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    Hi, Saw your address on Roots web.  My Grandfather was a Hullinger.
Farther back they were Hollingers.
  My Gf was born in 1881 in Iowa, his father was born in 1833 Both
were named Daniel Jackson HULLINGER.  The next one back was born in
1808 and his name was Daniel HULLINGER/HOLLINGER.  Not sure really
where the spelling changed.  I know that in the AF there is a lot on
this family line, but I still have some problems.  At one time there
were three Daniel HULLINGERS in Ohio.  One of them mrd Comfort
Stanton.  I don't know for sure which one it was.
  Anyhow, was wondering if you have info on this line and if so maybe
you know something more about it.
Appreciate hearing from you.
Les in Ariz.

Hi Marie.  My grandfather left Iowa to go to South Dakota to
homestead around the turn of the century.  Then they moved on over
into Wyoming, in the Big Horn Basin.  Mostly stayed in there for that
g eneration.  Their kids have kind  of scattered.  Some back to South
Dakota, some into Calif. some stayed in Wyo.
  Hope to hear from someone on this problem with Daniel and Comfort
Les in Ariz.

Hi Marie, got your msgs. and yes This is my line of HULLINGERs.
Daniel Jackson (Dee J ) married Cora DODD in Missouri in 1903 (I
think).  They farmed in Iowas for a few years, then moved on over
into South Dakot.  So did some of his brothers and some other
relatives.  The HARVEYs are also kin and some of them went to So.
Dakota also.  DJs children were Tina, Beulah, Blanche, Ellen and Doss.
  All of these have died except Tina and Blanche.  Tina is 94 years
old and lives in Riverton Wyo. and Blanche is 90 years old and lives
in Powell, Wyoming.  Tina is my mother.  She was married 4 times (1)
to Loran LONG, (2) Harry T. MCCOY, (3) Frank ISABELL, (4) Harry T.
 She had one son Archie LONG with Loran, then with Harry she had 3
sons, Leslie Earl, Bobby Donald and Johnny Dee, then with Frank she
had one son, Frankie Tim ISABELL.
  Not sure what else you really want right now.  Let me know.
Les in Ariz.