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MICHAEL'S PAGE (Oct, 1999)

Mike Jones, descendant of Titus Hollinger and son James

I do believe that Titus Hollinger,
> sutler & distiller of Augusta, Georgia
> is probably related somehow to Adam Hollinger, later of Mobile,
> Alabama, however, I don't have any
> connective proof. I have sent along a file attachment of info I have
> on Titus, including his will. Through
> a preponderance of evidence, I believe that the James, son of
> Catherine Cann/Conn?, to be my third
> ggrandfather, census info, IGI. Making Titus my 5th ggrandfather.
> Unfortunately, the only evidence I
> have previous to Titus came from a submission to the Morman IGI & I
> can't document the connection
> to the Netherlands nor do I know where the submitter got his evidence.
> I believe the submitter was a
> Ralph Hullinger. I think I tried to contact him at one time with no
> success. This info was submitted in
> the 1970's. I hope this information is useful to. If you find any
> connection or can share any info from
> the other side of the ocean to America I appreciate any help. Michael
> Jones aka
> P.S. some of the pictures may be hard to read
> even if you print them out.
> The deed index is from Richmond County, Georgia, city of Augusta

My mother's maiden
name was Della Charline
Hollinger,  = born in=20 Columbus Arkansas.  My Hollinger's migrated
from Georgia to = Arkansas
in the=20 1850's and there are still many there in the Sheridan/Little


 Hi Edwin,
      You may already have a copy of this but I thought I'd send it
just in
 case.  Titus' will.  Due to a preponderous of evidence I claim to be
a fifth
 ggrandson of Titus by his son James who married Catherine Cann whose
 was James who needed a new suit of clothes,  whose son was James
 Hollinger,  born abt 1826 in Cherokee Nation,  Georgia.  James
 migrated to Saline County,  Arkansas (now Grant County) abt late
1840's and
 purchased land there and married.   One of his sons was James Isaac,
 son was Floyd Archie Leonard Hollinger,  my grandfather and my mom's
 was Della Charline Hollinger,  who passed away in 1992.  James,  the
son of
 James Hollinger and Catherine Cann,  was enumerated on the 1820
census of
 Ga. in Hall county and in the 1830 census in Gwinette Cty.  People
 lived in Indian territory that was adjacent to some Ga counties were
 enumerated as if living in those counties.  He is also on a list
compiled by
 an Indian agent of White men living in Cherokee lands.  The problem
 presents genealogically is that few records exist.  I can't find out
 this James was married to,  whether she was Indian or white.  His
 (James Washington's)  military record says that he was of dark
 Unfortunately,  living in Indian territory and being white his
 wouldn't be listed as Indian or under records of a resident of the
 States.  Due to the will of Titus,  James,  the husband of Catherine
 must have died previous to the will date.  The only evidence I have
of his
 link to the James of Cherokee Nation are submissions that a Ralph
 made to the Mormon IGI in the 1970's.  I've tried to contact him to
no avail
 with the address on the submissions.  It appears he lived in Utah.  I
 seen numerous records concerning William,  who was married to Sarah
 and his son William,  who was married to Rachel Hester.  I have some
 group sheets on William Sr. and William Jr.  if you don't already
have them
 and are interested.  Which line are you descended from?  This file
> attachment is a Microsoft Works document.  Let me know if you get it.
 don't have much but will be happy to share what I have.
 Mike Jones

I would love to have the book.  Does it happen to have any source
information for Hollingers in Alabama?  The dates given on the submissions
for Monroe County and Etowah were before these became counties,  still
Indian territory.  I have photocopies of the submissions,  however, I
know how to proceed further to find any additional information.  The
I have have numbers at the top,  for example,

No.  15293 AR                            BOOK  45318    PAGE 0283
These are also stamped Arizona at the top,  I believe this is the location
of the temple where the endowments/baptisms took place

Does this direct you to other documents or books that might have source
information?  My records are very sketchy on my Hollingers that lived in
Indian Territory and I would love to find out where Harold/Owen/Henry got
this information.  I also have a census record 1860 Saline Cty, Arkansas
with John Hollinger, age 30.  This is most likely the brother of my James
Washington on the previous page,  both of Cherokee Nation,  Ga.  One of
daughters name was Chana and there is also a female in the household as
as John's wife Nancy named Chana Echols/Nichols??? age 56.  Does this ring
anyones bell.  I can't quite make out John's son's name,  however,  it
he was born in Alabama in 1951.  What's this connection between Georgia
Alabama,  people showing up back and forth in both states at different
times?  Any help appreciated.

Mike Jones, descendant of Titus Hollinger and son James

Hi Kevin,  I have recently made a significant find concerning James
Hollinger, grandson of Titus and Martha, and father of James Washington.
His full name was James Jeremiah and his wife was Elizabeth Moss.  They
married 13 Dec. 1816 in South Carolina.  I found this relative since
Carolina is just across the border from Augusta.  I have also located him
the 1850 census of Marion County,  Alabama,  along with two of his other
sons born in Georgia,  John M.  and William T. as
well as new children born in Alabama.  He was 72 years old at this time.
have also found land patents for him in Fayette County and Tuscaloosa
County,  1840's, 1850's.  The connection I've made to James Washington is
the fact that one son,  John and his wife,  Nancy M.,  later showed up on
the 1860 census for Saline County,  Arkansas,  one page next to James
Washington.  Also living with John and his wife in 1860 was Chana
possibly the mother of John's wife, who was living next door to them in
1850 census of Marion County,  Alabama.  By the way, I have a new E-mail
Your other cousin,  Mike Jones