 514-934-8230. Published in the Montreal Gazette on 4/6/2007.

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* - indicates that the obituary is accompanied by a photo
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CHARTIER-HASSELL, Caroleanne Roberta (e1953)

DANKO, Christina (1966)

FARTAIS, Dan (1935)

GALE, Kenneth "Kenny" (e1946)

HOLLINGER, Arnold (e1932)


1871 Census of Canada about Philip Hollinger Name: Philip Hollinger Gender: Male Age: 15 Birth Year: abt 1856 Birth Place: Ontario Religion: Lutheran Origin: German Province: Ontario District: Waterloo North District Number: 32 Division: 02 Subdistrict: Waterloo North Subdistrict Number: c Neighbors: View others on page Household Members: Name Age George T Hollinger 45 Catharina Hollinger 43 Philip Hollinger 15 Margaretha Hollinger 14 John F Hollinger 11 Charloda Hollinger

1891 Census of Canada about B Philip Hollinger Name: B Philip Hollinger Gender: Male Marital Status: Married Age: 35 Birth Year: abt 1856 Birthplace: Ontario Relation to Head of House: Head Religion: Lutheran French Canadian: No Father's Birth Place: Germany Mother's Birth Place: Germany Province: Ontario District Number: 122 District: Waterloo North Subdistrict: Berlin Neighbors: View others on page Household Members: Name Age B Philip Hollinger 35 Bertha Hollinger 34 Emma Hollinger 10 Alvina Hollinger 9 Charles Hollinger 7 Sheldon Shoemaker 21 Roland Shoemaker 17 May Shoemaker 15 Aliffia Shoemaker 13 Roy Shoemaker 10 Bertha Shoemaker 8 Netta Shoemaker 6 Lorene Shoemaker 2

Ontario, Canada Marriages, 1801-1926 about Charles Hallinger Name: Charles Hallinger [Charles Hollinger] Birth Place: Bridgeport Ont Age: 23 Estimated birth year: abt 1884 Father Name: Philip Hallinger Mother Name: Bertha Grell Spouse Name: Elizabeth Wagner Spouse's Age: 21 Spouse Birth Place: Wilmot Tp Spouse Father Name: Valentine Wagner Spouse Mother Name: Fredericka Himmlee Marriage Date: 18 Jun 1907 Marriage Location: Waterloo Marriage County: Waterloo

Ontario, Canada Marriages, 1801-1926 about Philipp B Hollinger Name: Philipp B Hollinger Birth Place: Bridgeport Waterloo Tp Age: 24 Estimated birth year: abt 1856 Father Name: George T Hollinger Mother Name: Catherine Hollinger Spouse Name: Bertha Grill Spouse's Age: 23 Spouse Birth Place: Brestoro Waterloo Co Spouse Father Name: Charles Grill Spouse Mother Name: Anna Grill Marriage Date: 24 Aug 1880 Marriage Location: Waterloo Marriage County: Waterloo

Ontario, Canada Marriages, 1801-1926 about John Frederick Hollinger Name: John Frederick Hollinger Birth Place: Canada Age: 23 Estimated birth year: abt 1859 Father Name: George P Hollinger Mother Name: Catharine Hollinger Spouse Name: Anna Selma Rebelske Spouse's Age: 23 Spouse Birth Place: Germany Spouse Father Name: John Rebelske Spouse Mother Name: Caroline Rebelske Marriage Date: 30 May 1882 Marriage Location: Waterloo Marriage County: Waterloo

John Hollinger Toronto, York, Canada West 1821 Ireland
Ann Hollinger Toronto, York, Canada West 1825 Ireland
James Hollinger Toronto, York, Canada West 1844 Canada West
John 12
George 7
Henry 4
Thomas 2
Wm Martin Chambers? 31 Ireland
Elisa Miligan 17 Ireland

1871 St Davids Ward, Toronto East, Ontario
James Hollinger 28 Lavina Hollinger 28 William G Hollinger 2 Martha A Hollinger

1881 St Thomas Ward, Toronto City, Ontario
James Hollinger 37 Rachal Hollinger 35 George Hollinger 13 James R Hollinger 2 Anne Hollinger 3/12

[MONTREAL] Obituaries in Montreal Gazette of August 20, 2011

Oscar Hollinger
On Friday, August 19, 2011. Husband of the late Tillie Weinstein. Devoted father and father-in-law of Karen and Harry Greenberg of Vancouver Island, and Mark and Paula Hollinger of Montreal. Cherished grandfather of Jessica and Justin Tang, Heather Greenberg, Joshua and Allison Greenberg. Brother and brother-in-law of the late Phillip and late Sarah Hollinger, Dina and the late Dave Hollinger, the late Mary and late Moe Cooperberg, the late Sarah and late Saul Gernstadt, and late Toby Levenson. Oscar will be sadly missed by his many nieces and nephews. The family would like to thank the staff of the Jewish General Hospital for their wonderful care during his stay there, as well as the staff of the Castel Royale where he spent many happy years. Funeral service from Paperman & Sons, 3888 Jean Talon St. W., on Sunday, August 21 at 1:30 p.m. Burial at the Knights of Pythias Association Section, Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Duvernay.

japaints2 Posted: 15 Jun 2010 1:47PM GMT Classification: Query Surnames: Hollinger I am researching a group of Hollinger families of irish origin and possibly all related who came to Ontario around the 1840s. My branch lived in Wellington County. At exactly the same time period a group of German Hollingers were settling very close by at Waterloo. I am beginning to think that they may have been related further back and my Hollingers were among the Palatine group who went to Ireland. No documents yet, but would love to talk to anyone with similar info


wobruce1956 Posted: 25 Feb 2011 9:22PM GMT Classification: Query Surnames: Hollinger Hello, I am a researcher. I am at this time working on the Hollinger families. Your James his father is a Hollinger from Ireland and His mother is a Hollinger from Germany or of Dutch decent. The records are in the Ontario collection. If you have not joined Ancestry your public library or the Family History Library (the LDS Church and they gladly share with the public with no strings attached)to look up and document your findings free on Ancestry. You may drop me a post anytime.


: Subject: [CAN-NS-OBITS] Wile, Guilford A. Hemford Cemetery WILE Guilford A. February 3, 1893. October 3, 1935. Guilford Aubrey Wile 1935 Bridgewater Bulletin The community of Hemford was shocked on Friday, October 4th., to hear of the accidental death of Guilford Wile, which occurred at Timmins ,Ontario. The accident occurred at the Hollinger Mine, caused by a cave-in of many tons of sand which took fourteen hours to remove from the body. He was the son of the late Austin Wile of Hemford. The deceased was forty-two years of age. He leaves to mourn one daughter, Shirley, Mrs. Roy Hamilton, of Timmins; a brother, Leonard of Timmins; and a brother, Robert, at Hemford. The remains arrived on October 8th., accompanied by his daughter, Shirley and her husband. He was a member of the Canadian Legion and fought in the Great War of 1914-1918. Rev. Mr. Hopper conducted the service. Interment at Hemford Cemetery. The hymns sung were "Beautiful Garden of Prayer," "God Will Take Care of You," and "Just As I Am"; also a solo; "When I Get to the End of a Long, Long Road," sung by Rev. Mr. Hopper. The floral offerings were beautiful showing the esteem in which the deceased was held.