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             Sun, 30 Jan 2000 14:58:51 EST

     I am connected to the Carter line thru marriage in the Gordy line, I
also and connected to the Titus Hollinger  from Augusta, thru marriage to
Martha Gaddy.  I too have many Wilmington, N.C. roots, I was born in
Fayetteville, N.C. my sister in Wilmington, and my mother in Burgaw, N.C. I
did a lot of Pender Co. research on my mother's side.  I was curious about
your family names from Wilm. AND if you might have something on Martha
who married Titus Hollinger.
    I did write Jimmy Carter within the last year asking information on our
connection, and though he could not find any connection from the names I
him, he sent my letter back writing on the top, that he was more familiar
with his father's line.  I have since, found out the names I gave him were
the wrong people in which we were connected, but have tracked down how we
connected.  It actually was Rosalyn's sister who married into my line.  I
have been meaning to write Mr. Carter back to let him see the connection,
I have found the correct information.  The family story was always, my
grandmother was related to Ms. Lillian. My grandmother lived in Americus,
which is not too far from Plains,Ga. and there was a story in the family
Ms. Lillian ran into a couple of the girls in the family in Plains one day
and told them she was a cousin of my 2nd Great Grandfather.
     I would be interested in getting in contact with you in reference to
Hollinger and Wilmington connections.
 Thanks, Linda


First, I apologize for this being so long, however, we are desperate and hope
someone can help.  My sister and I have searched several years for certain
information to determine if one person could be another. All of these people
show up in Chatham and Effingham Co, Savannah, Ga. and Richmond Co, Augusta
Ga, and Screvan Co. and Burke Co., Ga.  We have a James Gaddy who  wills his
property to 4 children of Martha Hollinger, namely, Muriah, Sinia, Sarah(or
Sally) and William Hollinger.  We have a Martha Andrews who married a Titus
Hollinger in 1788 or 89. We have unconfirmed Marthy Gaddy marries Titus
Hollinger.Titus Hollinger dies in 1891. We have in 1804 Marks and Brands for
Muriah Gaddy, and Sarah Gaddy and Martha Hollinger and in 1805-1806 William
      We have Martha Speirs leaves slaves  in deeds later, to her daughter
Sinia Gaddy, her daughter Murriah Gaddy Knight, whose marriage cert. names
her as Murriah Gaddy, and Sarah Womach who shows up as Sarah Gaddy marries
William Womack and  her son William Gaddy. She specifically says my
daughter... my son...
    We have tried so many scenarios, we can keep track. We want to find out
if Martha is Martha Gaddy Andrews Hollinger Spiers and if the Hollinger
children are the same as the Gaddy children.  What we need to find, if anyone
out there can direct us to where we can find this information, is the
following: (we have been unable to locate these records.
1) Chatham-Effingham Co. Deed 1 Aug 1811 Estate land of James Gaddy to
highest bidder, Martha Hollinger.
2) Sale of Estate (Land) of Martha Spiers bought by William Gaddy Between
3) Marriage Lic in Effingham-Chatham Co between 1811-1816 for Martha
Hollinger (Gaddy) to___________Spiers.
4) Chatham Co. Deed Dated 12 Sept 1820 for Levi Stevens (Stephens) to Martha
  Anyone out there who can look at this objectively and see what we can't,
please contact me.
With Regards, Linda Snow Davis

Thanks for sharing, will send thro our HOLLINGER discussion group.
AT one time a member = JIM= may not be active now?
contacted you.
He has about as much info on this family that I know. There are a couple others also, that he has contacts with that our working on this family.
I was hoping he could help you.
BUT, we will continue. marie, iowa