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Waldmohr (is a district in the Palatinate (Pfalz) in what is now
Rhineland-Pfalz in Germany)

(Waldmohr is very close to Lambsborn, Donna)

GLEN'S PAGE - Lambsborn

DONNA'S PAGE   Wiesbach.

RICHARD'S PAGE - Krottelbach and Lambsborn,, Pfalz

LINDA'S PAGE =David Hollinger who was born May 28, 1811 in
Woaschweiler, Bavaria

KATE'S PAGE=Evangelisch Church in Ernstweiler, which is now part of the town
Zweibrucken in Saarland, Germany

FRANK'S PAGE =  Lambsborn /Germany

FRANK'S PAGE =  Romania (former Austria-Hungary

DEBORAH'S PAGE = Steinfeld/Kapsweyer in RhinelandPfalz area of Bavaria aka the Palatinate

LINDA'S PAGE = Wiesbach

JANA = Wiesbach


Alsace-Lorraine surname search

Frank Hollinger (lasercad:dk) []

Hello Banat List members.

I stumbled across this search engine. I typed in the last name of a forebear who had emigrated from Alsace-Lorraine to the Banat and I got a lot of hits on that surname. Now what do I do? It's great to know the family was where my grandmother told me it was from, but how does one get into the
records referenced in the search engine? Has anyone else used the site?

Deborah Owens
Tampa, FL

This is very interesting as my ancestors too (family name Hollinger) are believed to come from Alsace-Lorraine way back in the 1770´es. The old records (Vienna files) shows that 3 Hollinger came to Banat at that time from that part of Germany. But that site is in I am also interested to hear more and my French is non existing! Frank Hollinger, Copenhagen, Denmark

           Glen Brunskill <>

All of these places: Lambsborn,   Krottelbach, Eichelscheiderhof  etc. are
in the Palatinate (Pfalz) now Rhineland-Pfalz, Germany.  If you need more
detail I had attached the detailed information at the end of my response as
you can see below.
As you know many HOLLINGERs left Switzerland for either the Palitinate or
Ireland before moving on to the USA.

This information should be posted to the German page.

Regards,  Glen Brunskill   Burlington, Ontario, Canada

             Glen Brunskill <>

Dear Linda  (and List),                                                Hi
Marie:    Please Post:           Germany  /   WI

That's Great!!!

It certainly looks like we have located your Wisconsin HOLLINGERs in the
"Old Country"

David's birth and christening dates in 1811 along with Daniel's birth and
christening dates in 1848 certainly suggest that Ernstweiler is the parish
you want.  You will probably find a very small hamlet in the parish for
Woaschweiler (if the spelling is correct.)  My HOLLINGERs of this period
were not far away in Eichelscheiderhof / Miesau.  The HOLLINGERs in this
area of the Palitinate came from Switzerland sometime between the end of
the Thirty Years War (1648) and about 1720.  Mine were in Lambsborn /
Wiesbach for a while before moving a few kms north to Eichelscheiderhof.
After you exhaust Ernstweiler you should look closely at Lambsborn as
Lambsborn appears to be the parish where the Swiss HOLLINGERs first settled
on arrival in the Palitinate.

I STRONGLY SUGGEST that you order the film from the LDS for the marriage 7
May 1839 of David HOLLINGER and Maria WEBER.  The civil registration of a
marriage in this area required the presentation of birth certificates and
depositions outlining parents names and status.  The marriage of my Georg
Balthashar HOLLINGER (b 1800, Eichelscheiderhof) and Charlotte TRAUTMANN (b
1800, Brietenbach) in 1823 Obermiesau contained five pages of documents
giving information on many relations.

Here is some information that I have on what we take to be your relations
from my database.  Sorry but it is only from the IGI.

!Source:  IGI  v 4.01   Evangelisch, Ernstweiler, Pfalz, Bayern
David HOLLINGER  30 May 1811   Daniel HOLLINGER  Phillipina MAURER

!Source:  IGI  v 4.01   Evangelisch, Ernstweiler, Pfalz, Bayern
Daniel HOLLINGER  8 Nov 1815   Daniel HOLLINGER  Phillipina MAURER

!Source:  IGI  v 4.01   Evangelisch, Ernstweiler, Pfalz, Bayern
Johann Adam HOLLINGER  21 Feb 1821   Daniel HOLLINGER  Phillipina MAURER

!Source:  IGI  v 4.01   Evangelisch, Ernstweiler, Pfalz, Bayern
Mar   7 May 1839   David HOLLINGER  Maria WEBER

!Source:  IGI  v 4.01   Evangelisch, Ernstweiler, Pfalz, Bayern
Friedrich HOLLINGER 7 Mar 1842   David HOLLINGER  Maria WEBER

!Source:  IGI  v 4.01   Evangelisch, Ernstweiler, Pfalz, Bayern
Friedrich HOLLINGER 10 Dec 1843   David HOLLINGER  Maria WEBER

!Source:  IGI  v 4.01   Evangelisch, Ernstweiler, Pfalz, Bayern
Daniel HOLLINGER 20 Aug 1848   David HOLLINGER  Maria WEBER

Hope this helps you and maybe someone else.

Glen Brunskill, Burlington ON.

Hello Everyone,

My ancestor was Maria Elisabetha HOLLINGER, born circa 1759 in Weisbach,
Germany. Married to Johann Adam Zumstein in Winterbach on Sep 4, 1778 and
died Sep 16 1808 in Biedershausen. She was the daughter of a Rudolf
HOLLINGER and Maria Elisabetha KLUNDIN.

Does anyone have any information on Rudolf HOLLINGER?

Thank you,
Jana Shea []
sept 2007

JANA, did any of their children come to US?
Or names of any of their kids may help ? And where they went =

At one time, we had a member with a Samuel born 1753 Weisbach (no parents
shown) and some of his family was in Canada by 1835.
But, we/I don't have info on them.

Thanks for sharing Hollingers, marie, iowa


Hi Marie,

I'm sorry, but the only sibling that I know of for my Maria Elisabetha
Hollinger is an Anna Margaretha Hollinger born in February 1755 in Weisbach
and baptised Feb 28, 1755 in Lambsborn. My ancestor married Johann Adam
Zumstein and 4 generations later some of their descendents came to America,
settling in Fulton County, IL. Of course, none of them had the Hollinger

I have ordered the records for the Winterbach parish, which should give a
little more information and will try to order the Lambsborn records soon. I
live in the Netherlands and it takes awhile (months) for the microfilms to
arrive here.

Will be sure to update the list as soon as find out more!

Jana, Haarlem


Hi Jana Shea and Marie,

As Marie suggested I have HOLLINGERs from Wiesbach, Pfalz (not spelled
Weisbach). My lines Johann Heinrich HOLLINGER was born in Wiesbach in 1721
(one of ten children of Samuel Hollinger (b abt 1673) and Sara Peters (b abt
1677)). Have a look at the page Marie put together for me at

Below is my current FGR info for my line's Johann Heinrich Hollinger and
Elisabetha Margaretha Dauber of the period you are interested in.

1. Johann Heinrich Hollinger [832], born in [Wiesbach],Pfalz,Bayern,
Germany; christened 13 Jul 1721 in Lambsborn,Pfalz,Bayern,Germany; died 24
Sep 1793 in Eichelscheiderhof (Ba. Homburg),Bayern,Germany; buried in
Jagersburg,,Pfalz,Germany, son of Samuel Hollinger [8960] and Sara Peter
[8961]. He married abt 27 Jan 1747 in [Oberohmbach],Pfalz,Bayern,Germany
Elisabetha Margaretha Dauber [833], christened 15 Nov 1726 in Oberohmbach,
died aft 24 Sep 1793 of Eichelscheiderhof,Pfalz,Germany, buried in
Jagersburg,,Pfalz,Germany, daughter of Abraham Dauber [40662] and Elisabetha
Catherine GrosClos [40663].

Children of Johann Heinrich Hollinger and Elisabetha Margaretha Dauber were
as follows:
+ 2 i Heinrich Jakob Hollinger [17509], born 21 Nov 1749 in Krottelbacher
Hof; christened 27 Nov 1749 in Krottelbach,Pfalz,Bayern, Germany; died 30
Mar 1806 in Nohfeldon,Oldenburg,Pfalz,Germany. He married Sophia Christina
Loch [21378].
+ 3 ii Samuel Hollinger [638], born 10 Nov 1755 in
Krottelbach,Pfalz,Bayern,Germany; died 23 May 1831 in Obermiesau,Pfalz,
Bayern,Germany. He married Maria Elizabeth Zimmer [639].
+ 4 iii Johannes Niklaus Hollinger [17445], born 16 Oct 1757 in
Krottelbach,Pfalz,Bayern,Germany; died 19 Jan 1831 in Ohmbach, Pfalz,
Bayern,Germany. He married Katharina Magdalena Koerner [17451].
+ 5 iv Johannes Hollinger [17446], born 24 Mar 1760 in Krottelbacher Hof;
christened 30 Mar 1760 in Krottelbach,Pfalz,Bayern, Germany; died 22 Oct
1848 in Eichelscheiderhof,Pfalz,Bayern. He married Charlotte Neureuther
+ 6 v Maria Barbara Hollinger [17510], born 7 Oct 1762 in
Krottelbach,Pfalz,Bayern,Germany; died 14 Jan 1843 in Herschweiler. She
married (1) Jacob Zimmer [21415]; (2) Johann Georg Gerber [41161].
7 vi Juliana Sara Carolina Hollinger [17511], born 25 Feb 1765 in
Krottelbacher Hof; died 3 Sep 1790 in Jagersburg. She married on 17 Oct
1780 in Breitenbach, Pfalz, Bayern Johann Jakob Sander [22696], born abt
1760 in ,[Pfalz],Bayern,Germany; died 28 Apr 1825 in Jagersburg.

While Johann Heinrich HOLLINGER was likely born in Wiesbach and chr in
Lambsborn 13 Jul 1721, it is likely that by the 1740's his HOLLINGER family
was living in the Krottelbacher Hof, near the hamlet of Krottelbach, which I
understand was a stud farm. Several branches of the extended HOLLINGER
family were apparently employed by the Krottelbacher Hof stud in the middle
of the 18th century.

I don't know much about the HOLLINGERs that were in Wiesbach in the period
when you think your HOLLINGERs were there, however, I note that a brother of
my Johann Heinrich HOLLINGER (b 1721), Johann Rudolf HOLLINGER (b abt 1713,
confirmed in Lambsborn 1728 son of Samuel HOLLINGER of Wiesbach) and his
wife Marie Elizabetha [?] had a daughter Anna Sara HOLLINGER born at
Krottelbacher Hof, 24 Feb 1747. My initial thoughts are that Anna Sara
HOLLINGER may well be a sister of the two sisters you mention.

It seems to me that Johann Rudolf HOLLINGER (b abt 1713) and his wife may
have moved bact to Wiesbach for the birth of your ancestor Maria Elisabetha
HOLLINGER, born circa 1759 in Wiesbach. Sometime after 1765, my Johann
Heinrich HOLLINGER (b 1721) moved from the Krottelbacher Hof stud to the
Eichelscheiderhof stud (Eichelscheiderhof is about 7 km NW of Wiesbach)

It looks like we might have a conection!

Glen Brunskill, Burlington, Ontario, Canada (my Nanticoke Enterprises
e-mail address is still good)

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