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Indexes online at , 1737 to 1800.  This
newspaper may have information on families in Northern Ireland (Ulster).  The index
is a little slow, and I've had problems getting it to work at times-keep trying.

Jett Hanna

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Abstracts of Irish Wills (First Series), Volume 1." March, Cambridgeshire:
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Jan 2005

brian magaoidh []

Hi all.

I came across the following from an old book dealing with Belfast, which some of you might find interesting:

 In Old Belfast: Memories of a Great-Great- Grandfather (1740-1760) by L.R.Crescent.

[Belfast, Printed by W.& G. Baird, Limited, Royal Avenue, 1924.]   

 Re: 1756 Hunger Riots in Belfast:


‘ A committee found that the chief authors, promoters, and ringleaders were Alexander Kennedy, John Brown, George Kerr, Collins Burns, Alexander M’Mullan, Edward Mitchell, Patrick Burns, James Quey, John Alexander, David Miller, James Hannah, Patrick Loan (in custody) William Muggerland, John Scott, James Dornan, James M’Dowell (in custody), Leathos M’Mullan, John Taylor……..The rest against whom examinations are lodged and whom they are desirous to be admitted to bail are:- Patrick Thomson, John Gribbin, Richard Moore, younger, John M’Ilroy. James Fish, John M’Mullan, Paul Alexander, Daniel M’Neil, Joseph Hollinger, John M’Crory, Patrick McGladdery, William Warnock, William Venables (in custody), Samuel Dinnen, John M’Mechan, George Bryan, Daniel M’Fee, and George Taylor.’’(page 74).




            "James A. Miller, Jr." <>

The 1776 Poll Book of the freeholders of Co. Antrim, Ireland, lists Francis
Hollinger of Aghavary Grange and Ballyscullion Grange.  Jim, Charlotte,

        Eileen Carson <>


Surname: Hollinger, Kerr, Forsythe, Moore

Hi Jim
I've only just found out yesterday that my g g grandmother was Jane
who married William Kerr and was mother of Robert and (I believe) John
Kerr. The only Jane I can find was in Aghavary, but I will have to do a
lot of research before I can verify this.
Keep in touch

        Eileen Carson <>
    :   GC-County Antrim Ireland Queries
Subject:  Hollingers Belfast

Surname: Hollinger, Kerr, Forsythe, Moore

Hi Donna
Can you run your query past me? I'm also looking for Hollingers about this
date in or around Belfast. In particular the family of one Jane Hollinger
my gg grandmother whose alliance (no proof of marriage as yet) with a Wm
Kerr, produced at least 2 sons Robert Cameron Kerr b 1860 (my g
and John. John emigrated to Canada around 1880/90.

Subject:  [IRL-ANTRIM] Ballymena Parish Records #4

              From: Bette Kosmolak
              Subject: Ballymena Parish Records #4

              My notes in [ ]

              Ballyemena Parish Records, Antrim, Irln. (Kirkinriola)  film
# 0990408
              19 Mar 1822 Alexander, son of Robert AULD & Eliza
              18 ? 1822 [can't read name], son of Joseph MACHESNEY & Sarah

              [Jan?] 182? ?ohn, son of Jo? & Jane Co? [something short like
              ? 1821  ?ly [Lily?], dau of John WILLIAMSON
              27 Feb 1824 Mary, dau of John WILLIAMSON & Peggy LA [Lamont?]
              31 May 1822 John, son of Patrick BEST & Mary
              20 Nov 1824 Margaret, dau of Patrick BEST & Mary
              17 Nov 1822 Margaret, dau of John FINLAY & Sarah HANNA
              23 Feb 1823 Jane, dau of Francis McKEOWN & Nancy WILSON
              11 May 1823 Mary, dau of John HAMILTON & Mary MELOY [McCoy?]
              5 Oct 1823 Jane, dau of James MEEK & Catherine CONWAY
              5 Oct 1823 David, son of Francis GORDON & Elizabeth HOLLINGER
              2 Mar 1823 Janne, dau of David HEANEY & Rebecca BOYD
              1 Jun 1823 George, son of Joseph CAROTHERS, Soldier, & Mary
              26 Oct 1823 Jane, dau of Charles McLURE & Margaret SPENCE
              2 Nov 1823 Robert Mark, son of James McCREADY & Elizabeth

            "Craig Harlan Hullinger AICP" <>

No I have not written to the Irish Hollingers

I just got our geneology page on the web, at the address below.  Our
Hollinger line, and probably yours as well, started in Hovil Bonisvil in
Canto Argaau outside of Zurich

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Sent: Monday, July 02, 2001 10:10 AM
Subject: Re: HOLLINGER-D Digest V01 #49

> My Hollingers came from Northern Ireland, probably County Down or Antrim.
> I'm planning to write (snail) several Hollinger names there I've gathered
> from yellowpages and other sources.  Before I do and possibly impose
> unnecessarily on these people, I wondered if any of you have already done
> and with what results.

       "lucygilbert" <>
Subject:  [IP] Waschow/warshaw/

HI:  This group helped me greatly with hollingers.  I now have a man named David
Waschow (Warshaw) who first appears in Mississippi in 1826, is naturalized in Adams
Co MS in 1828.  He appears in the Census of 1840 in Franklin County Ms and died in
1844.  He was close to Lewis Michael Hollinger; he had no children and left his
estate to Hollinger.

Does this name ring a bell with anyone?  I know that he spoke German; he owned land
and was a merchant.  Is this a likely Palatine name?  Bavarian?  any suggestions
would be greatly appreciated.   Kate


I'm looking for William Hollinger, b. Down, possibly Newtownards, May 15, 1815. He and wife, Margaret Anne Duell, b. Ireland, Nov. 12, 1820, migrated to Canada about 1842. Samuel is a recurring name in this family. Do you have any ancestors for your Samuel?
Donna Kroschel