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         Hi Marie,
I show William Westley born on March 6, 1792, not 1798.  Any way this is
where I fit in:

Johnn George Hollinger  b. 1757 m. Margaret Lehner      b. 1761
William Westley Hollinger       b.1792  m. Elizabeth Smithon    b.1802
John Hollinger          b.1828  m. Malinda J. Conrad    b.?
Charles Coe Hollinger   b.1867  m. Elnora Swan          b.1873
Laurel Mildred Hollinger        b.1893  m. Earl Badger          b.1885
Robert Bruce Badger     b. 1911 m. Lilly Weltback               b. 1915
Susan Kay Badger (me)   b. 1941 m. Michael J. Gillespie b. 1940
(2nd marriage)                  m. Leonard L. Provost   b. 1937
Do you have nay info on Margarget Lehner, Elizabeth Smithon or Malinda

Yes, Johnn George Hollinger b.April 6, 1757 was the son of Hans Jacob
Hollinger b. Feb. 20, 1701 and Anna Kuester b. 1736.
I have this line that goes on to Heini Hollinger, I just didn't list them
all, I'll continue to go back, here it goes:
Hanns Jacob Hollinger   b. 1701         m. Anna Kuester         b. 1736
Jacob Hollinger         b. 1661         m. Elizabeth Burger     b. 1667
Rudolph Hollinger       b.1627          m. Anna Hummel          b.1630
Heni Hollinger/Holiger,Jr.      b.1590          m. Anna Huber
Heni Hollinger/Holiger  b.1548          m. Barbara Meyer                b.
Jung Han Holiger                b. 1504         m. Margaretha Rebmeyer
Hans Holiger            b.1478          m. ?                    b. 1482?
Heni Holiger            b. 1446         m. ?                    b. 1450?

My John Hollinger/Malinda lived in Definace Co., Oh.  I have a copy of a
map of Hicksville, Ohio from the 1876 Atlas that shows John Hollingers
and a short distance away the property of W. Hollinger.

Where do you fit it?
Susie Provost

Hi Marie,
I think you're right on the birth year of Wm. "Wesley".  I had a hand
written Pedigree Chart from my sister's research in 1982.  I don't know if
was nothing more than not being able to read the census records or some
elses handwriting.  I checked back thru my paper work and found other
from the 1850 census that showed he was born abt. 1797.  Also, on all my
records I have Wm. "Wesley" correct, I guess I just got careless with my
typing.  Maybe thats what happens when you stay up till the wee hours
this stuff.

I have Wm. Wesley Hollinger being born in Warwick,Lancaster,Pa., and both
he and Elizabeth died in Leon, Decanor, Ia  I don't know when they went to
Ohio, but I do know that they owned property in Hicksville Township, Ohio
in 1876.

Please reserve a book for me too.  I'll get a check off to you in the a.m.
(my g-mother was Lauel Mildred Hollinger, daughter of  Charles Coe
and Elnora Swan, Hicksville, Ohio)

Susie Provost
7462 Redhill Way
Browns Valley, Ca.