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Frederick Hollinger Roxbury, Norfolk, MA abt 1795 Germany


Harriot Hollinger Dracut, Middlesex, MA 1 abt 1859 Massachusetts Female




Daniel Hollinger Harriet Malden, Middlesex, MA abt 1816 Bavaria Self (Head), both parents Bavaria
Harriet Hollinger Daniel Malden, Middlesex, MA abt 1830 Maine Wife
Elizabeth Hollinger Daniel, Harriet Malden, Middlesex, MA abt 1851 Massachusetts Daughter
Harriet Hollinger Daniel, Harriet Malden, Middlesex, MA abt 1859 Massachusetts Daughter

Emily Cummery [Emily Hollinger] Gusta, Aleck Worcester, Worcester, MA abt 1850 New York Wife
Gusta Hollinger Worcester, Worcester, MA abt 1827 Germany Mother-in-law =
Aleck Cummery 40 Emily Cummery 30 Timothy Cummery 7 Alick Cummery 5 Mary Cummery 3 Emma Cummery 3M Gusta Hollinger 53




Lawerence Hollinger Hatfield, Hampshire, MA abt 1852 Massachusetts Head

Frederick Hollinger Ida Malden Ward 1, Middlesex, MA abt 1876 Germany Head
Ida Hollinger Frederick Malden Ward 1, Middlesex, MA abt 1872 Germany Wife

Elizabeth H Fiske [Elizabeth H Hollinger] Daniel, Henry B Winthrop, Suffolk, MA abt 1860 Massachusetts Wife
Daniel Hollinger Winthrop, Suffolk, MA abt 1816 Germany Father-in-law =
Henry B Fiske 67
Elizabeth H Fiske 50
Starr H Fiske 24
Henry F Wheelock 47
Etta Wheelock 35


Otto Hollinger Boston, Suffolk, MA abt 1897 Germany Lodger
Willa Hollinger Boston, Suffolk, MA abt 1897 Canada Lodger

Roy Hollinger Boston, Suffolk, MA abt 1889 Kansas Head , works Fabric Studio, Dad born PA, Mom born OH, Married at age 27 (ck 1900 Mont Co., KS)
Nellie Hollinger Boston, Suffolk, MA abt 1893 Wife , both parents born Russia, married at age 23
Beverley Hollinger Boston, Suffolk, MA abt 1924 Daughter , dad born KS, Mon born MA


SS =

june 2005
I am attempting to trace the family tree of my grandmother, Beverly
Hollinger born in Boston, Massachusetts, 1924. She died in 1963 and my father, her
son, is unable to give me any information about her family because neither he
nor his siblings ever met anyone from that side of the family because when she
married my grandfather she was promptly disowned. Any help would be
appreciated. Wilfred


Hi Marie,
I'm searching in the WWW for signs of our family ouside of Germany,
after I found the roots of my Clan 1460 in Switzerland. From there they
came over France to the South-West of Germany. So far, so good. Some
family members emigrated to America. So did Johannes Daniel HOLLINGER,
as described in the follow, the Informations I got in church reports in

1. Friedrich Balthasar HOLLINGER *02.09.1795, reform. In
Herschweiler-Pettersheim; in 1. Ehe war er mit Anna Katherina Haas am
08.09.1814 und in 2.Ehe mit Maria Elisabeth Müller verheiratet.

Der Sohn aus 1. Ehe war Johannes Daniel *15.09.1815 in Schwarzenacker.
Er starb im alter von 100 Jahren am 27.12.1915 in den USA. Er verließ
die Schule mit 14 Jahren und stu­dierte Chemie, da er Papiermüller
werden wollte. In Le Havre schiffte er sich ein und fuhr nach Amerika.
Die Reise dauerte 54 Tage. Er arbeitete in Philadelphia, Cincinnati,
Pittsburg und zuletzt in Indiana, wo er das Farbpapier entwickelte, das
bis dahin eingeführt werden musste. Im Jahre 1841 ging er nach
Dorchester/Mass.. Er heiratete A. Bisbes und nach deren Tod Harriet
Warren. Im Jahre 1889 verzog er nach Winthrop. Er war auch politisch
tätig und stimmte für die Republikaner. Auch als Freimaurer der Harmony
Lodge Brookville/Indiana war er erfolgreich. Zuletzt war er ehrenamtlich
tätig bei PSG Deacon 1915. Er hatte 2 Kin­der: Elisabeth ? P.Fiske


Here my translation (you wrote that you don't understand german): 1.
Friedrich Baltasar Hollinger, born 02^nd september 1795, he was
reformed, born in Herschweiler-Pettersheim (Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany);
he was 1^st marriaged with Anna Katherina HAAS th 08^th September 1814
in afterward secondly married with Maria Elisabeth Müller. The son of
the 1st marrieage was Johannes Daniel HOLLINGER, born 15th september
1815 in Schwarzenacker (Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany). He died in the age of
100 years at the 27th of december 1915 in the states. He left school in
the age of 14 and studied chemistry, cause he wanted to become a
paper-miller (?). He shipped in at Le Havre (France) to go to america.
The journey have taken 54 days. He worked in Philadelphia, Cincinnati,
Pittsburg and the least in Indiana, where he developed the foto-paper,
that had to get imported so far. In the year 1841 he went to
Dorchester/Mass., where he married A.Bisbes, and after her death Harriet
Warren. IN the year 18189 he setteld over to Winthrop. He was an
political activ man and voted for the republicans. As a "Freimaurer" of
the Harmony Lodge Brookville/Indiana he was successfull too. At hte end
he worked for PSG Deacon 1915. He had 2 children: Elisabeth, married
P.Fieske and Harriet.

So far for today

perhaps you have connection to my forfather-connections. I have written
my whole family story beginning in Switzerland an ending today here in

please excuse my bad english.

Hollinger []
feb 2008