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 Daniel Jackson Hullinger 1833-1909

        From: MARGARET
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> Daniel Jackson Hullinger        m  1858   Julia Ann Hockenberry
   b. 5/13/1833 Champaign Co. OH            b. 7/20/1833
   d. 4/17/1909 Decatur Co. IA                   d. 8/18/1867 Decatur Co.
   P. Daniel P.Hullinger & Comfort Cromwell  P.  unknown
   i   Elizabeth Ann m David Downey
   ii. Marion F b. 10/15/1859 d.1956 m Sarah Ann Moore  2n wife Olive
   iii Martin Abraham b. 3/19/1862 d.5/21/1946 m 11/10/1881 to Laura Ann
>2nd  wife Mary Ann Kirk
  Children of Daniel and Mary Ann

   iv. Willie b. 1869   m  Nettie Henderson
   v. Eli b 1870  m  Elizabeth Siddons
   vi Stanton b 1872  m Mary Kizzire  2nd wife Laura Dodd
   vii Sarah  b. 1874   m  Dock Hill
   viiiFannie b. 1876  m  Robert Harvey
   ix. Viola  b. 1876     m. Green Hawk   2nd husband  Eck Kizzire
   x.  Dee  J. b. 1880   m.  Cora Dodd
   xi  Tina    b.  1882   d. 1895

>3rd wife Hannah Hamilton  no children
>4th wife Mary Grandstaff    Divorced
>5th  wife Emma Lavender  m 1899

>Child of Daniel and Emma
  xii. Warren b 1902   m  Pearl Feldma

I have the next generation if it will help anyone.


 From: HELEN
    Daniel Jackson Hullinger (1833-1909) and Julia Ann Hockenberry (1833-1867)
was the parents of Martin Abraham Hullinger (1862-1946) married (1881) to
Laura Ann Dale (1860-1958)   Earl Victor Hullinger (1892-1992) was the 5th
child of Martin Abraham.

It is my understanding that Daniel Jackson farmed in Decatur and Union
counties, serving also as a justice of the peace and a lay minister.
Jackson,wife Julia Ann and three children emigrated to south central Iowa
wagon train in 1864 from Champaign Co, Ohio.
Daniel Jackson's brother, Edward D. Hullinger, accompanied them and also
settled in southern Iowa.  In looking over some of my notes, some of the
Hullinger may be in Clinton County also.   One other thing that may be
noting that what I am finding, most of the earlier Hullinger that are in
are descendants of either Daniel Jackson Hullinger (1833-1909) ( had 12
children) or Edward Daniel Hullinger (1831-1915) (had 10 children)

The J. R. Hullinger 45 OH and wife Lydia 39 IA may be the son of Edward
Daniel Hullinger and 2nd wife Mary Elsie Conquest.  James Riley Hullinger
(1868-  ) m. 1888  Lydia M. Henderson ( 1873- )  (div. (1919)  the age
be about right.

Marie, in the spelling of HULLINGER, I have a data base of about 1300 ,
though' not all are proven I do feel that they are pretty well correct.
as long as people won't take what I have as GOSPEL but use it as reference
only, I will be happy to share.