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Bacchus parades in New Orleans, Louisiana.
Bacchus was founded in 1968 and will hold its 31st anniversary parade in 1999.

Bacchus' theme for 1999 is A Tribute to Jules Verne.

Bacchus will have 27 floats in 1999 including several signature floats. The signature floats include: Bacchusaurus (a dinosaur), King Kong, Mamma Kong and Baby Kong, The three piece Bacchagator (which appeared as an albino alligator for the first time in 1997), and Baccha-Whoppa (a whale).

Bacchus is named for the Roman god of wine.

Bacchus always has a celebrity monarch.

Bacchus has approximately 950 members.

Bacchus has a web site which can be found at:


The History of Bacchus

Bacchus is the lusty mythological ruler of wine who returns kindness extended to him by his subjects with a "gift of the grape." The Carnival Krewe of Bacchus was formed 30 years ago and it changed the way the Mardi Gras celebration had been conducted for more than a hundred years.
Owen "Pip" Brennan Jr. and a group of 13 friends got together at Brennan's Restaurant and decided to form Bacchus. It was conceived to put spark back into business flat times and the celebration itself. Brennan and his friends opened the Mardi Gras celebration to tourists, ignoring the "shalt nots" who ruled the rigid Carnival religion prior to that time. They could attend the ball and fully participate in the gala festivities. Another first was the introduction of celebrities as King of Bacchus. Take a look at a complete list of the 30 Kings and Themes of Bacchus The King receives no compensation except expenses for themselvs and their entourage (usually 4 - 6 people).
Bacchus started with 250 members and 15 floats. The cost of the first parade in 1969 was approximately $100,000. The Parade today costs between $1 million and $2 million. It has grown to over 950 members and more than 25 floats including several Trademark Super Floatssuch as the Bacchagator, the Bacchasaurus, and the Baccha-Whoppa.
Our Parade is held on the Sunday before Mardi Gras Day and draws crowds of several hundred thousands every year. See a few parade photos here.
Our parade route travels 6 1/2 miles through New Orleans and we end up bringing all the massive floats, the marching bands, and other ceremonial escort groups inside the Morial Convention Center for a "small" party of over 5000 guests from all over the country. This is a black tie affair for everybody except the members who remain in costume. It is really amusing to watch the guests in their finery crawling on the floor for beads, cups, and other Bacchus throws! The party is known as the Rendezvous and celebrity entertainment adds to the festive atmosphere.

Bacchus Kings
Super Floats

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