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TITUS HOLLINGER 1722 IRELAND - 1789 Richmond Co, GA








             ShirleyRobinette <>
    I received the following many years ago from someome(?) who answered my
query ad in a periodical. There is no verification or documentation for
accuracy with it but maybe there is some leads for you.

Titus Hollinger b. 1722 in Ireland-likely was son of Titus & perhaps Mary
Father d. before 1767.
Widow Mary found on pew list of parish church in Virginia, between Thomas
Bushwoods wife & James Milhern's wife.
After 1750 Titus may have went south with father.
Descendants tells he was a brewer- sold intoxicating liquors to
too, a soldier in Rev War 1782.
Purchased 1000 ft of timber to cover creek & erect place-tavern(?)
He was given 2871/2 acres bounty land 18 May 1789 lot #586
His will probated 2 Oct 1789 Richmond Co Georgia
Ch: Alexander m Miss Marcus
Wm. m. Sarah Brack (Brock)-Rev War Soldier-recv'd bounty land 287 acres
James m. Catharine Cann
Note: I cannot verify the above info nor give you any documentation but
perhaps you may find some leads. Ck Penna Archives ser. vi. vol. xiii pg
115 where you may find ref to a brother George.

PRESTONLANCE-(aka Michael)
Perhaps YOU can Help if you Share-
Am an ANCESTRY member and saw your group sheet on TITUS HOLLINGER
connected to NETHERLANDS.
I have NO info on Netherlands which looks like its on the North side of
Germany and
SWITZERLAND lays on South side of Germany
I do see 100 of ships from Netherlands to mostly PA/US

I am not sure this is the Titus you are researching for but wikll send
it along.

Titus Hollinger was the earliest newcomer bearing this christian name,
likely sailed to the New World in an era, the records whereof are not
found/ or have been destroyed, so believes our British researcher. the
account of Titus , I confess, is found only on worthy hearsay. He was
likely born about 1700/ Irish tradition makes him an "officer." Alabama
records "Major Hollinger"/ Canadian & Ulstar tradition tell of several
men..named Titus & Andrew in several generations, coming to the New
World. Indeed our subject Titus, must have stepped ashore before 1750.

In 1750, in East Pernsboro, Cumberland County.., Pennsylvanis, a tax
list o f the so-called  Scotch-Irish colony shows, among many: Samuel
Fisher, Titus Hollinger, Samuel McCormick...& others./note  Scotch-Irish
here means Lowland Scots & others  British subjects who had been living
in Ulster & had fled to New World. An old item in the Archives tells of
the Prosprietaries' antagonism to them, holding them as being
non-farming folk; many of this colony migrated to the DSouth. Such is a
vague acciount of this important settler.
re:  Henry Kline Hollinger"s Hollinger Sagas 1959
Shirley Robinette

             "James Alfred Locke Miller, Jr." <>
    Do you know about Titus Hollinger born 1648 Waldshist. Switzerand, brother
of Col. Andreas Hollinger; brothers of Philip Hollinger b1653, d1714 Kent
Co., Md., USA.  Their father was Swiss soldier Ruprecht Hollinger. He
married in Holland.  In 1649 Ireland ther was a militia officer "Robert"
Hollinger; could this be another "Ruprecht" Hollinger?  Mailed to me by
Hollinger desc. Diane Grariadei, 1811 Hutton Ave., Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
K1G 1M1      J im, Charlotte, N.C.

Contributed by: "MICHAEL F JONES" aka>

In the name of God Amen I Titus Hollenger of Augusta in the State of
Georgia being weak of body but of sound mind,  memory and understanding
do make this my last Will and Testament in maner and form following that
is to say,  First I resign my Soal with all humility & contrition unto
the all mercifrul God in hopes of receiving from him mercy &
forgivness.  And my body to be entered in a decent manner at the
discretion of my executors herein after mentioned.  First after my
Funeral charges & Lawful Debts are discharged and paid,  I give and
bequeath unto my son William,  Flavels works in Folio,  the rest of his
portion patrimony he has had from me before ,  and as for my wife
Martha,  I give unto her one Shilling only,  my reason for so doing is
for her undutifulness to me and for her adultrus practices,  & this I
recommend to the particular notice & attention of my Executors.  Also I
give and bequeath unto James Hollanger,  the son of Catherine Cann as
much out of my Estate as will purchase for him a suit of good clothes.
Also I give and bequeath unto my Daughter Elizabeth Hollanger one
Dollar,  she having received from her full portion patrimoney.  And
lastly I give and bequeath to my Daughter Elizabeth Adams,  to her & her
Children all the rest of my Estate both Real and personal.  And I do
hereby nominate and appoint my trusty & well beloved friend Edward
Tolfair esquire and ? William Bugg to be Executors of this my last Will
and Testament,  leaving to their discretion the Sale of such part of my
Estate as will pay of and discharge my Lawfull Debts.  It is my desire
that a Note of hand for one hundred pounds due to me by Daniel Elem at
present in the possesion of William Few esquire may be lifted & received
by my said Executors & applied as I have here directed.

In Testimony whereof I  have hereunto set my hand and Seal this second
day of October in the year of our Lord Christ One Thousand seven hundred
and eighty nine as my last Will and Testament

Signed Sealed in the presence of

Jn.  Brown,  ? Hunter ? Titus Hollenger/S/

 I Titus Hollenger of Augusta in the State of Georgia being weak of body
but of sound mind,  memory a
Times New Roman @
ShelleyAllegro BT

             Shirley Robinette <>
Check the 1750 E. Permboro, Cumberland , Penn tax list-it should show
Titus Hollinger.
According to Henry Kline Hollinger's research Titus was born about 1700,
Irish descent & Alabama records refer to him as Major Hollinger.Also he
mentions an Andrew-would this be Andreas?
Check out Penn. & Alabama census records. Shirley


    James Washington Hollinger was born abt 1825 in Cherokee Nation,
 Georgia to James Hollinger.  His mother is currently unknown.  He is
 believed to be the great grandson of Titus Hollinger of Augusta,
 He moved to Saline County (now Grant County) Arkansas sometime in the
 1840's.  He bought 200 acres of land there for $25 from the federal
 government.  It was beautiful land covered with pine trees.  There is
 currently a stone monument standing at the site of the town of Old
 (now extinct) in Grant County,  Ark. Engraved on the monuments are
the names
 of the pioneer families who settled this area.  Hollinger is one of
 names on the stone memorial erected by the descendants of these
James was a farmer but probably of necessity also hunted for food.
The area
 at the time was abundant with bear,  wild turkey,  and razorback
 among others.
  James married his neighbor Isaac Brumbalow's daughter Susan on the
 day of September,  1852.  They had children Archibald,  Susan E.,
born abt
 1856,  James Isaac,  born in Nov. of 1859,  William,  born abt 1865,
 Ulysses S.,  born abt 1869.
   James Washington served in the Civil War under both the Confederate
 Union flags.  For the Confederacy he served in Co.  B of 1st Dobbin's
Arkansas Calvary Regiment.  Some of the battles they were involved in
 the battle of Helena (July 4,  1863),  the battle of Little Rock
 10,  1863),  and the battle of Pine Bluff (Oct 25, 1863).  James
joined the
Union forces in February of 1864,  at the age of 39.  His enlistment
 say he had blue eyes,  black hair,  a dark complexion and was 6'1"
tall.  He
 served in the 4th Arkansas Calvary regiment,  company G.  James is
 to have died sometime between the 1870 and 1880 census and was buried
 the Saline River.  In 1892 James 200 acres was still owned by his
 Susan and was appraised at $200.

             Kevin Thornton <>

     As for the PA connection....I *think* Titus and Mary Hollinger were
from or at least lived in PA.  Their son, Titus, is reported to have
followed his father to Georgia/The South.
     I'm still working on where Rudophus and his ancestors were from.

Subject: [INMAN] Joshua Inman

Georgia Gazette

To the Proprietors, or their Agents, of the following Tracts of Land, That, unlefs they, or either of them, do come forward, and fettle the
taxes due thereon, within five months from this date, they will be
proceeded againft and fold by the Collector, agreeably to law, to wit: 400 acres pine land, Tattnall county, adjoining E. Brunfon's, furveyed
in the name of Charles Benefield.
400 acres pine land, Tattnall county, adjoining Jofhua Inman, furveyed
in the name of Charles Benefield.
287 1/2 acres fwamp land, on the Alatamaha river, Tattnall county,
furveyed in the name of Titus Hollinger, adjoining ----Green. Thomas Davis, R.T.R. 22nd May, 1802.