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from Bev


I decided a year or so ago that I wanted a duck. So, we have a beautiful male duck and have become so attached to him. We clipped his wings at first but now they must have grown back as he takes off and flies around the neighbors house and back. He is really quite sociable...we put him in his cage and inside every night and let him out every a.m...(so the nocturnals don't get him)...he is constantly about the ankles, billing. So much fun...

from JoanB


I love ducks too! We had them as a kid and my dad originally got them for us to EAT but they were so cute and darling that he let them live and we ate the ugly Turkeys and Chickens instead.

We have wild ducks that live here in the apartment complex and they have a nice little pond-lake on the other side but we have our "regulars" that stay on our side. I put out cracked corn, sunflower seeds and of course water and bread crumbs and etc., They are so sweet and darling and never hurt a soul. The have problems with their little feet though and my husband says it is from the dogs and foxes. I wish I had little tennis shoes to put on all of them. Just precious they are with their little duck bodies and they can be quite vociferous little quackers.

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