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Joy and Bill Henning <>

 Would like to jump in for a while with the Hollinger researchers
but am new to the scene and can't figure out how to get to the Hollinger
list to subscribe.  I have been looking over all old messages and would
like to contribute some of my information and find out who else is
interested in Hollinger/Lenhart/Unger families.

I descend from Capt. Christian Hollinger/Eva Foltz
  2-Johannes Nicholas Unger b. 20 Aug 1759
  +Catherine Hollinger
    3-John W. Unger b. ca 1790 1828
     +Nancy Meeks (not proved)
      4-Nicholas Unger b. 1824
        +Sarah Ann Bohrer (can't document)
          5-William Young Unger b.1858
           +Fannie Gillum Marston b.1862
            6-Edward Tilden Unger b. 1895
              +Edith Henry b. 1897
                7-Herber Y. Unger b. 1921
                  +Elizabeth Hallman b. 1921
                   8-Joy Unger b. 1942

All of my Ungers stayed in Morgan County, WVA, formerly Berkeley County,
Virginia until my father moved to Washington D.C. and later to Fla. and
Arkansas.  Most of my information comes from old notes I located from
Henry Kline Hollinger.  Would love to find out how to get a copy of his
1959 book.  Is it available?

I have some theories on those Lancaster County Hollinger/Unger baptisms.
I spent a year in PA recently and did a lot of research  at the PA State
Library.  Here are my very dubious conclusions.  Would love some

It is assumed that Johannes Unger and Christian Hollinger came over in
1743 on the same ship (Henry Kline Hollinger).  The ship's register
proves that may be the case.  Is it possible that Johannes (some Unger's
think he was Johannes George Unger) had a first wife Maria Catharine,
possible Anna Maria Catharine Wider?  "John Unger, son of Valentine,
married Maria Catharine Wider from White Oaks, daughter of John Michael
Wider, 4 March 1746" Reithers Reformed, Brickerville, Lancaster PA.

They then had at least three children:
  1-John George Unger 1748 m.  Anna Maria Geiger
   2- Maria Elizabeth b.1771

 "John George Unger wf Anna Maria Geiger dau baptized 13 Jan 1771 - sps
John Unger & Eva grandparents" Manheim Reformed Church, Lancaster PA

   2-son George Michael b. 14 Jul 1772 "George Unger,wife Anna Marie,
son born 14 July 1772" Manheim Reformed Church, Lancaster Co.

 1-Anna Elizabeth b. 8 Jan 1753

 "Johannes Unger, wife Anna Catharine, daughter Anna Elizabeth" Cocalico
Reformed Church, Lancaster Co.

 1 John Unger b. 23 March 1755 (see notes) m. Anna Christine Baehr

      2. Catharine b. 9 Dec. 1781

"Johannes Unger. W. Christiana dau Catharine, sps. Johannes Nick Unger,
w. Catharine" Emanuel Lutheran , Lancaster Co. (Johannes Nick Unger
would be sponsor for his half-brother's child)

   2. Christina b. 26 May 1785

"Johannes Unger w. Christina, daughtr Christina. sps Christian Hollinger
w. Eva"  White Oaks, Lancaster Co.

   2. daughter (not named) b. 9 Dec. 1787 (can't find my record on this
one) sp. Johannes Nick, wf. Catharine

   2. Elizabeth b. 1 July 1789 d. 11 April 1842 (see notes)

   2. Johann b. 16 Dec. 1791 d. 30 March 1823 (see notes)

I think that son John Unger and wife Anna Christine Baehr moved to
Franklin Co. PA.   There were some Ungers who passed through Dauphine
Co. but I can't fit them in.

Notes: (a)  "American Rev. Soldiers of Franklin Co. PA"  John Unger,
served as private in Lancaster Co. PA 1778-79 & 17811-82.  Born Mrch 23,
1755, d. March 19 1825.  Wife Christiana. B. Nov 19, 11751, d. Oct. 20,
1831.  Came from Warwick Twp, Lancaster Pa. Buried in Lutheran Church
graveyrd, st. Thomas PA.  Will 1823 names wife Christena, grandson John
Coyner, da. Elizabeth Swaggert.  Lived in Peters Twp., Franklin Co.

(b) Franklin Co. Cemeteries -Chambersburg, PA.  St. Thomas Lutheran

Johannes Unger 1755-March 19, 1825 years 70-0-0
Christina wife  Nov. 19, 1751 Oct. 20, 1831  79-11-11
Elizabeth, dau of J & C 1 July 1789, 11 April 1842
Johann, son of J & C 16 Dec. 1791, 30 Mar, 1823  31-3-2

(I have seen these tombstones)

(c)  Marriage of John Unger to Anna Christine Baehr "John Unger, son of
John Unger, m. Anna Christine Baehr 13 Mar, 1779" Reithers Reformed Ch.
I don't know if George also followed his brother to Franklin County. The
census records may support that but I haven't followed up on it.

(d) Marriage of Anna Maria Geiger to George Unger "George Geiger of
Warwick Twp. died 1779, da. Anna Maria m. George Unger."  Engles Notes
Vol ll p. 139

There is also a strange entry which I have been trying to fit into this
picture.  Did Johannes Unger and maybe 2nd wife Eva Lenhart have a son
Valentine in 1771?  "John Unger and wf Eva son Valentine, b. 6 Oct
1771"  Reithers Reformed, Lancaster County PA.  If Johnannes Unger was
born in 1701 as some Unger's suggest then that seems unlikely.

Am interested in what you know about Lenharts (Eva's family). Henry
Kline Hollinger suggested that she was the daughter of Nicholas Lenhart,
brother of Johnnes Peter but I can't prove that.

Hope I have not rambled on too much.  I know this is too much
information to put out on the Internet but I wanted to run it by you and
get your opinion and also have you correct any of my assumptions.

Please tell me how to subscribe.   Joy

Sorry to be so long responding - have been out of town and have just
unsubscribed the Hollinger list as I will be gone again for a while.
I'll reconnect when I return.

I know that some of the children of Johannes Nicholas Unger/Catharine
Hollinger did head west, some to Ohio and Indiana. I have been
corresponding with Ungers from those parts.  I believe they were born in
WV and later took families away.  Which child are you talking about?
George Unger son of JN and Catharine went to Indiana and Clark County

Would like to pursue this more when I return - since I'll be in and out
until middle of summer please let me know if anything on this line
appears while I'm gone.  Thanks  Joy