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This index is from York County, Pennsylvania Church
Records of the 18th Century, Volume 1 with 400 pages and
14361 names.
  Jacob, PAYC1
  John, PAYC1
  Maria, PAYC1

  Anna Maria, PAYC1
  Valentin, PAYC1

  Anna Maria, PAYC1
  Bastian, PAYC1

             Re: Hollinger/Bohn
             Shirley Robinette <>
  At 07:19 AM 2/28/99 EST, you wrote:
>Oh, Shirley thanks so much for the information.
>My Phillip Lenhart was a brother to your Margaret Lenhart who married
>I suppose you already know that?!
>Have been to the church.  It is gorgeous.  Always our first stop when we
>back to Lancaster Co.  I have a wonderful history on it.  History was
>in a journal by Lancaster Historical Society.  Beautifully done.  We were
>lucky because the first time we visited the church it was unlocked so
>able to go in and photograph it.  It is part of Historical preservation
>Your Margaret's brother Philip married Catherine Hollinger.  Philip -
>Vet also buried at that church.
>Let me know if you want additional.  I might have.


I would like info on the Phillip Lenhart's family record. Maybe my running
into the proverbial brick wall
is I have only saw the name spelled Lehner. Maybe your info will give me a
clue to where to start searching for marriage record of Geo & Margaret's
(my grgrgrndp) son William Wesley Hollinger & Eliz Smithton.

The only info I can find on her is that she was born 1802 in Pittsburg
Alleghany Co Pa: d. 1871 Leon Iowa;
family records showing she was the wife of William Wesley & mother of my
grnf Ahymin-his brothers Smithton, Wesley,John, William & sister Mary.

William Wesley was b: 1798 Whiteoak Lancaster or Chester Co Pa.  I'm told
there are church records but do not know where to send for them. They were
in Defiance Co Ohio in the 1840/1880's before going to Iowa but cannot
any records there.

I would appreciate any info you can give me.

The Benjamin Lundy Family History=

                                        THE CHILDREN OF PHILIP LENHERT
                                        AND BARBARA HOLLINGER.

                                        Philip Lenhert, born about 1763, died
                                        January 3, 1841; married Barbara
                                        Hollinger, born January 10, 1766, died
                                        October 28, 1846. They dwelt near
                                        Ephrata, Lancaster county, Pa., and
                                        had twelve children, ten of whom left

       Sat, 29 Sep 2001 18:07:51 -0600
       Joy and Bill Henning <>
Subject:  Re: [LENHART] Nicolaus Lenhart  arrived in Phil, PA 1748


Information from a "lurker" -

I know nothing more about Nicholas Lenhart than what
you know, however, he is supposed to be my Lenhart
link and I have been trying for years to prove it.  An
early researcher of the Unger/Hollinger line said that
Nicholas was thought to be a brother of John Peter
Lenhart.  Nicholas was supposed to have a daughter,
Eva, who was the second wife of my ancestor, Johannes
Unger (Ship Phoenix 1743). Another passenger on the
ship Edinburg was Johannes Foltz, who may be the
father of Eva Dorothea Foltz who married Christian
Hollinger.  Their daughter, Catharine, married
Johannes Nicholas Unger,son of Johannes Unger.  The
Foltzs, Ungers and Hollingers seemed to stay together
and it would fit that Nicholas Lenhart was in my
family group.
Any help would be appreciated.

I would love to find out if this Lenhart connection
could be proved.  Nicholas seems to drop off the radar
screen after he arrives in this country.  The
researcher (Henry Kline Hollinger)who supplied this
information did extensive work here and in Switzerland
in the 1960's.


--- "Georgia K. Bopp" <> wrote:
> Has anyone on the loop (yo lurkers!) traced their
> line to Nicolaus Lenhart - I think he arrived in
> Phil. about a week or so before JPL did.
> If so - would you give a little more info about Nic
> - e.g., birth/death/locale/family?
> Aloha,  Georgia

       Fri, 2 Aug 2002 00:08:49 -0600
       Margaret Gonzalez <>
Subject:  [LENHART] DAR Patriot Index

One more for the sleep
This is the DAR Patriot Index - Centennial Edition
Lenhert: Lenhart
George: b c 1738 PA d a 1800 PA m Catherine --- Pvt PA
Jacob: b 11-18-1736  GR d 8-3-1793 PA m (1) Anna Maria Kuhl (2) Barbara ---
Pvt PA
Philip: b 1763 PA d 1-3-1841 PA m Barbara Hollinger Pvt PA