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             Richard B. Hollinger's Book

In 1731 Hans Jacob Hollinger journeyed to America, arriving at the Port of
Philidelphia in the Colony of Pennsylvania, on September 21. He arrived on
the Ship Brittania with twenty-four of his brethern on board. It is stated
in the ship's record that they stopped in Dort for treatment of their ill
before completing their journey to America. Jacob made this journey alone
and during his stay, lived in Lancaster boro.

One year after his arrival we find Jacob returning to the Old World in
1732. In 1734 he again becomes a father; this son is named Christian.

In 1737 Jacob boarded the Ship Virtuous Grace in Rotterdam, Holland, bound
for America. Jacob was again making this trip alone, having left his family
in the care of his brother Kristian. In the ship's docket, Jacob is listed
as a freeman, an adult man of forty years of age. The following information
was taken from from a book entitled "German Pioneers" by Strassburg and
Hinkle. It states the following: "Two-hundred and twenty-five Foreigners
from the Palatinate and other areas who with their families arrived in
Rotterdam, but last from Cowes to the port of Philidelphia, and qualified
on this day, September 24, 1737, John Bull, Ship Master, on the Ship
"Virtuous Grace." Jacob who was listed on this ship took the oath of
allegiance the following day in Philidelphea. How long Jacob remained in
Philedelphia is not known, but records show that the German emigrants were
quick to move into the rich fertile farm lands of Pennsylvania. Jacob, a
farmer by occupation, settled in Warwick, Lebanon Township, Lancaster

List 32 A] A List of Palatine Passengers Come on Board the Ship Pensilvania Merchant, John  Stedman, Commander, from Roterdam In Holland. [Qualified September 18, 1733

Jacob Unger, sick

Ship Harle (Palatines to PA)

FIRST LIST (There are 3 records of this list, A, B, C.. Each list has different spellings etc.) "At the Courthouse of Philadelphia, September 1st, 1736. One hundred fifty one Foreigners from the Palatinate & other Places, who, with their Families, making in all three hundred eighty eight Persons, were imported here in the Ship Harle, of London, Ralph Harle, Master, from Rotterdam, but last from Cowes, as by Clearance thence, were this day qualified as usual." From the Minutes of the Provincial Council, printer in "Colonial Records," Vol. IV, p.58f.

List 1A Harle

Name & Age

Matheis Deck 37
Henrich Wohlgemuth 29
Abraham Wohlgemuth 22
Joseph Wolgemuth 20
Geo. Adam Warner 26
Christian Suder 23
Johannes Gerber 32
Jonathan Hager 22
Matheis Reser 28
Jacob Kuntz 23
Jacob Hollinger 30
Jacob Ledermann 21
Jacob Cochenauer 21
Herman Drutt 32
Philip Mens 38

[List 46 A] A List of Palatine Men Passengers of Sixteen Years of Age & Upwards Imported in
 the Vertuous Grace, Jno Bull, Master, from Rotterdam & Cowes. [Qualified September 24,
Hans Geoe Konder 31
 Peter Konder 26
 Rudolph Duckweela 47
 Jacob Holinger 40
 Peter Stout 26
 Andreas Sumwald 39
 Adam Wize 60

1741 MOLLY
Maties Schilion 44
 Philip Esdan 62
 Andres Unger 50
 John Jurgen Reitzel 45
 Herman Sower 47

St Andrew 1741. Capt. Chas. Stedman. Qualified Octr 2d 1741.
   [List 85 C] At Wiccacoa Octr 2d 1741.
Hans Eberdecker 22
 Daniel Gortman 33
 Hans Jurg Olinger 25
 Philip Olinger 20
 Johan Jacob Shlyfe 33
 Johannes Crist 35

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Ship "Phoenix" from Rotterdam and Cowes, on the Isle of Wight, William
Wilson, Master, docked in Philidelphia, Pa, on September 30, 1743.
Passengers listed:
Christef Holiger
Gristian Holiger (age 9 years)
Johannes Unger

Tradition says Christian made several trips to Switzerland, once for a
family heirloom clock. One on trip he returned to America on ship "Two
Brothers" in 1750.
re: Penn. Archives

Ship passenger list
List of foreigners in the ship Virtuous Grace, John Bull Master, from
Rotterdam. Qualified Sept 24 1737
Jacob Hollinger age 40

Immigrant List
Esterli, Anna Elizabeth-from Switzaerland, settled in Pennsylvania
Hollinger, Christian-from Switzerland,settled in Pennsylvania
Hollinger, Hans Jacob-from Switzerland-settled in Pennsylvania
Hollinger, Philip-from Switzerland, settled in Maryland
Hollinger, Magdalena-from Switzerland, settled in Maryland
Note! no dates were given-SMR

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Pennsylvania Foreign Oaths of Allegiance
Book Source: Immigrants Into Pennsylvania: Volume 1
Peabody Institute Genealogical Holdings (and I'm sure other Universities and
Archives around the US).

Name: Joh. Georg Windemuth,
Date: SEPT. 1, 1736

The original list is herewith given.

Frans Hecker,,   34,
Johan Von Lasche,,   50,
Hans Peter Von Lasche,,   25,
Christian Von Lasche,,   18,
Johan Krik,,   29,
Phillip Wick,,   25,
Phillip Weygamunt,,   23,
Abraham Tegart,,   48,
Abraham Tegart,,   18,
Johannis Hannavalt,,   23,
Johannis Laurents,,   40,
Jacob Kemmerling,,   23,
John Valentin Fokt,,   33,
Matthias Fokt,,   19,
Dan1 Boon,,   16,
Michael Crowel,,   53,
Geo. Nickel Seyloff,,   30,
Baltazar Seyloff,,   29,
George Seyloff,,   27,
Willem Heederlin,,   27,
Daniel Nergan,,   20,
Peter Nergan,,   33,
Nicholas Traver,,   44,
Christn Traver,,   17,
Michael Yokem,,   33,
Andreas Yokem,,   40,
Carl Kern,,   30,
Nicholas Rebell,,   23,
George Shaky,,   36,
Jacob Amandis,,   30,
Leonard Croonback,,   29,
Vincent Shaky,,   34,
Jacob Hofstedler,,   32,
Jacob Eyser,,   54,
Jacob Eyser,,   21,
Johannes Ruppel,,   35,
Fredrick Beckel,,   21,
Jacob Jeyser,,   22,
Aron Cortz,,   29,
Frederick Meindart,,   24,
Rudolf Hackman,,   20,
Jacob Fehnan,,   55,
Jacob Sondag,,   32,
Cornelis Wiegant,,   22,
Abraham Sayler,,   30,
Adam Seyter,,   38,
Nickel Lang,,   34,
Adam Bone,,   27,
Ludwick Loy,,   25,
Christian Erb,,   46,
Peter Rhensh,,   37,
Hans Melchfor Pyer,,   21,
Andreas Nergan,,   37,
John Bütler,,   80,
Clement Stoutebecker,,   36,
Matthias Speck,,   53,
Derick Mart,,   27,
Jacob Weyl,,   39,
Willem Speck,,   23,
Peter Stoutebecker,,   38,
Johan Willems,,   48,
Hendrick Stontebecker,,   29,
Hendrick Geset,,   48,
Andries Grim,,   18,
Jacob Tovespeck,,   22,
Andries Heelman,,   29,
Matthias Bouch,,   23,
Jno Peter Fogelin,,   18,
Jno Geo Mein,,   16,
Johan Rootroke,,   50,
Jacob Salt Pate,,   50,
Jacob Lederman,,   17,
Nicholas Post,,   18,
Hendrick Dups,,   28,
Andreas Cratts,,   22,
Jacob Libbart,,   26,
Valentine Ney,,   24,
John Snuyder,,   28,
Johan Zacharias,,   25,
Nicholas Melchior,,   28,
Baltazar Stebanus,,   40,
Ludwick Wyker,,   19,
Hendrick Prunner,,   24,
Abraham Appler,,   20,
J. Geo. Basell,,   20,
Ludwick Kemmerick,,   21,
Michael Wykel,,   44,
Michael Holsacker,,
Laborious Merschrote,,   10,
Christian Schrieak,,   18,
Conraat Frankberger,,   20,
Johannis Brosinger,,   25,
Daniel Moyer,,   28,  *****
Johan Reisman,,   27,
John Heep,,   46,
Christ Windemoot,,   60,
Paul Bronner,,   28,
Johan Geo. Vanbolt,,   23,
Jno Geo. Sheltler,,   22,
Conraat Krim,,   20,
Christian Landes,,   26,
Andries Gross,,   25,
Adam Shous,,   32,
Leonard Yayer,,   26,
Zacharias Setsler,,   45,
Valentine Schere,,   19,
Peter Roope,,   30,
Michal Noll,,   17,
Isaac Le Poltis Telp,,   25,
Jacob Christler,,   42,
Johannis Moyer,,   48,
Nickel Anganie,,   47,
Caspar Moyer,,   32,  *****
Joseph Lyng,,   25,
Ludwick Meyer,,   29,
Christian Steckle,,   25,
Casper Stelling,,   38,
Jacob Nuss,,   20,
Devalt Pyer,,   21,
Conraat Paap,,   27,
Johannis Brant,,   16,
Mathias Steck,,   37,
Hendrick Wulgemuth,,   24,
Abraham Wulgemuth,,   22,
Joseph Wulgemuth,,   20,
Geo, Adam Varner,,   26,
Christian Suder,,   23,
Hans Gerber,,   32,
Jonathan Heeger,,   22,
Matthias Reeser,,   26,
Jacob Cunts,,   23,
Jacob Hollinger,,   30,
Jacob Leederman,,   21,
Jacob Kochenaur,,   21,
Herman Drott,,   32,
Phillip Mentz,,   38,
Hendrick Wyedeback,,   49,
Casper Coppersmith,,   50,
Johanuis Frankberger,,   18,
Andries Frank,,   19,
Adam Vampult,,   36,
Hans George Hantwerg,,   32,
Johan Fookes,,   19,
Johan Nicolas Perninger,,   40,
Gotfrid Cryl,,   24,
Johan Adam Howanschilt,,   30,
Johan Peter Vanpult,,   26,
Geo. Mich1 Fridrick,,   32,
John Albrecht Ziegler,,   26,
Peter Cheaver,,   18,
John Peter Merstill,,   30,
John George Leonardt,,   21,
John Geo. Wintermont,,   25,
Mich1 Lindart,,   36,
Christopher Rudolf,,   19,
Pieter Hieronimus,,   21,
Tomas Hummel,,   25,