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             YVONNE WYRICK <>

I am new to the group and will post my line.

Hans Jacob Hollinger born abt 1696 Switzerland married to Anna Elizabeth

.........Phillip Hollinger born bef. 1748 of Warwick twp, Lancaster, PA
         married to Elizabeth Hess (dau of Christian Hess.) He died
5          Sept. 1821 in Franklin county, PA.

         .........Mary Hollinger born about 1788 (I have
Cumberland          County, PA). Married to Rev. John Grove born 1786 E.
Donegal,         PA.

If anyone is interested in the Phillip or Mary Hollinger lines, I have
other decendants.

Yvonne Wyrick

Any help in unsnarling this would be appreciated. I have a Daniel
Hollinger decendant (12 Jan 1764- Lancaster) married to Barbara Groff (8
Feb 1775- also of Lancaster, PA) I also have this man married to Barbara
Nauman (with no marriage date).

According to the Ancestral File Barbara Nauman is his mother not his
wife. Ancestral file also has the father as Daniel Hollinger.

Who is right- the Ancestral File or me?

Yvonne Wyrick

YVONNE  - In the PA baptisms/births = I don't see a Daniel HOLLINGER
born/bap Jan 12, 1764- had to be Somewhere to have the date?
Who are his kids = names, ages, and born where?

ARE these connected to the PHILIP HOLLINGER 1748 and Elizabeth HESS
info you sent on your query - BUT, don't believe YOU sent us their KIDS =
WE NEED the childrens Names/Ages/born when/where and married whom and went
where = SO Others Know You or Them - THANKS - Please Send, marie, iowa

              YVONNE WYRICK <>

I came across the will for Frederick Hess (son of Christian Hess)of
Franklin County, PA at the following URL -

The will mentions several Hollingers that are nephews. Two of Frederick
Hess' sisters married Hollingers. Mary Hess married Jacob Hollinger  and
Elizabeth Hess married Philip Hollinger. Both families had sons who were
left money from this estate.  There is an Abraham Hollinger who is also
mentioned as a nephew however I can't place him with parents. Does
anyone know who this nephew is?

Additionally Frederick Hess left money to his nephew Samuel Hess and to
his wife Susanna. Would anyone know if Susanna is possibly Susanna
Storer? Just wondering.

Yvonne Grove Wyrick

             YVONNE WYRICK <>

I have ties to this Hollinger family, I think also your Abraham
Hollinger. Don't know if I can help. But will try. Contact me at Sorry I must be brief. I just returned tonight after 11
days away. I have a lot of messages to look at.
Yvonne Grove Wyrick

kestuart wrote:
Does anyone have ties to this family?
> Family Group Record
> =======================================================================
> ===================
> Husband: John HOLLINGER
> -----------------------------------------------------------------------
> -------------------
>        Birth: May 23 1798    Franklin co, PA
>        Death: Dec 6 1866

I have a direct decendant Mary Hollinger from Franklin County, PA who is
the sister of Susan Hollinger Bonebrake. I have some information on this
line and some information on the Bonebrake family. I have one problem
with the line.  Here it is.  Philip Hollinger- I have him listed as a
brother to Johan Niklaus Hollinger and not as his son. Does anyone else
have this descrepancy or can someone show me where I went wrong. Please
contact me if you need information on any of the siblings of Philip

Yvonne Grove Wyrick

I just posted but wanted to give some additional information.
Jacob Nicholas Hollinger was married I believe to Catherine Elizabeth
Bauer daughter of Peter or Philip Schwem Bauer.

I can't confirm it. The information was given to me by Jack Clopper
another decendant of Philip Hollinger throught his daughter Elizabeth.
He sites his source as Pennyslvania Mennonite Heritage magazine April
1991. Under the article Our Ancestor submitted by Esther Horst Reid. She
provided the Hollinger information which I cite. There is also
additional Hess information listed.

Yvonne Grove Wyrick