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Military Collector Historian Vol 35  Nrb 3  Fall 1983
Hollinger/Christian Hollinger, Co. C, 5th regt.
This is letter from a Mexican War soldier

    Brother I tak this oppertunity to addres afew lines to you this
evening to let youknow that I am well at present and hope these Few
lines will find you in the same state of health.  I Received Brother
Daniel letter 17th Nov.  Do knot think hard of me for not Rhiteng to you
Before for the Reasons was I Did not know the name of the Postoffice
near where you live.  I will now tel you something about my life since I
left home on the first Day of Nov 1847 with five hundred Dollars in my
pockit.  it last me twoo weeke only it was stolen from me in weeling
about too week after I left home and then I was in a bad way no money
and no credit I then went on board a steamboat to cinsinatta, ohio and
there it was still worse than ever there was no work to be had exsept
very hard work and you know I never did like to work hard, I was always
a little lazy.
    I thaen began to think about home.  I had nothing to eat and knot a
cent in my pockit.  I then began to cry, but that done it no good.  I
commenst to get hungry.  I then inlisted in the army at Newport Barricks
and than the hard times commenst when I first began to Drill but I sone
got usetd that I remain at Newport about ten days and then three Huntred
of us started on one Steamboat for New orleans.  The wether was cold and
all we had to eat was pork and beans and not much of that.  I then began
to think if I only was at home wonst more I wold never leave it again.
I thin went to mexico, went as far as the city of mexico and on the 25th
of June we started for the united states and on the first Day of August
1848 I was discharg from the army.  I then had one hundred and ten
Dollars of hard money.  I then started for home but when I got as far as
portsmouth, ohio, I began to think of what I hade Done when I was at
home.  I was ashaim to come enny ftuher so stopt ther.  I then hird to a
man to gether corn. the second day my hands began to blister and I began
to get lazy and Qite.  I then toke the fever and ager that lade me up
for too mounth and money was about to Run out.  I then went to
cinsinatta again, had neither money nor credit and was compeld to enlist
again. was sent on to this place. now I am getin along fine.  on the 1st
of June last I was appointed Corperal in Company C, 5th Regiment of
infantry and on the 1st of Sept. I was promoted to Sergeant.  I now
Receive thirteen Dollars per month and my clothing and board found.  I
have no expence only fifty cents per month.  Dear Brother, if I live
four years mor I will See you again.  I long to see home again.  I could
not tel you how sorry I am that I ever left home, and that I ever done
what I did but it is to late now.  If I ever see home again I will never
leaf it as long as I live.  I find it is a grat difference, there is
nothing like home.  I never had as good living cince I left as I had a
home.  Always had plenty to eat whenever I wointed it but now I git one
pound of meat and one pound of bread, one pint of coffee and one quart
of bean suap.  We have plenty to eat but it is bad.
    I often thot of the good times I had when I was at home.  I have
been Raist to well, my father was to good to me.  If I would have been
compeld to work as hard as you and Brother Daniel it would have been a
grat deal better for me.  I will close my letter. Do rhith to me when
you git this letter.
                                  Christian Hollinger
                                  Sergeant Co. C, 5th Reg. of Inf
    Esxcuse my bad rhiteing I am a pure rhiter and a pure Speller.