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My 'eldest' Holli(n)ger is Bernhard Holliger, who was married with Anna Bolliger. He died after 1722
in Gontenschwil / Switzerland.
Their son Johann Friedrich Hollinger, born 8th of January 1693 married 1722 at Lambsborn /Germany
Anna Catharina Keller.

Frank Stückrath/ Germany

       Tue, 27 Nov 2001 15:44:16 -0700
       "Frank Hollinger, Lasercad" <>
Subject:  [BANAT-L] Ortssippenbuch Nagytoszeg/Mastort

- is there a ortssippenbuch of Nagytoszeg/Mastort or other
relevant compilation of info?. I know of the Heimatbuch der
Heidegemeinden Heufeld-Mastort-Ruskodorf and have requested
for a copy from the publisher.

I am investigating my roots, g-grandfather was Max Mathias
Hollinger, born 1883 in Nagytoszeg. His father was Jakob
(Jakab?) Hollinger. Mother: Mitzi Schirado (Schirato?).I am
asking this question before collecting the relevant FHC

Frank Hollinger, Copenhagen, Denmark.

Any info on Hollingers from the Banat region in Europe? The
OR 1891 Hungarian Census claims 5 Hollingers in Torontal,
all craftsmen.

My g-grandfahter was Mathias Max Hollinger, born 1883 in
Nagytoszeg/Mastort/Massdorf. Parents were Jacob (Jakab?)
Hollinger and Mitzi Schirado (Schirato?), both buried in
Lugoj, Romania.

I have just started my search for ancestors and I am new in
this field. Any help or info appreciated!

Frank, Copenhagen, Denmark

Thanks, found Glens mail adress and will mail him immediately.

Any info on Hollinger-connections in Alsace-Lorraine, France? They
are still many living there.

frank, copenhagen, denmark