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DJ'S PAGE (dec 2004)

marie, is it possible you could add my e-mail address to your mailing
my children are hullinger, from iowa.
g.father...arlo and betty from leon, ia.

DJ 'n NM

cecil (hamilton) m. earl HULLINGER
(?date) had four sons
Argile d(?) hit propeller on plane when
                 he jumped (in service)
A? m. Mary had three children
                 he was an insurance man in
A? m. Bunny had three children
                 she was a teacher in northern
Arlo m. Betty Jean Sage (d/o Howard and
                 Zella (studeville) had five
                 Larry Ray 7/Aug/1942
                 Lila Kay
guess I can come up with better than this, as this is off top of my
head. my childrens Dad is Larry.

do you mean morgan township? se of Leon could be in missouri????

there is a record somewhere of six(?) brothers coming west...two or
three settled in Iowa, the rest went to Utah.

DJ 'n New Mexico

        From: HELEN
DJ'n New Mexico   --- What are you needing on Earl Hullinger and Cecil
(Hamilton) Hullinger?  I may be able to help. I do have them in my data
 Earl Hullinger was a son of Martin Abraham and Laura Ann (Dale)
Let us know what you are needing.

well i was wrong on the A names of all the sons but i was just relying
on memory from the 70's when i was still in the HULLINGER family.

Laurel (LORAL?)is one married to Mary w/3 children,,also an insurance

L ( is the other brother m. to Bonnie i believe.  3

AMAZED...!!!!!!! if this L A HULLINGER is (my childrens) g.g.grandmother
for when i divorced it was SUPPOSED to been such a scandel for there was
never a divorce in their family.....EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!  I was the outcast,
of course.  my children are close to their grdad, Arlo now.  he has
married for second time as Betty died a few years w/cancer.
i am remembering the names of Sherman,Lester and Milo.  thinking they
are the brothers of Earl (

There is a Hullinger Reunion in Leon every year.

My children are going to be so excited w/all the results of your hard

thanks to still going to try to get dates.

DJ n' New Mexico