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 Frederick Hess (son of Christian Hess)of
Franklin County, PA at the following URL -

1820 census - Frederick Hess, Letterkenny Twp., p. 98; John Findlay in
Chambersburg, p. 80.

7 January 1828 - Frederick Hess will, of Letterkenny, wife Cathrine; names
nephews John Lochbaum; Frederick Hess, son of John; Samuel Hess; Abraham
Hollinger; John Hollinger, son of Jacob; John Hollinger, son of Philip;
Samuel Hollinger, son of Philip; and brother-in-law, Peter Benedict.
Probated 26 August 1834. WB D:303-304. Salem Church Graveyard gives date
of death as 8 August 1834, aged 70y. 20d.

13 December 1853 - Catherina Hess will. Most of estate goes to Susanna Hess
wife of Samuel Hess; document extremely faded, others named. WB F:71.
Salem Church Graveyard gives b. 18 April 1764, d. 26 September 1854.

28 March 1855 - Benjamin Huber, Executor for Frederick Hess, late of
Letterkenny, to Francy and Lydia Peffley, 38 acres and 29 perches ;
neighbors include John Farmer, Henry Rife, Benjamin Huber and heirs of
Frederick Hess. Franklin County DB 124:511, Deed No. 770.

Jacob Hollinger who married Maria Hess also had a son Abraham.


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For Ms. Seller's Hollinger site: Dec. 1999, Nat. Gen. Soc. Qtly, page 300.
sister Mary Hess (died post 1786) wed Jacob Hollinger, her sister Elizabeth
Hess born 1758, Lancaster Co., Penn., 1779 wed Philip Hollinger, artical
gives sisters forebears in "Historical Hoodwinks, Finley-Hess Hoodwink in
Colonial Penn."

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files of my father-in-law, Robert Martin Hess, I have the parents of John Hess, b. 31 Jan
1767, d. 25 Apr 1819 as Friedrich Hess b. unknown and d. cir April 1784 in Derry Township,
Lancaster Co., PA. and wife Rachel [Surname Unknown] died abt 1786. I do not have a surname
for Catherine. The estate of Friedrich Hess was settled in June 1786 and lists the name of seven
children: Jacob Hess, Frederick Hess,John Hess, Susanna Hess m. Henry Royer, Mary Hess m.
Jacob Hollinger, Henry Hess and Elizabeth Hess m. Phillip Hollinger. This is all I have at this time.
Hope it helps.
OUR dates on FREDERICK HESS show 1828/1834? msh

on file in the Surrogates Office, City of New York

Page 11.--In the name of God, Amen. I, AUGUSTINES HESS, yeoman, of
        Burnatsfield, Tryon County, being in perfect health of body. I leave to my eldest
        son, John, for his birthright, all my blacksmith's tools. Unto my dearly beloved
        wife Anna, for life or widowhood, the possession of my lot of lowland No. 31
        for her support, if my sons, Fridrich and Conrath, should refuse to maintain her
        with every necessary thing. I appoint my said two sons to maintain my son
        Nicholas during his life, and my daughter Eva, while unable to maintain
        themselves in food, clothes, and lodging. If they refuse so to do, my executors
        are to provide the same and charge the same against my two sons; they also, are
        to pay my daughter Eva, 60, at her marriage. Unto my said two sons, my lot of
        land No. 31, where I now live; likewise my whole share of my grandfather lillos
        land of Lot No. 29; Also, the whole lot of woodland No. 31 which joins on my
        lowland; my lot No. 20 in the fire busch, all to be divided into equal shares.
        Unto my other six sons, namely: John, George, Augustines, Christian, Jost, and
        Daniel, the lot of woodland Nos. 12, 54, 67 and 100, all in southermost tract,
        No. 7 in middle tract; to be divided equally. Unto my sons, Conrath, Jost, and
        Daniel, each a horse and a cow. Unto my daughter Anna, a cow and a feather
        bed, and 60 to be provided by my two sons, Frederick and Conrath. The
        remainder of my moveable estate to be equally divided between all my children,
        John, Frederick, George, Augustines, Nicholas, Christian, Conrath, Daniel, Jost,
        Elizabeth, Catharine, Anna, and Eva. The wagons, plows, harrows, and chaise
        to go to my sons, Frederick, Conrath, and Daniel. I make my sons, John,
        Augustines, Christian, and Frederick, executors.

        Dated May 29, 1779. Witnesses, Christian Schell, 

Page 416.--In the name of God, Amen. I, HENRY HERCKHEIMER, of
        Burnets field, German Flatts district, Tryon County, being in perfect health of
        body. My true and lawful wife Catharine to remain in possession of the cattle,
        and all my moveables, while my widow. At her remarriage, she is to have an
        equal share of the same with all my children. Unto my eldest son, Hon Yost,
        twenty shillings in right of primogeniture. Should he become heir to the estate of
        my father, Hon Yost Herckheimer, now in the possession of my brother John,
        he to have 100 acres of Bushland, left me by my father, along with the said
        estate; if he is not my father's heir, then he to have one-third part of 1,000 acres
        at the lake Coneadrago, part of a patent granted to George Croughan, along
        with his brothers, George and Abraham. Unto my son Nicholas, 200 acres
        between Peter S. Deygarts and the Indian castle in Conajoharie district. Unto
        my two sons, Abraham and George, equal shares of the aforementioned 1,000
        acres, with their brother, Hon Yost; but should he be heir to the estate of my
        brother John, as mentioned before, then the 1,000 acres shall be divided
        between my three sons, Abraham, George, and Henry. Unto my five daughters,
        Catharine, Elizabeth, Magdalene, Anna and Gertrude, 1,000 acres, being half
        the 2,000 acres in Croughan's patent at the lake Coneadrago, at the lower end
        of said lake, in equal shares. Should there be any costs or charges on said lands,
        the children to pay such charges levied on their respective portions. My eldest
        son, Hon Yost, is not to share in my cattle or other moveables, as he has had his
        share. I make my true and trusty friends, Ritcul Bligart, of he City of Albany, attorney at law, and my two sons, Hon Yost and Nicholas,

        Dated August 17, 1778. Witnesses, Peter Bellinger, of the little falls in said
        County, yeoman; Johannes Hess, Isaac Johnson. Proved, September 9, 1783.