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Easter is the holiday of spring, hope, and new life. From prehistoric times, people everywhere have rejoiced to welcome spring. The awakening of the earth after its long winter sleep has been observed with feasting, singing, dancing and worship.

In America and most European countries, Easter is traditionally a Christian holiday. On this day, Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead, as it is told in the Bible. This holy day celebrates the triumph of life over death.

You can read the full story, as told in the Gospel,
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The Easter Story

Historically, the resurrection of Christ occurred at the time of the Jewish feast of Passover (called "Pesach" in Hebrew). In the early years of Christianity, Jewish Christians observed the resurrection and Passover together on the 14th day of Nisan, the Jewish month roughly corresponding with April.

However, Gentile Christians celebrated the resurrection every Sunday with a special emphasis on the Sunday closest to Nisan 14. To settle this difference, at the Nicene Council in 325 A.D., churchmen fixed the date of Easter on the first Sunday following the Paschal full moon. This is the first full moon after the vernal equinox, March 21. This system is still followed today. Therefore, Easter Sunday moves between March 22 and April 25.

The term "Easter" was first used when Christianity was introduced to the Saxons. Prior to this time the Saxons had held an annual feast in honor of the ancient Teutonic goddess of spring, Eostre. The name was transferred to the Christian observance of Christ's resurrection.

People of many lands and languages have given names to the celebration of spring. Through the years a great assortment of customs and traditions have developed. As people have emigrated, their customs have blended with native observances, till now the arrival of spring is acknowledged in a multitude of ways. But wherever and however Easter is kept, it is universally a joyous, happy day!


The Gospel In Song - Handel's "Messiah"

Midis and Oratorio

"On the 13th April, 1742, the music hall in Dublin resounded to the applause of an enthusiastic audience. For the first time in history, the great musical oratorio, Messiah, had been presented; and the conductor on that occasion, was none other than the composer himself, George Frederick Handel. Since then, it has been rendered time and again, in all parts of the world, and thousands of people have sat enthralled by the majestic choruses, and moving solos, of this wonderful oratorio."


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"The Twelve Voices of Easter"

"This RealAudio and visual drama written by
Dr. Woodrow Kroll and Keith Ghormley will
enrich your understanding of Easter.
'The Twelve Voices of Easter' is best experienced with the
RealAudio plug-in
and a modem speed of 28.8 or faster."


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