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JACOB  1701-1782

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   Lancaster Co PA Will Book D Vol 1 p 107
Lancaster Co PA borough of Lancaster
Jacob Hollinger, weaver, dated 10 Nov 1778-proved 19 Dec 1782
bequeath to present loving wife Anne Elizabeth - lot on Wine Street
with dwelling
Item if one or other of my brothers and sisters object; or the brothers
sisters of my late wife object including any other relative - make a
claim then they to be given 1 shilling Sterling
Everything else to be given to wife Anne Elizabeth and her heirs
Anne Elizabeth his wife names as Executrix
Witnesses Geo. Leitner, Frederick Mellinger, and ---[initials possibly J G

proved 19 Dec 1782


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             Shirley Robinette <>

Re:Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage-Vol X No 1 Jan 1987-page 18/19
John Jacob Hollinger may be the Jac. Hollinger cited on the 1756 Warwick
Township tax list and who received his warrant September 23, 1752. He was
baptized February 20, 1701, and was of the Reformed Faith. Both of his
wives were Mennonites. He had eleven children, three of whom-Adam (H6),
George (H7), and Ann (H9)-remained in the Elizabeth Township area. His
homestead was patented to Adam Hollinger (H6).

H John Jacob Hollinger ca 1701-1782
  m. (1)Elizabeth Esterli
  m. (2) Anna Kuster
H6 ADAM Hollinger, Oct 20, 1753-1826. Lived in Warwick Twp. His property
lay south adjacent to that of Christian Greybeil. No deed could be found.
However, after Adam died the heirs had the option of keeping or selling
plantation, which by this time had grown to 140 acres. It was subsequently
acquired by a Graybill family. Barbara died before Adam, and they were
buried on their farm, but their tombstones have been obliterated. Adam
served in the Revolutionary War. His will was written Feb. 27, 1826 and
probated May 20, 1826. Their children were baptized at the Evangical
Lutheran Church at Warwick."

M. Barbara Rusch/Reiz b; Sept 28 1775 baptized at the Evangical Lutheran
Church Warwick Church.

Katherine Hollinger b: March 17, 1775 marr: John Thumma
Elizabeth Hollinger b: Jan 15 1777-25 Mar 1859
                    m: John Koehler (K5) Aug 16 1773-Jan 2, 1857
Barbara Hollinger b: Nov 29, 1778
                  m: Christian Habecker
Anna Hollinger b 28 Nov 1780
               m. David Singer
Maria Hollinger b: March 12, 1782
                m:Daniel Greybil
Magdalena Hollinger b: Jan 15, 1784
                    m: John Gottshall
Jacob Hollinger b: April 4 1786
George Hollinger b: April 4, 1786
John Hollilnger b: 25 July 1788
                m: Rosina Greiner
Margaret Hollinger b: Nov 21, 1790
                   m: Phillip Greiner
Adam Hollinger b: May 10, 1792
               m: Barbara Kauffman Buckwalter
#H7 George Hollinger b: April 6, 1757-Dec 6, 1833; weaver and perhaps a
artist. Lived in Elizabethtown; served in the Revolutionary War. his tract
of land lay adjacent to that of Jacob Stauffer. He and his wife were
in the Reyer (Old Zion Cemetery) m: Margaret Lehner
Will #H-I-378 Lancaster
Deed O-2-908 This deed of Adam Hollinger refers to a different loacation.
Will Y-2-316 Lancaster

Reference Source: Hollinger,Hullinger, Holinger, Holliger, Holiger,
hollingerus by Henry Kline Hollinger 1959
Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage-Vol X No1 Jan 1987  (ver batum)
                 m:Daniel Grebil

             Egles Notes and Queries - Hollinger Family

             Debbie Hogue <>

Thought this might help someone, taken exactly as it appears.
Debbie Drake Hogue

Article taken from Notes and Queries Edited by William Henry
Egle           (Pennsylvania)

Family of Hollinger
(From an adjoining State we have the following information and

        Jacob Hollinger, who died in 1781 or 82 in Lebanon county,
Pennsylvania; m. Anna Barbara Stackhouse, b. about 1740 and who came
from England.  Their children were:

1.  Thomas, the oldest; living near the Conewago; had a son Seth, and a
daughter Catherine, who m. ------- Gruber.

2.   Joseph, of Reading Furnace, one of whose daughters, Eliza, married

3.   Daniel, whose children were Catherine, Margaret, Barbara and

4.   Elizabeth, b. 1761 m.Thomas Hampton; their daughter, Sarah m.
------ Dunbar and had three children: Sarah, m. Isaiah Fraim; Samuel, m.
Miss Boyd, and Eliza, m. Walter Bell, of Dauphin Co.

5.   Catharine; b. 1764; m. William Sullivan, who d. about 1794; their
children were: Solomon, John, Sarah and Elizabeth; Sarah m. Henry Kremer
and had six children, viz: William, Martin, Maria, Catharine, Ann, Sarah
m. --------McDonal, and Lydia m. Jeremiah Dougherty, of Lebanon;
Elizabeth m. --------Ramsey and had Daniel, John, Catharine, Sara, Ann
and James.

6.   Anna Barbara; b. 1774; d. Oct. 24, 1857; m. John Shay, b. 1774 or
75 d. July 16, 1846; their children were: Thomas, who m. Catharine
Snavely and had seven children; Elizabeth, m. P. Friel and had three
children, Ann; Mary, m. Walter Clark, left no issue; Samuel, m. Ann
Porter, and lived at Mr. Joy, Pa., where one daughter now lives; Wm.
Coleman, m. Lucinda Thomas, and left decedents; Cyrus; and Charles
Wesley, who both died in infancy.  Sarah, m. George Atkins, and has four

        Thomas Shay, brother of John Shay , who m. Anna Barbara Hollinger,
ensign in Captain Fisher's company, 5th Battalion, 1st Brigade, Penna.
Militia, under Major McFarland, September 1, 1814, to March 5, 1815.

        1.   Jacob Hollinger has a brother Christian.  Was he also a
brother of

        2.   What connection, if any, is there with the following:
Hollinger naturalized in Lancaster county in 1760?  Daniel Hollinger,
who was in Peter Grubb's company of Warwick township, Lancaster county,
during the early part of the Revolutionary War?  Jacob Hollinger, who
was on the assessment list of Lebanon county in 1750?  Nicholas
Hollinger, who was 2d Lieut. In 8th Co., of Col. Greenawalt's Battalion
in the fall of 1775?

        3.   Who were the parents of Jacob Hollinger?

        4.  Can any one give information as to John Shay's ancestry?

ShirleyRobinette <>

Folk Lore Society Publication Vol 1-121
states Jac Hollinger-Waldmohr with wife & child for America 1736
Tobias Custard was father of Anna who married Jac Hollinger (married by
1736) signed Tobias Custard Intestate 1755

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 I am not sure how many of the HOLLINGER connections that subscribe to the
> list would know of Waldmohr so I thought that I would add a little
> description.
>  Waldmohr is a district in the Palatinate (Pfalz) in what is now
> Rhineland-Pfalz in Germany.  My HOLLINGER families also came from this
> to Canada, albeit starting about 1840 rather than 1736.  There were not a
> lot of HOLLINGERs in the Waldmohr district in the early 18th century.
> (all?) had moved there from Switzerland sometime after the depopulation
> caused by the 30 Years War (say starting 1650).  If someone is interested
> in following up on this particular lead, I would suggest that they start
> the parish records of Lambsborn.  My HOLLINGER family was in that parish
> that time.  I have not got a Jacob HOLLINGER / Anna CUSTARD marriage in
> data but except for the fact that the recording is all done in the old
> German script the records are quite legible and extensive.
> My line at that period is Johann Heinrich HOLLINGER born 1721 Lambsborn,
> son of Samuel and Saren.  I have only located one brother Johann Conrad
> HOLLINGER born 1719, Lambsborn.
> Regards,
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