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Associations must allow owners to install shutters but may restrict them by style and appearance. Associations may also order you to install shutters, laminated glass or window film. If you disagree, try to change rules now; you can't call a meeting when the storm is approaching.

Condominium and apartment dwellers near the beach will be ordered to evacuate. If you are farther inland and not in a flood zone, you're safer staying put.

Remove all loose items from the porch, patio or sun deck. Close and lock windows, sliding glass doors and shutters. Wedge patio doors.

If you're going to ride out the storm in your apartment, choose a room with the fewest windows or a hallway.

Power can fail before the storm, so elevators won't work. Memorize exits and how many steps they are from your apartment, in case you have to find them in the dark.

Be prepared to move to a lower floor. The higher up you are, the stronger the winds.

Power can fail even before the storm, so avoid elevators as the storm approaches. A power failure also could leave you in the dark, so memorize the exits from your building and how many steps they are from your apartment.

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