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  Ronald E. Cornwell

Do you have any information on a Judith Hollinger who married John Mitchell in Pa ?

Ron Cornwell

RON - Thanks - give us some AGES /DATES and PLACES=
marie, iowa

Dear Marie,
Thanks for your quick response.   Here is the Hollinger information I
have and I hope you can help me.
Juda or Judith Hollinger was born around 1756 probably in Pa.   She
married John Mitchell around 1780 to 1783.   One source says around
Pittsburg, Pa, probably in the Dauphin County area of Pa.   Judith died
around 1838 in Clermont County, Ohio.

Ron Cornwell

RON - Yes we have a JUDA/JUDITH HOLLINGER- somewhere!
I am sending this on to our HOLLINGER discussion group - They can answer
faster than I can - And we can find out What county we should be searching.
I may see them in  1830 Clermont Co, OH - No HOLLINGERS - Went with Someone
I don't know if I checked 1820 ?
Would You like to share their kids names/ages and born WHERE?

ALSO, I show Pittsburg in ALLEGHENY CO, PA and I didn't look there-have

Thats a long way from Dauphin! but, WE  may have Come from there earlier-
Thanks, marie, iowa

I need information on Judith or Juda Hollinger.   She married John
Mitchell.   They first appear in Northumberland County, Pa (became Centre
County in 1800).   Some of their children were christened in the
Aaronsburg Luthern Church.   Their first child was born 1791 so they were
married prior to that date.   They moved from Centre County, Pa, to
Clermont County, Ohio, ca. 1812.   Judith Hollinger died ca 1838 in
Clermont County, Ohio.  John Mitchell later moved to Clark Co, Indiana,
and the to Marion County, Indiana.   Their children :  1.  Susan
Catherine   b. 6-Jun-1791   Haines Twp, Nortumberland Co, Pa   2.  Sarah
Ann   b.  20-Oct-1796   Aaronsburg, Northumberland Co, Pa    3.
Christian    b.  ca  1800 in Pa    4.  Barbara    b.  1803   Pa     5.
Michael    b.  1808   Clermont Co, Ohio    6.  John Jr   b.  ca  1793
in Pa

John Mitchell was stationed at Carlisle, Cumberland County, Pa, during
the revolutionary war.   He was sent to Ft Pitt near Pittsburg, Pa, for a
while during the revolution.   Some researchers think he may of met
Judith Hollinger in that area.   However, I have found no evidence of
this.   Does anyone have information on a Judith Hollinger in the
Northumberland County area ?   He was in the revolution with a gentleman
from Northampton County, Pa.    In 1785 he appears in that county.   Is
their a Judith in Northampton County ?   He enlisted in the revolution at
Middletown, Pa, in Lancaster County and this was later Dauphin County  ?
 Is their a Judith from that area ?   It look like Judith was married
before she married John Mitchell.   she is listed as a young widow.   I
would appreciate any help that anyone can give me on locating this Judith
Ron Cornwell

RON - Thanks - How old is your John Mitchel? Have you extracted the ages
JOHN MITCHELL, PAGE 143= 2 males over 16 and 5 females
Was your John Mitchells dad John?
living next to Neal BOYLE and Christian KAPP

DANIEL HOLLINGER, PAGE 142=1 male over 16, 2 males under 16 and 2 females
living next to Philip HESS and Jacob BRUBAKER

JOHN HOLLINGER, PAGE 143, 1 male over 16, 2 males under 16 and 3 females
living next to David CRAIG and Jacob BEISHT

What/Where was Judith listed as widow?
As JILLIAN wrote today, (but, we'd still have a HOLLINGER marriage to a
JUDA/JUDITH and we should have kids ?

I may see them in 1800 Centre Co, PA = John MITCHELL=10010-10010-00
Only Two kids - So don't know about an earlier marriage?
Also a David and Samuel MITCHELL, brothers?
Maybe someone else will have some records, info. Thanks for sharing. marie,

The first lead of Judith's maiden name was on a photocopy of a needle
point birth certificate that passed down in my wifes family.   The
certificate was for the birth of their oldest daughter Susan Catharine
who married Martin Miller Jr.   It was in german.   The translation:
John Mitches and Mrs Judith (maiden name) Holingern is a daughter born
named Sussanna Katharina in the year 1791  6 June at 4 o"clock in the
evening.   Witnesses were Christian Mitschel and Katherine Schredlin.
I have decided the Christian Mitchell must be a brother of John.   I
don't know who the Katherine Schredlin---can't find that name.
I assume Holingern to be a variation of Hollinger.   For what ever reason
John used Mitches as his last name on his revolutionary war records but
it became Mitchell after the war.   The war information indicated the was
a Adam Miller from Northampton County,  Pa, in his same unit  then I
found a John Mitchell in Northampton in 1785.   Do you know of a Judith
in Northampton.
Ron Cornwell

John Mitchell was born 29-Jul-1758 in Germany.   I have him on the tax
record of Northumberland Co from about 1788.   He is on 1790 Potter Twp,
Northumberland Co, Pa, census as John Mitchell   with 5 males in the
household under 16 yrs and 3 female in the house.   These have to be
children of Juda by her first marriage..   Five sons and 2 dau.  It also
list one male over 16 yrs which would be John.   In 1800 Haines Twp,
Northumberland County it list John Mitchell  with 2 males 0-10 yr and 1
male 26-45.   It list 2 female 0-10 yr, 2   10-16 and one 26-45 yr.   All
of the children in the 1790 census are out of the house except the two
daughters.   I think that John just didn't get married until later in
life  and Judith was married before.   I have even wondered if she might
of been maaried to the Adam Miller he was in the war with and maybe adam
died and he marrieed his widow.   Just thinking out loud.   I can't come
up with a name that might be one of the 5 sons of juda.     John seems to
always be close to the Millers in most of the records.   He was a skilled
craftsman.   He was in the artillary unit in the war and helped build
cannon.   Have you ever come across the name Schredlin ?

RON - Thanks - But, How did we Prove This JOHN MITCHELS IN 1790
PAGE 183, PAGE 191, PAGE 193


JOHN MITCHEL had a Dad =?

I don't know what documentation JILLIAN has to prove her family to CLERMONT

OHIO LAND records = 1806, etc show from other Ohio counties? DO you have
from the other counties, where they bought land?

DOES anyone show the PA connection on OHIO land deeds?
I believe Our Daniel HOLLINGER to Ross Co, Oh ca 1805 shows an OHIO
connection first?

MANY went to HAMILTON/CLERMONT CO, OH first ( This was HUGE area)

BUT, you can take this land description and check it out = Where it laid =
what county later , etc

WE have a BLANK here - I am especially interested in HOW     you seperated
the Mitchels in PA

WHY can't he be the JOHN MITCHEL
JOHN MITCHEL =PAGE 817=20010-2201--00
THOMAS HULLCHER, PAGE 793=31101-12210-00
perhaps A Son of one of the MITCHELS IN 1790 NORTUMBERLAND CO, PA=
OR perhaps he wasn't here in 1790 - Not til 1791?

WHERE is CHRISTIAN MITCHELL in 1790 and 1800? (witness to marriage?etc)

ANY county info you send me = will try and post to County/States to help
- Thanks-

JUST trying to fill in some gaps - marie, iowa

I believe this is the parents of Jacob Hollinger died 1782 in Lancaster Co,
Some of our older members probably can confirm this. chart of Delmar Lynn NORTON of SLC,UT lists a Judith
born 1830 SW dau of Samuel HOLLINGER and Anna Catharina STRUEBIN.
Is it a possible name configure? marie, iowa

*NO, don't believe the above JACOB HOLLINGER died 1782- died in Lancaster Co, PA
perhaps overseas - marie, iowa

I appreciate you effort in helping figure out Juda Hollinger.   Jillian
and I have a lot of the same information.    John Mitchell is identified
because of his association with Heinrick Henry Miller who bought land in
Northumberland County and left it to his 8 sons who most went to Clermont
county, Ohio, before John Mitchell did.  Now I can be wrong on my
identification of John Mitchell and maybe that is why I am having
trouble.   I have not been able to link him with the other Mitchells in
the area.   I have a ship record about 1763 that list a John Mitchell
coming from Germany that could be his father.  Can't prove that.
Thought for a long time that the Christian Mitchell on the birth
certificate might be the grandfather but think it must be a brother.
Send me your home email address and I can send the information on Henry
Miller and his 8 sons direct to you.   You might spot a lead from that
information since they also went to Clermont County after father died.
This is so large I don't think you want that information sent through the
list, do you.   I can cut and paste from the computer and send it rather
quickly.   My wife and I will be gone on vacation for a few days so there
might be a lag in my response.

Here is some data I have.....
1790 Northumberland Co census---it appears the census is still in the
order the tax collector recorded it so it gives   the following--living
next door to each other.
Dewalt Hess, Joseph Millar, David Millar, Henry Millar, Henry Gonsert,
Daniel Miller, Martin Miller, John Mitchell, Goerge Wolfe, ect.   This is
old Henry Miller and part of his sons.   The Martin here is the father of
the Martin Miller who married  in 1791 the dau of John Mitchell.   This
is Haines Twp.
>From records of Aaronsburg Lutheran church in Northumberland County then
in 1801 because of change in County lines it was in Centre Co.
---John Mitshel and Judith    Dau Salome   b.  10-20-1796
---Johannes Mitchel and Judith   dau  Rachel   b.  4-17-1902
---Johannes Mitchel    took communion 10-23-1803
---John Mitchel and Judith Mitchel   communion  1806

John Mitchell is in the Centre County, Pa, tax records until 1812 when he
disappears from personal property tax records.   This John Mitchell never
seemed to own land but just lot and house.   I think in 1812  he moved to
Clermont County , Ohio.   Most of  the Millers had gone to Clermont
County by 1808.

Ron Cornwell