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         I am seeking the childern of Johann Jacob HOLLINGER ,a weaver, born ca
Lambsborn OR  Wiesbach, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany, (He was confirmed in
at Lambsborn Reformed Church )the son of Johann Samuel HOLLINGER, a
and Sara his wife and of Anna Margaretha CUNTZ, dau of Johann Frantz
a carpenter,  of Waldmohr, Germany - Jacob and Margaretha married 15 Feb
1733 Lambsborn, Reformed KB,Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany.
Jacob and wife left
for America in 1736 with one child. The next time I see them is as
witnesses to a KILIAN baptism at Trappe (Augustus) Church in Montgomery
County, PA. Who are their children?  I suspect that this HOLLINGER may be
my husband's immigrant HOLLINGER.  His immigrant ROLAND/ROHLAND came from
the Lambsborn parish, and his BOLLINGER immigrant, (not HOLLINGER) came
from Winterbach, very close by.

Donna Ristenbatt
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          > DONNA, Thanks for joining us - I'm sure some of our HOLLINGERS can help
you -
> I believe TONY is researching this Montgomery Co, PA families-
> But, we don't have much documents/census/wills etc posted to these
> Have You extracted Any of this info you would like to share - We could
use on
> our County/States pages of HOLLINGERS.
> That is probably why TONY can't connect his family!

You are welcome.  I have just started to delve into this Jacob of
Waldmohr/Lambsborn and Wiesbach. (His parents, Johann Samuel HOLLINGER and
Sara were of Wiesbach. The marriage record for Johann Jacob and wife Anna
Margaretha CUNTZ took place in Lambsborn and the marriage record says his
wife is of Waldmohr, Germany.)

> WHAT ship did this JACOB HOLLINGER come on ? in 1736

He came on the Harle, which list is on my home page at:

However, women are listed on this ship as well (unusual, not the norm) and
I don't see an Anna Margaretha HOLLINGER, plus his age is given as 30 and
he was confirmed in 1724 at Lambsborn German Reformed Church,
Rheinland-Pfalz in Lambsborn.  Usually they were confirmed ages 14-16,
thus born about 1709, so should be age 28 in 1736.  It is Annette K.
Burgert, in her book on the Western Palatinate who identifies this Jacob
as the one who came on the Harle. The fact that the Zweibrucken records
state that Jacob came from Waldmohr in 1736 with wife and one child
certainly lends credence to this.
One correction, though. Annette has this
Jacob as confirmed at Lambsborn in 1718, but this was another Johann Jacob
HOLLINGER and he was a Switzer. (from Switzerland)  The Johann Jacob
HOLLINGER who was confirmed in 1724 was specifically a son of Samuel
HOLLINGER, as the record states. I believe but have not proven that Johann
Samuel (Johann Jacob's father ), may have had two brothers who show up in
the Lambsborn church.  - namely Johann Rudolff HOLLINGER and Johann
Friederich HOLLINGER. If Johann Friederich is Johann Jacob's brother, then
his father is Bernhard HOLLINGER from Switzerland, as mentioned in Johann
Friederich's marriage record of 1722. (He would be a younger brother of
Johann Samuel, if this is the case.)

> I believe we have another JACOB 1701 that came about this time - father
of many

I've noticed him in the LDS Ancestral File search.  I noted that there is
a Jacob HOLLINGER who is a weaver in the Lancaster Borough during the
early 1750s.  The above mentioned Johann Jacob HOLLINGER was a weaver,
which is what interests me especially since this entire side of my
husband's family (the ROHLANDs) had weavers in every connecting line!
Someone has told me that they are very clannish and really stuck together.

> WHOEVER connects to this family - SEND copy of FIRST connection to our
> HOLLINGER group at this address.

My husband's first connection to the HOLLINGER line is a marriage of
Elizabeth HOLLINGER, born 1816, to Michael ROHLAND, born 1810, in 1836 at
Salem Lutheran Church, Lebanon, PA. Elizabeth is said to have been from
Berks County. Now, Michael is the son of Johann Jacob ROHLAND and
Christina FERNSLER and Johann Jacob is the son of Johann Abraham ROLAND
from the parish of Lambsborn, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany, where this
HOLLINGER family was present.  Also, the BOLLINGER (not HOLLINGER) family
was nearby at Winterbach, and Christian BOLLINGER(father of Maria Eva who
married Abraham ROLAND) was also a weaver.  The HOLLINGER family was
witness to this BOLLINGER family's baptisms as well! Johann Samuel was a
weaver, as was Christian BOLLINGER. So, you can see why the interest in
these families. They certainly knew each other.  Oh, there is another
Jacob HOLLINGER whom Annette mentions in her Western Palatinate book who
came to America in 1737 on the Virtuous Grace. - another list which is on
my home page.

Donna Ristenbatt

I promised the children of Samuel and Sara HOLLINGER, of Lambsborn, German
Reformed Church, Rheinland-Pfalz, when I had more time.  Here they are.
Johann Jacob, born about 1709 came to America in 1736 on the ship HARLE.
Johann Jacob was a linenweaver, and his wife was the daughter of Johann
Frantz CUNTZ, "gemeindsman" and carpenter at Waldmohr. According to
Zweibrucken records, Jacob HOLLINGER of Waldmohr with wife and one child
moved to America in 1736. (Waldmohr is very close to Lambsborn.)

In 1742, Jacob HOLLINGER and wife, Margretha sponsored a child of Matthias
KILIAN at Trappe (Augustus)Lutheran Church in Montgomery County, PA

On the 1750s Lancaster Co. tax lists, Jacob HOLONGER, Lancaster town, is
listed 1751 and in 1759 listed as a weaver. There is also a Jacob
HOLLINGER, age 40, who came to America on the Virtuous Grace, 1737. He was
Johann Jacob HOLLINGER, son of Joh. Jacob HOLLINGER of Bou--schville in
Switzerland, married 23 Jan. 1725, Maria Catherina, daughter of the late
Hans Nickel HAMM , former forester at Webenheim. (Have no idea if related
to soccer player or not. :)) This Jacob, according to Annette K. Burgert,
settled in Lancaster (Warwick Twp.) and his sons in Lebanon County.

These are now the children of Johann Samuel HOLLINGER and wife Sara, whom
I gleaned from the Lambsborn parish records, using confirmations (they
give the father in each case) and deaths, as well as two baptisms found

*Anna Sara HOLLINGER, born about 1704, died 28 Feb 1718
*Johann Jacob HOLLINGER, born about 1709 (based on confirmation of 1724),
died unknown, married 15 Sept 1733 Anna Margaretha CUNTZ.
* Johann Samuel HOLLINGER, born about 1710
* Sebastian HOLLINGER, born about Mar 1711, died 5 Sept 1718
* Elisabetha HOLLINGER, born about 1713, died 20 Sept 1718
* Johann Rudolf HOLLINGER, born about 1713
*Veronica HOLLINGER, born about 1716
* Henrich HOLLINGER, born about Mar 1717, died 17 Jun 1720
* Johann Conrad HOLLINGER, born about 1719, chr. 18 June 1719, died 1 May
* Johann Henrich HOLLINGER, born 1721, chr 13 July 1721

In all cases, Samuel the father is always said to be of Wiesbach.

Hi Debbie,

I am currently on the HOLLINGER home page under the Lebanon County
section.  I see you have some information from Egle's Notes and Queries.
I personally have the History of Dauphin and Lebanon Counties by Egle,
but do not have his many volumed Notes and Queries. I noted the Jacob
HOLLINGER about whom you shared and I jumped when I saw that his son
Joseph had a daughter, Eliza, who married a ROLAND, and that this Joseph
was of Reading Furnace. Now, back then, I am not sure where that was
exactly, but I do know that Reading is Berks County. Well, the 1836
marriage record for my Elizabeth/Eliza HOLLINGER states that she is from
Berks County, when she married Michael ROHLAND at Salem Lutheran in
Lebanon. I am just trying to figure out if Joseph would have had a
daughter born 1816, as that is when Eliza was born. Does Egle's Notes
and Queries give any more information on this? I can't help but wonder,
too, if this Jacob married a second time, if he is the Jacob that is the
emigrant from Lambsborn/Waldmohr. If he is the Jacob from Waldmohr, he
came on the ship HARLE in 1736.  The other Jacob HOLLINGER came on the
Virtuous Grace in 1737 with BOLLINGER(yes that's a B, not an H.)
ancestors of my husband's.


Donna Ristenbatt

Is anyone researching the Adam HOLLINGER family of Lebanon County, PA? I
think that Adam was originally from Berks County, PA. He appears in Salem
Lutheran Church records, and he was born ca 1824. He married Eliza -?-
about 1856 and their children include:

Amelia Elizabeth

I believe that Adam had a sister Elizabeth, who married Michael ROHLAND in
1836. (She was born 1816 and she was from Berks County, as per her
marriage record.)

Would like to prove the parents.

Donna Ristenbatt


Dear Glen,

> Date:          Tue, 29 Jun 1999 23:46:22 -0400

Wanted to respond briefly - will be better able to answer after July 5.
For now, though, yes, I did get my records from Lambsborn parish records,
as far as the siblings of Jacob HOLLINGER. (married to Anna Margaretha.
son of Samuel and Sara.) Will post those at latter date - am pressed for
time at the moment.  By the way, I noted that Lambsborn records put a
feminine ending on even first names, as per German custom . (for putting
"in" on the end of last names.) Thus, Sara becomes Saren, Maria becomes
Marien, etc.  I obtained my info on the siblings via confirmation records
and death records.  Only found two baptisms - Johann Conrad and Johann
Heinrich - but the confirmations confirm parentage.

If the Aargu, Switzerland supposition is correct, then this gets even more
interesting because the BOLLINGER family who intermarried with my
husband's ROLAND/ROHLAND family *was* definitely from Aargu, Switzerland,
and the HOLLINGERs were sponsors for the BOLLINGER family in the
Winterbach parish records - very close to Lambsborn. I have baptismal
records for the immigrant BOLLINGER and his family from Schlossrued,
Aargu, Switzerland, thanks to someone who went to Switzerland - I don't
think they have been filmed yet by the LDS - could be wrong on that last
one.  This could mean that the ROLAND family came from there as well.  I
will need to check LDS records on microfilm - to see if they have caught
up.  Since they were all weavers - HOLLINGER, BOLLINGER and ROLAND/ROHLAND
families, there is very good likelihood. The weavers really stuck together
- almost clannish.

Well, am feeling much better, thanks for asking. Am glad we made contact
as well.

Donna Ristenbatt

> I am afraid that I haven't got as far as translating the actual records
> Lambsborn.  I got my information on Johann Henrich and Johann Conrad
> the IGI as I indicated in the FGR.  At the moment my investigations,
> it comes to translation, are stuck back in late 18th Century
> Eichelscheiderhof.   Johann Henrich's death note of 1793 gives his age
> indicates that he is of Wiesbach.  Lambsborn is the Parish and when I
> looking there I found the 1721 Chr. record for Johann Henrich giving his
> parents as Samuel and Saren.  Johann Conrad's parents are also given as
> Samuel and Saren in his 1719 Chr.   There are a fair number of
> in the Lambsborn area but not enough that I don't think that Johann
> is my line.  All (I think) of the HOLLINGERs are reported as having come
> the Pfalz from the Aargau area in Switzerland.
> At the moment I have only one descendant of Johann Henrich (b 1721) but
> expect that there are more. The one is Samuel HOLLINGER (b 1753- died
> Obermiesau).  I haven't found any records of HOLLINGERs in
> Eichelscheiderhof before 1756 and so I have assumed that Samuel is
> born in Wiesbach.  The place to search will be Lambsborn but I haven't
> that far yet .
> For translations I am very lucky in that my step brother-in-law was born
> and educated in Germany and is able to read the Gothic script.  His
> sister is even better at it as she does a fair bit of genealogy but she
> lives in Germany so I only get to hit on her when she is over to Toronto
> for a visit..  My translations are limited to using the LDS crib sheets
> Gothic script.
> Where did you find the records on the siblings of Johann Henrich?  In
> Lambsborn?
> As for the dates and places on Samuel and Sara I am afraid that those
> my best guesses.
> My convention for places in my data base is that if I haven't anything
> better to go on I assume that the person was born or died in the first
> last place I have found a primary type record.

Donna Ristenbatt

Recently I had checked out this URL on Marie's page:

There I found that a Jacob HOLLINGER died in 1781 or'82 in Lebanon County,
PA. This family group, taken from Egle's Notes and Queries, mentions a son
Joseph, who had a daughter Eliza who married a ______ ROLAND. Since my
husband's ancestor is Michael ROHLAND who married Eliza/Elizabeth
HOLLINGER, this entry obviously interested me.  In the marriage record for
Michael and Eliza in 1836, she is said to be from Berks County.

Today I was looking at church records for Christ Lutheran Church
(Stouchburg), Berks County, PA and there was a marriage for a Joseph
HOLLINGER and Anne GIESY on 18 March 1804.  This Joseph died on 8 Oct.
1824, aged 46.2.0, thus born ca 1778.  Is this possibly the son of the
above Jacob HOLLINGER? If so, does anyone have the family group record for
this Joseph and Anne GIESY HOLLINGER?

There was also a marriage for a Jacob HOLLINGER and Barbara ZARTMANN on 25
Sept. 1806, and a death of a baby Joseph HOLLINGER, who died 3 Nov. 1821,
age 10 months, 2 days.

Donna Ristenbatt


I recently obtained the Henry Kline Hollinger booklet, and since I had
posted a few months back about Jacob HOLLINGER from Lambsborn, son of
Samuel and Sara HOLLINGER, I thought I would post what HKH has to say
about this Jacob. (It's looking more and more like my husband descends
from the Hans Jacob and Anna Elisabeth Esterli) If anyone knows the
current names of some of the Lancaster churches referred to in last
paragraph, please let me know. Thanks.

"Jacob HOLLIGER/HOLINGER/HOLLINGER/ was born, or baptized 15th Dec.
1705/we assume this a Bible recording given by his second wife and
into the Reformed church book at Lancaster.  Born in former Berner
Gebiet/subsequently, Aargau;  perhaps Leutvil or Gontenschwyl, near
Boniswyl; Hans Jacob and wife Maria Margaretha Leibrock, before finally
settling in Einod in Zweybrucken, had son Benedikt 1713 who was
Leinenweber & likely our Jacob had also learned the trade. [Donna note:
Apparently in these last sentences, HKH is speaking of Jacob's
While sisters and brothers settled in Ernstweiler, Jacob moved on to
thriving Waldmohr, married Anna Margaretha (dr of Meister Zimmermann, or
Master Carpenter,) Frans KUNTZ and Elisabetha KIRSCH, whose family also
came to America/in 19th century/many of our folk thought they descended
from Jacob/ I historify him briefly.

He arrived in Philadelphia 1st Sept. 1736 on the ship Harle/with
brother-in-law Jacob KUNTZ. A confusing record at Oberamt 1737 mentions a
Jacob HOLLINGER going to America with wife and child. However, no wife or
child are found on the detailed ship list.  [Donna note: Annette K.
Burgert has this date as 1736.]  He spelled his name HOLINGER, later
remaining HOLLINGER- Jacob- Swiss spelling. He settled in Lancaster boro;
his relative Matthias KILIAN and wife had son baptized 22nd April 1742 at
Augustus Evang. Lutheran church, Trappe in present day Montgomery
sponsors: Jacob and his wife/ In these days appeared a Stephen HOLLINGER,
weaver - whom we cannot place./ By 1747 Jacob had acquired a lot. Sower's
Hoch Deutsch Bericht says: es 1st gestohlen worden ohnefer 8 tage vor der
Faal Faar ( fall fair) 1744 ein eisgrau Pferd von Christian HEYER., to be
rewarded, finder should apply to Jacob.  In 1750 a Switzer died, Casper
PERSINGER died; Jacob was a co-executor but did not endorse probate.
Casper was dyer, and Jacob likely learned the art from him.   In 1754,
Jacob was lot owner and trustee of the Reformed Church/ we find him not
any communion list/ In 1761, Sowers announced: Jacob HOLLINGER, adjoining
Lutheran Church (now Trinity) has gone in dyeing business. Also, he was
now dealing in real estate and loaning money with Franz K -

In 1768, Margaret's parents had died, and his own brothers and sisters
were plotting to become sole heirs.   He engaged relative Michael KELLER
(going to Germany) to collect monies due him.  Power of Atttorney has
recently turned up in Germany. Margaret died 10th April 1769, he
soon after, 21st May to Anna Elisabeth BOHL, Lutheran, to whom 24th Dec.
1770 was born son Jacob- He had Casper SCHAEFFER draw up new will in
English; he cut off 1st wife's family, also his own folk; leaving all to
Elizabeth... whether his son survived is not known. No such evidence is
found and no further record stands. Elizabeth buried Jacob beside his 1st
wife in Reformed Yard/ the Lutherans permitted none but communicants
buried in their cemetery - as was she later. In 19th century, the
cemetery was ploughed up and bodies removed. Thus, tradition is
that  he has slept in 2 or 3 graves. For even the 2nd burial place has
been dug up/ no record of his last sleeping place is found - nor  that of
his 1st wife. His 2nd wife, Anna Elizabeth BOHL, born ? July 1719, died
8th April 1795/slept in the Lutheran Yard till the 1950s when the Church
dug up this cemetery; her stone is not found embedded in brick walls like
others. thus have 3 Jacobs or perhaps 4 Jacobs been mythologized as but
one fabulous pioneer and ancestor." published 1959.

Donna Ristenbatt

DONNA, Thanks, Only thing I show on these churches =
Penn German Church Records of Trinity Lutheran Church
"           "               "          "       of Augustus Evangelical
and don't believe we have posted on our pages. Don't know if it showed a
Thanks for sharing, marie, iowa

You are welcome. As for the counties, Augustus is in Montgomery County -
now known as Trappe. That one was for a baptism of Mathias KILIAN's child
- he had a KUNTZ connection, not sure if him, or his wife. The other
churches were in Lancaster, PA.

I saw the Switz christenings - that is great. I know that the LDS Church
has not microfilmed the Canton Aargau records, but have they filmed the
other Cantons? If this is the case, I assume that Henry Kline Hollinger
and others, are getting these baptisms from those who do research in

Donna Ristenbatt

             Joseph, son of Jacob HOLLINGER and Barbara STEINWEG

Today I received the administrative papers for Joseph HOLLINGER of
Heidelberg Twp. ,Berks County, PA. According to HKH, Joseph was the son
Jacob HOLLINGER (born 29 Nov. 1726) and Barbara STEINWEG. HKH also states
that John SHAY was involved in the administration of Joseph's 1824
I did not see a John SHAY mentioned in the file, only Leonard KEHL, the
administrator of his estate. These papers seem to confirm, though, what
Egle states in his Note and Queries, namely that Joseph had a daughter,
Eliza, married to ______ROLAND. My original post asked who the parents
were of Elizabeth/Eliza HOLLINGER married to Michael ROHLAND in 1836,
Salem Lutheran, Lebanon, PA. Michael was from So. Lebanon Twp. and Eliza
was from Berks County.

After researching, I am reasonbly certain that the above Eliza was the
daughter of Joseph. In his estate papers, his widow, Nancy (HKH has wife,
Anna, but Ann is a nickname for Nancy) petitions the court for
guardianship of 3 of Joseph's *four* children, the 3 being under 14.
(Apparently the 4th one was over 14 years.) These minor children are
in birth order - Barbara, Eliza and Adam.

When I have researched the various US Federal Population Censuses, 1850,
1860 and 1870,  Eliza/Elizabeth HOLLINGER and her husband, Michael
ROHLAND, were always living right next door to Adam HOLLINGER and his
wife, Eliza.  So, I feel reasonably certain that Eliza/Elizabeth was the
daughter of Joseph HOLLINGER and wife, Anne/Nancy GIESY. Joseph is given
as a blacksmith in these estate papers.

Donna Ristenbatt

             Joseph HOLLINGER, son of Jacob HOLLINGER and Barbara


I realized with my last post that I should have given some additional
on Joseph HOLLINGER, son of Jacob HOLLINGER and Barbara STEINWEG.  He
died, according to Christ Lutheran Church records (Stouchsburg, Marion
Twp., Berks County, PA) on 8 Oct. 1824 and his age at death computes to
8 Aug 1778 birth date. He married Anna GIESY on 1 March 1804 at Christ
Lutheran, same church. (HKH has that Joseph had a first wife, namely
Barbara - do not know where he obtained this info.) Children by
Anna/Anne/Nancy include Barbara;  Eliza/Elizabeth, born 14 May 1816 and
married to Michael ROHLAND;  Joseph, born ca 1 Jan 1821 and died Nov.
1821; and Adam HOLLINGER, born ca 1824 (the year that Joseph died) and he
was married to Eliza -?-.

Michael ROHLAND and Eliza HOLLINGER had a son John Jacob ROHLAND born
and a daughter, Christina who died young.  Adam HOLLINGER and wife, Eliza
had:  Amelia Elizabeth; Joseph; William; Katy; Adam and Michael.

Donna Ristenbatt

HOW come I can't Find him?
> Because of county changes?
> WAS his name JOSEPH JACOB or etc?
MY Documents on HOLLINGERS are small , But, the Berks Co, PA abstracts of
wills =
DEC 21, 1824 JOSEPH HOLLINGER Adm to will/estate of LEONARD KEHL, friend
widow renouncing ,wife ELIZABETH,
BUT, YOUR JOSEPH HOLINGER is deceased OR just will written earlier in
His Will/Estate is Not in my abstract of wills - maybe others by someone
this happens and they miss some?
Couple other extractions on JOSEPH HOLLINGER in 1818 BERKS and EXEC of
of HENRY SHAUER , heidelburg

Will Post on our Berks Co, PA page
But, kinda like info above - confirm/explain, etc - THANKS for sharing,

He's probably not in your book because he didn't write a will. :-) These
papers are the Intestate ( I think that is what one calls them) papers
Joseph, although come to think of it, Intestate papers are often in
abstracts which I have seen before. I don't know if I emphasized the fact
that Joseph had *four* children according to these papers, but only three
were mentioned because they were under age 14 and getting a guardian.
According to the LDS Online Site, Joseph had a daughter,
Catherina/Catherine by a first wife, Maria Barbara. I need to write to
submitter to see where he obtained this info.  Also, Joseph's estate
wasn't finalized until 1834, if I saw correctly, so would be under that
year, even though he died 1824. And it is indexed, interestingly, under
1824, not 1834.

HKH in his HOLLINGER genealogy has this Joseph as the son of Jacob (born
1726) HOLLINGER and Anna Barbara STEINWEG. He may have been Johann
but I am not sure. Three records for him show up in Stouchsburg 's Christ
Lutheran Church, which is in Marion Twp., Berks Co., PA. (right next door
to Heidelberg twp.) These records are his 1804 marriage to Anna GIESY,
death of a son, Joseph, (infant) in 1821 and the death of Joseph himself,
in 1824, which tends to confirm the Intestate date, that this is the same
Joseph.  I would like to find out how HKH got a first wife for Joseph -
where he found the records.

Just a little research tip for others. In later years, there was what one
calls Petition for Probate. (in PA)  My husband's gg grandfather died
without a will, and when I checked the estate index, there was a Petition
for this ancestor. Well, the petition lists all the children! One of his
brothers wrote a will, but did not mention *his* children, so this was
better than a will in this case!

Donna Ristenbatt