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Their [Myles & Johanna's] son James, who became my grandfather, married Annie Cecilia Neil on Sept. 25, 1895. When the Neil family emigrated from Ireland to live in Canada they added the O' to their name and all Grandma's brothers and sisters became O'Neil to this day. The D'Arcy branch of the family who came west dropped the apostrophe from their name and became plain Darcy. Their eldest child, Reta Eileen Darcy (my mother) was born June 21, 1896. Mom was horrified when she sent to Glenelg County for her birth certificate and found that she had been registered as Reta Eulalia when she had thought her second name was Eileen. She definitely did not switch to her baptismal name!

A second child, Elwood, was born in Glenelg County near Traverton in 1898 and in that year the family moved west to find their fortune in that part of the North West Territories which is now Saskatchewan. They first went to Rocanville, but I have no idea what me grandfather (we called him Papa) did there. In 1901 they moved to Moosomin, Sask., where he operated a livery stable for some years. Both Frank (1901) and Leonard (1910) were born there. Later the family moved to Grenfell, Sask., where they opened a bakery and teashop. With four small children I don't know how Grandma managed. When we used to drive to Calgary we usually stopped in Grenfell for lunch and we ate in a restaurant in the middle of the block which Mom said could very easily be the original bakery our grandparents had.

Their next move was to Wolsely where my mother completed her education in the convent. Some years ago we took Mom and Reg to Wolsely where Mom visited with a friend she had had from her convent days, and we saw the church she had attended where the priest had painted a mural on the wall which is still bright and lovely. With Mom's Grade IX certificate she was qualified to teach in a rural school, but she moved to Glenavon in 1912 with the rest of the family when Papa bought a farm. To the Irish, owning a piece of land was the ultimate goal and Papa was prepared to work hard. Their last child Marguerite was born July 8, 1914.

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