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I am trying to locate anyone who knew of Henry HOLLINGER who lived at
325 Hillcrest Ave., Trenton, N.J. in the early 1960's. I have seen a
letter written by him in the 60's that mentions his search of ancestors
on his grandmothers line (RICE). That particular line of RICE's is also
in my ancestry and I would like to locate any or all of his researched
material if it still exists. If anyone knows where I can find Henry's
information please drop me a line.  Thanks.

ROBERT, I don't show a RICE in my HOLLINGER file - perhaps,someone else
HENRY KLINE HOLLINGER of Trenton, NJ connected to the Franklin Co, PA
and the chart I have - doesn;t show a RICE, but, much of this is
handwritten in and MAY
NOT be his proven chart, so I don't use. Best Wishes.
ALL, send cc to list. Thanks, marie, iowa