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I desc, Irish Adam Hollinger of 1770s Hollinger's Island, Mobile, Ala.
Desc. Christan Allison of 1600s Boston, Mass., died N.H., wed Hon.
Fryer.  Do not know who her parents were. Jim

I desc 1780s Adam Hollinger of Hollinger's Island, Mobile, Ala., Irish
Palatine. Also interested in Titus, William, and Absolum Hollinger of
Ireland to 1770s Georgia.  Do you have a Hollinger contact in Ireland?Jim

Adam Hollinger of 1770s Hollinger's Iland, Mobile, Ala., wed Elizabeth
Moniac, daughter of Creek Chief Samuel Moniac, Sr.  Their desc Allen
Uriah, Ala.,   I desc French Kaskaskia Illini wife
Marie Josephine Juzan Hollinger.  In 1815 her daughter Margaret Hollinger
wed Col.Gilbert Christan Russell, Sr., and had my Mrs. Ann Maria Russell
Malone. Jim

The Penn. Adam Hollingers seem to be German Menonite.  My Adam was from
Ireland.  Jim

What is the fate of Connie Jo Leary, 1970s U.S. Army Intelligence,
then one of the most informed early U.S. Hollinger researchers?  What is
fate of her extensive Hollinger archives?  Adam Hollinger descendants may
wish to go to