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           Re: HOLLINGERs / FRANCE (and the Pfalz)
                 Sun, 2 Dec 2001 00:58:41 -0500
           "Glen Brunskill" <>
Hi Frank,  It has been a while since I first heard from you
back in March.
I got your recent e-mail and saw Marie's post as well.  I
don't have
anything to add at this point to our last chain of
e-mail.(see one below).
Yours is the only contact that I have had from the
HOLLINGERs and as I mentioned previously I was not familiar
with the Banat
region at all.

One thing I can say on HOLLINGERs from France is that I have
connections that settled in Le Havre:

!Source:  HKH "HOLLINGER SAGAS" of 1955  Excerpts from our
first Historian's
Manuscript - Pastor Wilhelm (HOLLINGER) Page 20
"Court Clerk in Waldmohr Most of his children went to le
Havre and became
GEB Note:  Johann HOLLINGER (b 1759, [Eichelscheiderhof])
was the court
clerk in Waldmohr and "Pastor Wilhelm's" grandfather (or
great grandfather)
This would have been at the time of Napolean's Empire.  I
expect that
Johann, as a French official, decieded to go to France after
the Empire's
defeat in 1815.

My Great Great GrandmotherElizabeth HOLLINGER (b 1824,
Obermiesau), likely
stayed with her HOLLINGER connections in Le Havre in 1848 on
the way to her
uncle Ludwig HOLLINGER's {b 1788, Eichelscheiderhof) family
in Ontario.

Regards,   Glen Brunskill, Burlington, Ontario, Canada

PS  HKH is Henry Kline HOLLINGER (b 1897, PA, USA).  Pastor
HOLLINGER is likely a connection of mine born 1841,
Eichelscheiderhof or his
son Frederich Wilhelm HOLLINGER (b 1867, Gleishorbach).
is about 5 km east of Waldmohr, about the same south west of
Miesau and
maybe a little less north west of Lambsborn in the
Palatinate (Pfalz).

!Source:  Frank HOLLINGER  6 Mar 2001
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Sent: Wednesday, March 07, 2001 11:03 AM
Subject: Re: Hollingers from Alsace
> Hi Frank,
> Thanks for your note.  I had not heard about the Danube
Schwabians before.
> I have both HOLLINGERs and BOLLINGERs in the Lambsborn /
Miesau area of
> Pfalz.  Some of the HOLLINGERs also settled in Baden.  As
I understand it
> these families came from Switzerland (around Seengen,
Aargau) about the
> of the Thirty Years War (say after 1648) and most seem to
have been
> Protestant.
> Keep me in mind.  I would like to hear more of your
> Regards, Glen BRUNSKILL

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From: "marie sellers hollinger" <>
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Sent: Thursday, November 29, 2001 6:32 PM

> FRANK, I don't show a link for FRANCE. Maybe one of our
members has some
info. Best Wishes, marie, iowa
> "Frank Hollinger, Lasercad" wrote:
> > Thanks, found Glens mail adress and will mail him
> >
> > Any info on Hollinger-connections in Alsace-Lorraine,
France? They are
still many living there.
> >
> > frank, copenhagen, denmark
> >
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> > Sent: Wednesday, November 28, 2001 11:16 PM
> > Subject: Re: Banat Hollinger
> >
> > > FRANK, Thanks. sent this on to the HOLLINGER
discussion group. We use
to have a member that worked some in this area. Glen? don't
know if he is an
active member now. His email is on our
> > > Germany page =
> > >
> > > marie, iowa
> > >
> > > "Frank Hollinger, Lasercad" wrote:
> > >
> > > > Any info on Hollingers from the Banat region in
Europe? The OR 1891
Hungarian Census claims 5 Hollingers in Torontal, all
> > > >
> > > > My g-grandfahter was Mathias Max Hollinger, born
1883 in
Nagytoszeg/Mastort/Massdorf. Parents were Jacob (Jakab?)
Hollinger and Mitzi
Schirado (Schirato?), both buried in Lugoj, Romania.