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MARIAN - we are a small HOLLINGER DISCUSSION GROUP and we received a copy
your reply to our James Miller/re HOLLINGERS -

CAN you shareYour Hollingers with Us?
Small Chart = Names/ Ages/Places=

Thanks for helping HOLLINGERS - marie, iowa

To: James Miller, Jr. <>
Sent: Wednesday, November 10, 1999 4:08 PM
Subject: Re: Ruprecht "Robert" Hollinger, 1649 Irish miltia officer, born
1590, Waldshist, Switzerland, married 1640 Holland, Soldier

> Dear Mr Miller:
> I have no idea.  The person in my father's family who did the family
> research died before he was able to finish his project.  Sorry I cannot
> to your material.
> Marian J Hollinger

My father's parents were German...I believe from Germany two generations
before my father, who was born in Port Norris, New Jersey, in 1905.  He was
the youngest of five children.  His father and brother-in-law were oyster
farmers in the Delaware Bay.  My father died in 1965.  So far as I know,
all of his family lived in New Jersey, bar those who might have been left
in Germany.  Seems I have a very slight grasp of ANY family history.  If I
find any materials relating to his family during the next few months, as I
clear out my mother's papers, I shall let you know.  I don't think I know
his father's name, unless it might have been George and I cannot say why I
think that may be the case.

Marian J Hollinger 

MARIAN - Thanks - who was your granddad and wife? NEW JERSEY is where the
HOLLINGER genealogist Henry Kline Hollinger lived.
Sorting thro Mothers papers = very hard job!
marie, iowa

             "James Miller, Jr." <>

Some where I have a thin xeroxed  copy of Henry Cline Hollinger's book.
Jim, Charlotte, N.C.

Dear Marie,

My father's name was Kenneth Wallace Hollinger; his mother was Louise...I
think, now, that his father's name might have been Wallace  (funny I don't
remember, but neither I nor my mother knew him).  They are, so far as I
know, buried in Port Norris, NJ  My mother had Alzheimer's, so the last
seven years were a dead loss, so far as accumulating family information.  I
asked my cousin, who is the only immediate (sort of) family connection (and
that on my mother's side, but she has a good memory IF she ever knew the
information), but she cannot recall if she ever heard his name.  Is anyone
on this list close to Port Norris?

Marian J Hollinger

MARIAN - will send thro our HOLLINGER discussion group =
don't think I have yet, Sorry to be so slow!
ALSO, you may be able to find Where he was born on his SOCIAL SECURITY records -
AND , he probably has an obituary - Library - State probably has-
Perhaps, someone will recognize the WALLACE name - Thanks, marie, iowa

Dear Marie,

Thanks for the message.  I am certain that my grandfather died BEFORE
Social Security was established.  My parents were married in 1931 or 1932,
and my grandfather had already died.  As soon as I have some time, I shall
look for Mother's lock-box papers.

I hope you had a pleasant Thanksgiving.

My best,


MARIAN - Thanks - Keep in Touch and Send any family members names/ages and where any went may help also.
When We can kinda See you and your family on records, others may know you and send info-
marie, iowa