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My Elizabeth HOLLINGER (b 1824, Obermiesau, Pfalz) came to Canada on a
bride ship in 1848.  She was the oldest of eleven children of George
HOLLINGER (b 1800, Eichelsheiderhof).  George was a cooper.  Her siblings
were;  George (b 1825), Daniel (b 1828), Charlotte (1829) and Carolina (b
1831).  Her mother (Charlotte TRAUTMANN, b 1800) died in 1832 and George
remarried (Elizabeth SCHNEIDER, b 1808) and they had; Walter (b 1833),
Philip (b 1836), Caroline (b 1838), Jacob (b 1841), Michael (b 1844), and
Eva (b 1847).   Some of Elizabeth's siblings followed her and in 1854
George HOLLINGER brought the rest of the family to Waterloo Co., Upper
Canada. George's brother Johann Ludwig HOLLINGER (b 1788) had come to
Waterloo county with his wife and children probably in the early 1840's.

Most (if not all) of the German origin Upper Canada HOLLINGERs are of
George's or Ludwig's families (I think).  There are also Irish origin
HOLLINGERs in Upper Canada during this period.

Any chance of a connection?  What can you tell me of your HOLLINGERs?

Glen Brunskill

        Glen Brunskill <>
     I thought that I would point out something that I noticed from Shirley
Robinette's posting of 22 Mar.


>From: ShirleyRobinette <>
Subject: Hollinger

Folk Lore Society Publication Vol 1-121

states Jac Hollinger-Waldmohr with wife & child for America 1736
Tobias Custard was father of Anna who married Jac Hollinger (married by
1776) signed Tobias Custard Intestate 1755


I am not sure how many of the HOLLINGER connections that subscribe to the
list would know of Waldmohr so I thought that I would add a little

 Waldmohr is a district in the Palatinate (Pfalz) in what is now
Rhineland-Pfalz in Germany.  My HOLLINGER families also came from this
area to Canada, albeit starting about 1840 rather than 1736.  There were not a
lot of HOLLINGERs in the Waldmohr district in the early 18th century.
(all?) had moved there from Switzerland sometime after the depopulation
caused by the 30 Years War (say starting 1650).  If someone is interested
in following up on this particular lead, I would suggest that they start
in the parish records of Lambsborn.  My HOLLINGER family was in that parish
at that time.  I have not got a Jacob HOLLINGER / Anna CUSTARD marriage in my
data but except for the fact that the recording is all done in the old
German script the records are quite legible and extensive.

My line at that period is Johann Heinrich HOLLINGER born 1721 Lambsborn,
son of Samuel and Saren.  I have only located one brother Johann Conrad
HOLLINGER born 1719, Lambsborn.



PS   If anyone out there has traced their HOLLINGERs to or from Ontario,
Canada, I would be interested in hearing from them.

GLEN - am forwarding Shirleys notes to you - as your letter was rec'd as
Not a Sub-
We have a very small HOLLINGER group - If you'd like to be a member, You
could share all HOLLINGERS letters = Not that Many - usually just on Main

ANY info you would like to share on Germany/Switzerland areas you were
discussing -=
The more info you send and we can post on these pages =
The more likely someone on the NET will pick up Your Info and Share with
You and You can Share with All HOLLINGERS.

I am sorry I am not more knowledgeable on these areas -
YOU Hollingers must post more info on Same so we All/Me know where we
are/came from etc-
Thanks GLEN for sharing when we don't  have much (Right Now-Later) to
share with you- marie, iowa
ShirleyRobinette wrote:
"Shirley Robinette" <>

> Marie, Somewhere in my files I may still have some info on Hollingers in
> Canada.
> Many years ago (don't remember how long ago) there was a Hollinger gold
> mine in Canada-supposedly one of the largest & richest gold mine. May
still > have the info.
> Will check files & see what I can find-it may be in HKH book.Shirley

Message text written by marie sellers hollinger
>GLEN, do you have  info from the  parish records of Lambsborn ?
Would this help us connect ?   Do You know who you connect to in Waldmohr?
Maybe some of our members have studied this area and would contribute info

Mostly, we just kinda have one line back and a couple kids - Glad we have

Please share - marie, iowa

Dear Marie,

I am already a list member and did send in an outline of my HOLLINGER
lines.  I probably didn't send what I have all the way back to Lambsborn
but I think I took it as far as Eichelschniderhof, which is about  5 miles
north (just guessing, I don't have a map with me)

I probably signed up from one of my other e-mail addresses.   I am in
London, England this week and have a couple of addresses on forwarding.
looks like I use either    or    for my subscription to the list.
At least that is the server that is forwarding the HOLLINGER postings  to
me at this address.  I forgot that I wasn't subscribed through this

I have some HOLLINGER records from Lambsborn and the parish registers have
been filmed by the LDS.  As I said in my posting the problem  is that the
script is the old german script and I have to use one of the LDS crib
sheets to figure out what the letters are.  Some records are in the IGI so
that makes it easier to locate by date a record to try and read.
.Fortunately one of my relations (my step brother in law) reads the old
German script reasonably well so if I am really interested in a particular
entry I get him to translate it for me.  ;

If someone has HOLLINGER connections in the Waldmohr or other districts of
that area I would be glsd to have a look in my data base.  Of course
approximate birth, marriage and / or death dates and possible places make
it much easier.  I have about 16,500 entries (all surnames, not just
HOLLINGER related) at this time

Glen Brunskill

WOW!!  The Henry Kline HOLLINGER booklet "HOLLINGER SAGAS"
is really something!

Does anyone know the background of the various sections?  In particular I
am wondering what was the background of Pastor Wilheim.  How does he tie in?
When was he preparing his Manuscript?

"Excerpts From our First Historian's Manuscript - Pastor Wilheim"
appears to consist of pages 21, 22, 23 and 24 of the SAGAS.

My special interest is in the notes on page 22 concerning the HOLLINGER
families of Eichelscheiderhof, Bayern, (now Rhineland-Pfalz) in the Waldmohr
You may also have noted that Jacob (from Lancaster Co. PA, immigrant of
discussed on page 18 is from Waldmohr and the other (possibly the same)
Jacob of similar vintage, mentioned in our discussion of earlier in the spring (see
the Hisotry Page) as being from Lambsborn would also likely be of the same group of
family lines.  Eichelscheiderhof is only about 3 miles north of Lambsborn.

Walmohr is the district seat.

It is extremely likely that all of the HOLLINGERs in this area of Germany
came with many other immigrant families from Switzerland (Egliswil / Boniswyl)
sometime between the end of the Thirty Years War (1648) and about 1710.

!GEB Note:  On Sat 7 Sep 1996, during a business trip to Russia etc, I had
the opportunity to rent a car in Frankfurt and make a little day trip to
I went to Miesau, Schonenberg-Kubelberg, Waldmohr, Eichelscheiderhof,
Lambsborn, Kashofen, Homburg, Jagersburg, Dittweiler, and Breitenbach.  The towns are
pretty typical however one very interesting thing came up.  Eichelscheiderhof is
not at all typical of a town or village.  Eichelscheiderhof is actually some type of
large 18th century estate.  Unfortunately my camera had run out of film in
Miesau and I was unable to find anywhere to purchase more.  About 15 years ago a
private individual had purchased Eichelscheiderhof from a government agency.
Apparently he has turned a lot of the buildings into accommodation into
one and two room apartments used for the main part by students.  The main
Chateau also appeared to have been divided into apartments.  The Stables are huge.
I would think that at one time they probably housed at least 150 horses.  I
understood from the people that I spoke with that sometime in the late
19th and well into the 20th century the State of Rhineland-Pfalz operated
a stud farm here. The buildings are quite impressive although a little run
down I understand that the State felt that they could no longer afford to
operate the farm and maintain the buildings and that is why it was sold off.

!Source:  Transcriptions of Reformed Church records by Erich WUNN,  1975
   Contains data from transcriptions chronologically compiled from
surrounding Waldmohr, including Dunzweiler, Jagersburg, Websweilerhor,
Eichelscheiderhof, Alt-und Neubreitenfelderhof, Waldziegelhutte and
   film 1676260
!GEB Note:  This document contains a translation of my lines Johann
HOLLINGER's (b 1721- d 1793, Eichelscheiderhof) death note.  It
mentions that he was from Wiesbach.  Wiesbach is a small hamlet
about 4 km SSE of Lambsborn and about 7 km SE of Eichelscheiderhof.
The note's wording apparently suggests that Johann's wife was still living
at that time (1793). I have assumed that Samuel (b 1753) was born in
Wiesbach before his father became employed at the Eichelscheiderhof.  I haven't
found Eichelscheiderhof HOLLINGER entries before 1756.  Johann Henrich was (I
think) Christened in Lambsborn.
Samuel and his wife Marie Elizabeth (b abt 1765) had nine children, most
of whom were born in Eichelscheiderhof.  My line is George Balthasar
HOLLINGER  (b 1800, Eichelscheiderhof).  "Balthasar"  is a fairly common HOLLINGER
second name in this line of HOLLINGERs (see page 20, HKH).  Herschweiler/
Pettersheim in Kusel District is about 20(?) Km north of Waldmohr.

        Glen Brunskill <>
        "" <>

Hi List,

Does anyone have a pedigree for "Pastor Wilhelm HOLLINGER"?

Is Pastor Wilhelm  the same Wilhelm HOLLINGER born Eichelscheiderhof, 29
Aug 1841, that wrote the poem on page 20 of the "HOLLINGER SAGAS"?


Glen Brunskill

I don't know about children of Jacob and Margaretha HOLLINGER but I do
know about two likely siblings of Jacob (see FGR 2978).   My line is via
Johann Henrich HOLLINGER (b 1721 - d 1793)

Glen Brunskill

                        FAMILY GROUP RECORD-2978


     BORN:   Abt    1685          PLACE: [Lambsborn],Pfalz,Bayern,Germany
     CHR.:                        PLACE:
     DIED:   Aft    1721          PLACE: ,Pfalz,Bayern,Germany
     BUR.:                        PLACE:
     MARR:   Abt    1710          PLACE: ,[Pfalz],Bayern,Germany
                                PARENTS' MRIN: 2827

 WIFE    Saren-8961

     BORN:   Abt    1690          PLACE: [Lambsborn],Pfalz,Bayern,Germany
     CHR.:                        PLACE:
     DIED:   Aft    1721          PLACE: ,Pfalz,Bayern,Germany
     BUR.:                        PLACE:


      1.  NAME: Johann Conrad HOLLINGER-8962
     ---- BORN:                      PLACE:
      M   CHR.: 18 Jun 1719          PLACE: Lambsborn,Pfalz,Bayern,Germany
          DIED:                      PLACE:
          BUR.:                      PLACE:
          MARR:                      PLACE:

     2.  NAME: Johann Henrich HOLLINGER-832
     ---- BORN:                      PLACE:
      M   CHR.: 13 Jul 1721          PLACE: Lambsborn,Pfalz,Bayern,Germany
          DIED: 24 Sep 1793          PLACE: Eichelscheiderhof (BA.
          BUR.:                      PLACE:
          SPOUSE: [SP HOLLINGER]-833
                                MRIN: 284
          MARR:                      PLACE:

     Glen Brunskill
     10 George St., 4th Floor, Suite 7
     Hamilton, Ontario
     CANADA L8P 1C8
     Phone:905-526-8242 fax 526-0293

     HUSBAND    Samuel HOLLINGER-8960          Yr of Birth 1685
     WIFE       Saren-8961                     Yr of Birth 1690


   Source:  1994 IGI 3.05  Evangelisch, Lambsborn, Pfalz, Bayern  film
      chr: 13 Jul 1721  Johann Henrich   F: Samuel HOLLINGER  M: Saren

WIFE     - Saren-8961
   Source:  1994 IGI 3.05  Evangelisch, Lambsborn, Pfalz, Bayern  film
      chr: 13 Jul 1721  Johann Henrich   F: Samuel HOLLINGER  M: Saren

CHILD  1 - Johann Conrad HOLLINGER-8962
   Source:  1994 IGI 3.05  Evangelisch, Lambsborn, Pfalz, Bayern  film
      chr: 18 Jun 1719  Johann Conrad   F: Samuel HOLLINGER  M: Saren

CHILD  2 - Johann Henrich HOLLINGER-832
   Source:  Transcriptions of Reformed Church records by Erich WUNN,  1975
     Contains data from transcriptions chronologically compiled from
     surrounding Waldmohr, including Dunzweiler, Jagersburg,
     Eichelscheiderhof, Alt-und Neubreitenfelderhof, Waldziegelhutte and
     Mohrmuhle.   film 1676260
!GEB Note:  This document contains a translation of Johann Henrich's death
note.  It mentions that he was from Wiesbach.  Wiesbach is a small hamlet
about 4 km SSE of Lambsborn and about 7 km SE of Eichelscheiderhof.  Its'
wording apparently suggests that his wife was still living at this time.

Source:  1994 IGI 3.05  Evangelisch, Lambsborn, Pfalz, Bayern  film 193964
   chr: 13 Jul 1721  Johann Henrich   F: Samuel HOLLINGER  M: Saren

Lead Source:  27 Jan 1747  Krottelbach, Pfalz,  b A457978 s 457978-82 book

Glen BRUNSKILL Note:  My line is of Johann Henrich HOLLINGER, born 1721,
chr 13 July 1721.  To the best of my knowledge he was born in Wiesbach and
moved to Eichelscheiderhof (about 4km north of Lambsborn) about 1756.  His
son Samuel was likely born in Wiesbach about 1753 although I have yet to
locate a primary record of this birth.  He died in Obermiesau in 1831.
Johann Henrich HOLLINGER (b 1721) died in Eichelscheiderhof, 24 Sep 1793.
Samuel's son George Balthasar HOLLINGER born 1 Jul 1800,
- died 1862, Bridgeport, Waterloo Co., Ontario, Canada.  His daughter
Elizabeth HOLLINGER (b 1824, Obermiesau), my gggrandmother, came to
Berlin, (now Kitchener) Ontario in 1848 and died there in 1896.

Prefix: Krottelbach
GKZ    : 07 3 36 054
County :  | |  +---- Kusel {KUS}
RegBez :  | +------- Rheinhessen-Pfalz
Land   :  +--------- Rheinland-Pfalz
ZIP    : 66909
Popul  : 762
Locat  : (Kusel) 49d32m N 7d24m E
Maps   : TK25  6410 Kusel
         TK50 L6510 Landstuhl
         Euro  Hc51

Prefix: Lambsborn
GKZ    : 07 3 35 201
County :  | |  +---- Kaiserslautern {KL}
RegBez :  | +------- Rheinhessen-Pfalz
Land   :  +--------- Rheinland-Pfalz
ZIP    : 66894
Popul  : 802
Locat  : (Kaiserslautern) 49d27m N 7d46m E
Maps   : TK25  6512 Kaiserslautern
         TK50 L6512 Kaiserslautern
         Euro  He52

Lambsborn, Eichelscheiderhof and Kottelbach are all within a few miles of
one another in the Palatinate, (now Rhineland-Pfalz, Germany).
HOLLINGERs in this part of the Pfalz came from Canton Aargau, Switzerland in
the period after the end of the thirty years war (1648) and about 1720.
>From the Pfalz, many emigrated to PA in the middle of the 18th Century and
some of my connections immigrated to Waterloo Co., Ontario in the middle of
the 19th Century.

My name is Glen Brunskill from Burlington, Ontario, Canada.  I use to be a
member of the list and made a fair number of postings from a few different
e-mail addresses.  Anyway I haven't been doing anything with my HOLLINGERs
for a year or so as some of my other lines were demanding too much of my
time.  I had found that progress on the HOLLINGERs was in one of those
difficult stages, lots of work and little progress.   Quite recently I have
made contact with some "new" cousins and today I decided to rejoin the list.
One of the reasons for doing this is that I have misfiled my copy of:
!Source:  HKH "HOLLINGER SAGAS" of 1955  Excerpts from our first Historian's
Manuscript - see Pastor Wilhelm (HOLLINGER) Page 20
and someone has asked me for a copy of the HOLLINGER SAGAS as they relate to
the Eichelscheiderhof HOLLINGERs.  Does someone on the list have a copy that
they could copy for us?  As I recall Sonnie copied it for quite a few list
members sometime in 1999 but I would hate to ask her again.
People working on my line HOLLINGERs are relatively lucky as Henry Kline
HOLLINGER (b 1897, sometimes referred to as HKH) included quite a few quotes
from someone he called "Pastor Wilhelm" HOLLINGER "our first historian".
>From the context I had assumed that "Pastor Wilhelm" was, or had lived in PA
or Ohio but thanks to some work by Franz SCHNEIDER.(Hi Franz) and Wilf MOLL
(Hi Wil), I think that we have been able to track him down in Bad
Bergzabern, Pfalz. Here is my work in progress version of HKH's Pastor
Friedrich Wilhelm HOLLINGER's Ahnentafel.

Comments on Pastor Wilhelm's Ahnentafel would be welcomed.

Regards, Glen Brunskill

                     AHNENTAFEL CHART             5 Apr 2001
                           1st GENERATION

         1 Friedrich Wilhelm HOLLINGER-21706: b 7 Jul 1867 Gleishorbach,near
           Bergzabern,Pfalz,Germany; d Aft 1931 of Bad ,Bergzabern
                           2nd GENERATION

         2 Wilhelm HOLLINGER-17442: b 29 Aug 1841 Eichelscheiderhof,,near
           Waldmohr,Pfalz; m 26 Oct 1865 ,[near Waldmohr],Pfalz,Germany; d
           of Gleishorbach
         3 Katharina WENDEL-21428: b Abt 1844 [Eichelscheiderhof],near
                           3rd GENERATION

         4 Karl HOLLINGER-17443: b 22 May 1810 Eichelscheiderhof,near
           Pfalz; m 27 Nov 1838 Waldmohr,,Pfalz,Germany; d 5 Jul 1880
         5 Elizabeth KAERTH-17495: b 4 Apr 1820 Bruchmuehlenbach,,Pfalz,
           Germany; d 5 Jun 1858 ,,Pfalz,Germany
                           4th GENERATION

         8 Johannes HOLLINGER-17446: b Abt 1759 Eichelscheiderhof,near
           Waldmohr,Pfalz; m Abt 1780 [Waldmohr],Pfalz,Bayern,Germany; d of
         9 Charlotte NEUREUTHER-17496: b Abt 1760 [Waldmohr],Pfalz,Bayern,
           Germany; d 22 Oct 1848 Jaegersburg,Pfalz,Bayern,Germany
                           5th GENERATION

        16 Johann Heinrich HOLLINGER-832: c 13 Jul 1721
           Germany; m 27 Jan 1747 Krottelback,,Pfalz,Germany; d 24 Sep 1793
           Eichelscheiderhof (BA. Homburg),Bayern,Germany
        17 Margaretha DAUBER*-17457: b Abt 1725 ,,Pfalz,Germany; d Aft 24 Sep
           1793 of Eichelscheiderhof,Pfalz,Germany

*see update on DAUBER below
                           6th GENERATION

        32 Samuel HOLLINGER-8960: b Abt 1680 [Wiesbach],[Pfalz],[Bayern],
           [Germany]; m Abt 1703 ,[Pfalz],[Bayern],[Germany]; d Aft 1721
        33 Saren BOLLINGER-8961: b Abt 1685 [Lambsborn],[Pfalz],[Bayern],
           [Germany]; d Aft 1721 [Lambsborn],Pfalz,Bayern,Germany
                           7th GENERATION

        64 HOLLINGER-8483: b ,,[Aargau],Switzerland

"Glen Brunskill" <> (APRIL, 2001

           "Glen Brunskill" <>

I think that this Samuel HOLLI(N)GER and Sara (see below) may be the same
Samuel HOLLINGER and Sara that lived with their ten children in Lambsborn,
Pfalz, Germany after about 1718.  Anna Sara HOLLINGER, their oldest child,
was born in 1704.

I had Sara's surname as BOLLINGER but now suspect that PETER is correct.

I am working on a couple of leads and wonder if anyone can help me with the
following place names:  Gontenschwil, Retterswil and Gunterswiler.  I
suspect that these places are all in Canton Aargau, Switzerland. I have
tried my usual map sites etc. but no luck.  I assume that they are near
Leutwil, Boniswil and Seengen in the Aargau (about 40 km east of Zurich)

I really must get a larger scale map of that area!

Any help would be appreciated as some primary records from "Gontenschwil"
would be a big leap backwards (I hope)!

Regards, Glen Brunskill, Burlington ON

PS  I see that some pages of a church book manuscript are in the FHL

!Source: Family Search International Genealogical Index v4.01
 Continental Europe
    Samuel HOLLIGER
 Sex:  M
 Birth:  Abt. 1673
  Of Gontenschwil, Aargau, Switzerland
 Spouse:  Sara PETER
 Source Information:
  Film Number: 449504
 Page Number: 0023
 Reference Number:  73317
Film or fiche number:
Film/fiche search results:
Endowments for the dead, 1955-1970; baptisms for the dead, 1955-1970  Church
Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Swiss Temple

!Source: Family Search International Genealogical Index v4.01
 Continental Europe
    Samuel HOLLIGER
 Sex:  M
 Spouse:  Sara PETER
 Marriage:  2 Dec 1702
  <of Gotenschwil>, Aargau, Switzerland
 Source Information:
  Film Number: 455439
 Page Number:
 Reference Number:
Film or fiche number:
Film/fiche search results:
Sealings for the dead, couples and children (includes some living spouses
children) 1943-1970; heir indexes, 1943-1968  Church of Jesus Christ of
Latter-day Saints. Logan Temple

GLEN, wonder if this party would know. marie, iowa

Dear Bob,

Thankyou very much for your response to my post.

I am away from home on business this week and have been a little tied up
(along with trouble getting on the internet while on the road).

Thanks for locating Gontenschwil for me.  I had looked it up in the Family
History Catalogue before and found some references to a church record
(photocopied pages of such a church record, however not a full microfilm of
the existing record).  Unfortunately for me it is in a book form rather than
microfilm so I guess I will have to go to Salt Lake City (or maybe
to have a look.

"Title:  Kirchenbuch, 1558-1761
Authors:  Evangelisch-Reformierte Kirche Gontenschwil (Aargau) (Main Author)
Notes:  Manuskript (Photocopie).  Inhalt: Teil 1. Gontenschwil im
Allgemeinen. Gontenschwil in Zahlen. Zetzwil. Taufen, 1727-1761 -- Teil 2.
Taufen, 1558-1560, 1561, 1582-1585, 1605, 1607-1608, 1625, 1638-1640
1672-1674, 1682-1684, 1695-1697, 1705-1708, 1720-1722.  Photocopy of
selected pages of baptismal entries from the church books of Gontenschwil.
Includes introductory material. Donated by Charles S. Laubly.
Subjects:  Switzerland, Aargau, Gontenschwil - Church records
Call Number  Location
949.451/G1 K29e  FHL INTL Large Q Book
949.451/G1 K29e pt. 2  FHL INTL Large Q Book
Format:  Manuscript
Language:  German
Physical:  [59] Bl.
Subject Class:  949.451/G1 K29"

> > I suspect that these places are all in Canton Aargau, Switzerland. I
> > tried my usual map sites etc. but no luck.  I assume that they are near
> > Leutwil, Boniswil and Seengen in the Aargau (about 40 km east of Zurich)
> >
> Canton Argau is west and north of Zurich.

You are quite right.  I meant to say West rather than East.  Leutwil,
Boniswil and Seengen are about 40 km west of Zurich and according to the
route planner it is 5.2 km (just over 3 miles) to go from Leutwil to Seengen
via Boniswil by road.

As for the Temple sealing records and endowments for the dead (especially
those from the periods before extensive microfilming of originals), that has
been my experience as well.  This type of record is excellent as a lead but
the information is not always very accurate.  As you note, Retterswil and
Gunterswiler don't seem to exist while Gontenschwil does have records in the
Family History catalogue.

Thanks very much for you help.

Glen Brunskill

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Subject: Re: [PF-L] HOLLINGER s / HOLLIGER s, Boniswil, Aargau and Lambsborn
area, Pfalz

> ...
> Looking in  the Swiss Railway and bus timetables I found:
> Gontenschwil: 15 KM SSE of Aarau and 20 Km NNW of Luzerne in Canton
> Argau
> Retterswil:  I think you mean Rupperswil 6 KM ENE of Aarau
> Gunterswiler: I found a Ganterswill about 10 KM N of Wattwill in Canton
> St. Gallen.  Probably is  really Gontenschwil.
>   ...

       "Glen Brunskill" <>
Subject:  [PF-L] Nepoleonic Calendar

Can anyone confirm the following date conversion?

"The 13th day of Messidor the 8th year of the French Republic (2 Jul 1799?)
indicating that he was born the day before 1 Jul 1799 at 2 in the

Does anyone know of a site for converting from the Napoleonic Calendar?

Regards,  Glen Brunskill

!Source:  film 416098  Civil Registration of Schonenburg
   The first four documents on the film relate to the marriage of Charlotte
   Trautman and George Hollinger  3 Aug 1823.  Included in the documents are
   a copy of the civil birth registration of George at Waldmor on the 13th
   of Messidor the 8th year of the French Republic (2 Jul 1799?) indicating
   that he was born the day before 1 Jul 1799 at 2 in the afternoon.  His
   parents were Samuel Hollinger farmer and Elizabeth Zimmer.  Elizabeth has
   died by the time of George's marriage.

       "W. David Samuelsen" <>
Subject:  Re: [PF-L] Nepoleonic Calendar

the answer is 2 July 1800 - I checked the booklet I have.


           Boniswyl HOLLINGERs
           Thu, 5 Jul 2001 18:35:35 -0600
           Thu, 5 Jul 2001 20:37:00 -0400
           "Glen Brunskill" <>

Hi Craig (and Donna and List),

I visited your web site and see we have a connection (I think!).
Congratulations, I really liked your site and the commentary.


     Christopher HOLLINGER-21588

     is the 7th cousin 4 generation(s) removed

     of Glen Eric BRUNSKILL-1

     Their common ancestor is

     Junghans HOLLIGER-17158

That would be Christopher HOLLINGER (b 1785 - d 1859) and Junghans HOLLIGER
(b 1510 - d  ?  ).  As usual, I still have a lot of work to do to better
document my line back to Heini HOLLIGER (b 1426).

At the moment I am working on the theory that my Samuel HOLLINGER (b abt
1673 - d aft 1721 Lambsborn, Pfalz, Germany) is the Samuel HOLLINGER (b 1673
Gotenschwil, Aargau, Switzerland - d ?) that married Sara PETER 2 Dec 1702,
<Gotenschwil>.   I see from your web site that you have been to Boniswyl and
wondered if you visited the local archive for records of the period.  Can
you tell me the name of the local archive and give me the contact
information if you have it?  At this point I haven't figured out which is
the relevant archive.

Regards, Glen Brunskill, Burlington, Ontario.

Ref:   From Family Search
Switzerland, Aargau - Archives and libraries
Switzerland, Aargau, Lenzburg - Archives and libraries
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Subject: Re: HOLLINGER-D Digest V01 #49

> No I have not written to the Irish Hollingers
> I just got our geneology page on the web, at the address below.  Our
> Hollinger line, and probably yours as well, started in Hovil Bonisvil in
> Canto Argaau outside of Zurich
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> > My Hollingers came from Northern Ireland, probably County Down or
> > I'm planning to write (snail) several Hollinger names there I've
> > from yellowpages and other sources.  Before I do and possibly impose
> > unnecessarily on these people, I wondered if any of you have already
> so
> > and with what results.

       "Glen Brunskill" <>
Subject:  [PF-L] Re: Krahenberg & Quirnbach

Hi Kathy  (Ralf and List),

Further to Ralf's answer and my post of last Saturday (22 Sep 2001) I went
looking for Krahenberg.  I suspected that it had to be somewhere near Miesau
and located what I take to be your Krahenberg about 10 km south of Miesau.
This Krahenberg is located about 20 km south of Quirnbach.about 4 km SSE of
Lambsborn and less than a km east of Wiesbach.  My HOLLINGERs lived in
Wiesbach in the early part of the 18th century before moving on to
Eichelscheiderhof just a couple of km north west of Lambsborn about the
period your VOLLMARs were in Krahenberg.

Regards, Glen Brunskill

> Hi Frank,
> Good to see your still looking.  Do you have the name of Peter's wife?  I
> also wondered about the name of Max's wife?
> One suggestion for you would be having a look at the 1920 US Census Index.
> Even if you can't access this in Denmark there are lists that have
> lookups.
> Glen Brunskill, Burlington, Ontario

sept 22, 2002
Hi Glen,

Yes, autumn is here for sure and it is time to stay more indoor and do more

I do not have the name of Peter´s wife. Max´s wife was Danish and named
Amalie Neble.

Any internet sources concerning the 1920 Census?

Best regards,

Frank Hollinger

 I wouldn't Bet on that!
> Lots of child bearing years left here.
> they may be on the 1930 census, but, I don't have index.
> IF they stayed in this county, maybe info there.
> Best Wishes, marie, iowa

OK, I will take a look at the 1930 census.

Jan 11, 2004 DAUBER UPDATE

Hi Marie (and list),


Can you please add this to my Germany page?


While there hasn't been a lot of activity by our lines directly on

the HOLLINGER s this year, we have made some significant

progress on identifying our DAUBER ancestors over the

holiday period.  Franz Schneider passed on some information

and pointed me in the direction of work done by Willy Knerr

on the DAUBER s.  In any case, I have an update of my

FGR for Johann Heinrich HOLLINGER and Elisabetha

Margaretha DAUBER.  They spent most of their married life

in Eichelscheiderhof.   As usual this is a work in progress.




Glen Brunskill, Burlington, Ontario   11 Jan 2004


PS Both Franz and Willy are descendants of this line (as are Ruth Ann and



                                  FAMILY GROUP RECORD-484


     HUSBAND Johann Heinrich HOLLINGER-832


     BORN:                        PLACE: [Wiesbach],Pfalz,Bayern,Germany

     CHR.:   13 Jul 1721          PLACE: Lambsborn,Pfalz,Bayern,Germany

     DIED:   24 Sep 1793          PLACE: Eichelscheiderhof (Ba.Homburg),

Bayern, Germany

     BUR.:                        PLACE: Jagersburg,,Pfalz,Germany

     MARR:   Abt 27 Jan 1747      PLACE: [Oberohmbach],Pfalz,Bayern,


     FATHER: Samuel HOLLINGER-8960     PARENTS' MRIN: 552

     MOTHER: Sara PETER-8961


     WIFE    Elisabetha Margaretha DAUBER-833


     BORN:                        PLACE:

     CHR.:   15 Nov 1726          PLACE: Oberohmbach

     DIED:   Aft 24 Sep 1793      PLACE: of Eichelscheiderhof,Pfalz,Germany

     BUR.:                        PLACE: Jagersburg,,Pfalz,Germany

     FATHER: Abraham DAUBER-40662    PARENTS' MRIN: 14667

     MOTHER: Elisabetha Catherine GROSCLOS-40663




      1.  NAME: Heinrich Jakob HOLLINGER-17509

     ---- BORN: 21 Nov 1749          PLACE: Krottelbacher Hof

      M   CHR.: 27 Nov 1749          PLACE: Krottelbach,Pfalz,Bayern,Germany

          DIED: 30 Mar 1806          PLACE:


          BUR.:                      PLACE:

          SPOUSE: Sophia Christina LOCH-21378         MRIN: 6343

          MARR: 16 Aug 1786          PLACE: Wolfersweiler,Oldenburg,,Germany


      2.  NAME: Samuel HOLLINGER-638

     ---- BORN: 10 Nov 1755          PLACE: Krottelbach,Pfalz,Bayern,Germany

      M   CHR.:                      PLACE:

          DIED: 23 May 1831          PLACE: Obermiesau,Pfalz,Bayern,Germany

          BUR.:                      PLACE:

          SPOUSE: Maria Elizabeth ZIMMER-639      MRIN: 93

          MARR: 13 Jun 1786          PLACE: Oberohmbach,Pfalz,Bayern,Germany


      3.  NAME: Johannes Niklaus HOLLINGER-17445

     ---- BORN: 16 Oct 1757          PLACE: Krottelbach,Pfalz,Bayern,Germany

      M   CHR.:                      PLACE:

          DIED: 19 Jan 1831          PLACE: Ohmbach,Pfalz,Bayern,Germany

          BUR.:                      PLACE:

          SPOUSE: Katharina Magdalena KOERNER-17451     MRIN: 6325

          MARR: 15 Jan 1786          PLACE: Zwiebruken,,Pfalz,Germany


      4.  NAME: Johannes HOLLINGER-17446

     ---- BORN: 24 Mar 1760          PLACE: Krottelbacher Hof

      M   CHR.: 30 Mar 1760          PLACE: Krottelbach,Pfalz,Bayern,Germany

          DIED: 22 Oct 1848          PLACE: Eichelscheiderhof,Pfalz,Bayern

          BUR.:                      PLACE:

          SPOUSE: Charlotte NEUREUTHER-17496      MRIN: 2844

          MARR:  3 Mar 1788          PLACE: [Waldmohr],Pfalz,Bayern,Germany


      5.  NAME: Maria Barbara HOLLINGER-17510

     ---- BORN:  7 Oct 1762          PLACE: Krottelbach,Pfalz,Bayern,Germany

      F   CHR.:                      PLACE:

          DIED: 14 Jan 1843          PLACE: Herschweiler

          BUR.:                      PLACE:           has other marriage(s)

          SPOUSE: Jacob ZIMMER-21415            MRIN: 6344

          MARR: 18 Feb 1794          PLACE: Konken,Pfalz,Bayern,Germany


      6.  NAME: Juliana Sara Carolina HOLLINGER-17511

     ---- BORN: 25 Feb 1765          PLACE: Krottelbacher Hof

      F   CHR.:                      PLACE:

          DIED:  3 Sep 1790          PLACE: Jagersburg

          BUR.:                      PLACE:

          SPOUSE: Johann Jakob SANDER-22696    MRIN: 6345

          MARR: 17 Oct 1780          PLACE: Breitenbach,Pfalz,Bayern