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Hi:  am looking for data on Hollinger family, which I found church records
for in theEvangelisch Church in Ernstweiler, which is now part of the town
Zweibrucken in Saarland, Germany.    There is a man in Georgia, USA who
his family of Hollinger's came from Ireland.   His migrant ancestor was
named Adam Hollinger and he come to the US from Ireland sometime in the
mid-1700's, came to PA and then moved to land which became the state of
Alabama before 1820.

Is there some place where I could access by Internet a listing of the
Palantines shipped to Ireland and the dates?

Kate Mullins

KATE - will send thro our HOLLINGER DISCUSSION GROUP as we do have a few working on different areas of GERMANY.

DID your HOLLINGERS come to US?
Who, When, Where and where did they go?
WE have a Hollinger Web page with Countries/States/Names and we connect you to the area your Hollingers are.
This is a  small group - But, I'm sure they'll help if they can.
Thanks for sharing, marie, iowa

 I am looking for the location of an Evangelisch Church supposedly
located in Ernstweiler, which I am told is a section of the town of
Zweibrucken in Saarland Germany.  Members of the family will be traveling
Germany in the fall and they would like to visit that church and, if
possible, get copies of church records on the family of Michael Ludwig
Hollinger, born in 1808 and baptized at this church.   Father was Jacob
Hollinger and Mother was Catherine Alt.

I am so sorry but I am ignorant of German language so please send your
in English, if posssible.   Kate Mullins

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Lewis Hollinger came to Franklin cO Ms where he worked for another German
Immigrant.  The first man  had come to MS in 1820 or so, married, ran a
store, and in 1840 died without issue, leaving his total estate to Lewis
Hollinger.   There were several children but the only ones to survive with
issue were Lewis Jr and John D.  Hollinger.   Lewis Jr. stayed in Franklin
County: he was injured in the Civil War and died in 1880.  His grandson was
my brother-in-law, John Fielding Hollinger.  John , my brotherin-law,  was
born about 1918 and doed om 1991.    John D. Hollinger married a Meridith
girl and moved to Smackover Ark where he reared his family.  Will be glad
share what I have but it is a rather small family and they have all stayed
in one place.  Kate