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Gontenschwil / Switzerland = FRANK'S PAGE

august 2003

We recently visited our ancestral home in Switzerland again, where most of the Hullinger / Hollinger / Holliger / Holiger 's originated. The area is west of Zurich, located on a beautiful lake, with distant views to the Alps. Very nice people,charming little towns, and lots of our distant relatives.

You can read about and look at a few pictures at my web page at: sabbatical button

and at

I have also thought about setting up a Hullinger / Hollinger / Holliger / Holiger worldwide reunion. My thought is to schedule it at a hotel on a weekend, and invite anyone with the name or relationship to the name to attend. Anyone think this is a good idea? Interested in working on it? Would you come?













     lived at Boniswyl, SW

         HANS HOLLINGER 1464
            lived at Boniswyl, SW

                JUNGHANS HOLLINGER 1510
                    lived at Egliswyl, SW

                        HEINY HOLLINGER 1584/1600
                            married Barbara MEIR


Looking for stray Palatines in County Antrim: specifically. surname
HOLLINGER.  One experienced researcher presents possible evidence name
back to Ruprecht Hollinger, b. 1590, Switzerland, professional soldier who
came to Ireland.  Any other data available? 

       "Glen Brunskill" <>
Subject:  [PF-L] Re: Krahenberg & Quirnbach

Hi Kathy  (Ralf and List),

Further to Ralf's answer and my post of last Saturday (22 Sep 2001) I went
looking for Krahenberg.  I suspected that it had to be somewhere near Miesau
and located what I take to be your Krahenberg about 10 km south of Miesau.
This Krahenberg is located about 20 km south of Quirnbach.about 4 km SSE of
Lambsborn and less than a km east of Wiesbach.  My HOLLINGERs lived in
Wiesbach in the early part of the 18th century before moving on to
Eichelscheiderhof just a couple of km north west of Lambsborn about the
period your VOLLMARs were in Krahenberg.

Regards, Glen Brunskill


ShirleyRobinette <> quotes a book:
The Hollingers came from Swedes before 800 A. D. to Switzerland, near Lake
Zurich Alp. Before 1300 they had established a church in Zurich Canton
"down the lake." They were known as Holdinger and Hollinger.

"Thus these Swedes settling the Lake Zurich countryside accepted
Christianity eleven centuries ago, and became bailiffs and magistrates and
joined the farmers seeking freedom." Others settled in Luxemburg, where
some became nobles.

In Switzerland the Huber (half-size farm) took the name from the
surrounding Elder trees or Hoklunter (Holler). By custom the owner was der
Hollinger, hence the origin of the family name.


I did some investigation on the Swedish "connection" and can add more:

Found out on a Swedish genealogy page (if any one knows a little Swedish...I speak it) that the name Hollinger derives from the Nordic first name Holmger  ("Holmger / Nordic; derivations: Holger, Homger, Honger, Hollinger, Holing)".

This could have connection to the above from the Hollinger Sagas!

BTW, we are 2 Hollinger family lines in Denmark (Scandinavia). Not connected. One from Austria-Hungary/France and one from Germany.

Best regards,
Frank Hollinger, Copenhagen


feb 2009

Just curious, would a DNA sample from me proof that the Hollingers in Denmark are related with those Hollingers related with Swiss Hollinger family of the 1400´es Switzerland (Argau)?


Familien Hollinger []


FRANK, your dna test would help prove if you did connect to any of our other Hollingers.

The Hollinger group rate =
If you follow the links below that link, I believe it will take you to the results, etc. We are a very small group that could use help in this field.

After you receive your results, that is a geographic area you can fill in. It takes you back to possible connections. Very old. I haven't found that too helpful. Your dna match is your best proof.

That you for your interest.
marie, iowa



Hello all,

Nice and very impressive work from the Familyhart!

Does any one know the link between the Swiss Hollingers and other Hollingers
in Europe? Do we have Hollinger researchers in Europe?

I have Holliger/Hollinger/Hoolinger ancestors from Lothringen, France, about
1690 and would like to find the link to this Swiss family and the Aurgau
region if possible.

Greetings from Copenhagen, Denmark

Frank Hollinger