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Elias Milton Hollinger     26 Jun 1826

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Detroit Society For Genealogical Research Magazine  Vol 42  Nbr 2
Winter 1978
Hollinger Bible, Allen Co. Indiana

Hollinger Bible Record
contributed by Mrs. H.M.Darling of Atascadero, California

Hollinger birth records and marriages were copied from family record
pages of a Bible that belonged to Amanda Ellen (Hollinger) Goodwill,
grandmother of the contributor.  Additional data from death certificates
and family members has been included here.


Elias Milton Hollinger and Emma Dingman, at Fort Wayne, IN        20 Jul
Mary Catherine Hollinger and John Shearer, at Fort Wayne, IN       19
Jul 1869
Amanda Ellen Hollinger and Jeremiah Patten Goodwill, at Fort Wayne, IN
14 Feb 1871
Blanche Etta Hollinger and 1) Samuel A. Prudence at Fort Wayne, IN   27
Jan 1874
                                         2) Elliott A. Dailey *
Margaret Janette Hollinger and 1)Mr. Bradshaw
                                               2) Joseph Wheeler
Esther Hollinger and 1) Orrin Shattuck of East Lansing, Michigan
                                2) George Hoffman
Emma Adelle Hollinger and Clifton Smith of New York


Elias Milton Hollinger     26 Jun 1826
Emma Dingman               4 Dec 1831
Sarah Ann Hollinger ]                 1849
Mary C. Hollinger    ]                  1849
Amanda Ellen Hollinger   3 June 1851
Esther Hollinger (died infancy)     1853
Blanche Etta Hollinger        5 Sep 1856
Emma Adelle Hollinger     12 May 1860
Margaret Janette Hollinger   23 Apr 1865
Esther Hollinger                  1 Aug 1867
Homer Scott Hollinger
Rose Hollinger (died infancy)
Eulalah Hollinger (died infancy)
Jeremiah Patten Goodwill       8 May 1845


Elias Milton Hollinger at Beaverton, Michigan                       4
Feb 1909
    (Elias Milton Hollinger was a Mexican War veteran, serving from
Emma (Dingman)Hollinger at Beaverton, Michigan                30 Mar
Mary C. Scherrer (Shearer) at Fort Wayne, Indiana               14 Dec
John Scherrer * at Fort Wayne,
Indiana                                              1892
Rev. Jeremiah P. Goodwill * at Michigan Soldiers Home, Grand Rapids  8
Aug 1925
Amanda E. Goodwill at Michigan Soldiers Home, Grand Rapids            26
Oct 1926
Blanche Etta Dailey at St. Louis,
Michigan                                    25 Sep 1906
Emma Adelle Smith at Gold Bar, Snohomish County, Washington
Jane (Margaret Janette) Wheeler at Mr. Pleasant, Michigan           23
Oct 1902
Esther (Hollinger) (Shattuck) Hoffman at Lansing, Michigan           2
Jun 1944
Homer Scott Hollinger at Seattle,
Washington                                          1950

*Jeremiah Goodwill served Free Methodist pastorates in Lodi and Hector,
New York;  Amelia County, Virginia; Isabella and Kent County, Michigan.
He was a Civil War veteran as were Elliott A. Dailey and John Scherrer.