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Here are some fun games just for Easter!

Egg Hunt

Each year I have an easter egg hunt for the smaller kids in the family. In order to keep things somewhat fair...I hide dozens of plastic eggs empty. Once the kids find all the eggs they turn them in for a special bag of goodies. It doesn't matter how many or how few of eggs the kids find...they all get the same amount of goodies. This really prevents them from getting upset at the end of the hunt if a cousin happens to find more eggs than another because they all know they will still get the same amount of treats. .

Egg Roll

Here is another easter game my children love. We also do this at our church's childrens egg hunt. Mark off a start and stop point anywhere from 5 to 10 feet apart. Using a hard boiled egg ( can be decorated or plain) have the kids down on hands and knees. Roll the egg across the floor using only there noses. The first one to the finish line without touching the egg with their hands is the grand champion nose roller.

Easter Fairness

Each year my family hosts a GIANT Easter egg hunt for the children at our church. Since ages range from toddlers to 5th or 6th grade we have come up with a way that is fair for all. Each child is asked to bring 12 plastic Easter eggs filled with goodies. After the eggs are hidden, the children are told that when they've found 12, to come sit down until everyone has found that many. When all the children have found that amount, we send them out to find the rest (I always provide about 50 extra.) The kids have a great time and everyone goes home happy!

Capture the Egg

You might have heard of "capture the flag" this is just the Easter vesion. Divide a group of kids into two groups. Each team has four eggs.They place the eggs on the gound in a row and then run to the other teams side and try to take there eggs back to their side without getting touched.
If they do get touched they have to stand still until one of their teammates can free them by touching them on the shoulder.

Easter Fun Hunt

First you paint however many eggs you want to then leave one blank [no paint on it] and not boiled then who ever finds it has to pass it back and forth to every body. you don't pass it in a circle the person who finds it has to pass to one person then back to him or her, then pass it to someone else thats my Easter game!

Easter Egg Hunt

Every other year I have an Easter Egg hunt at my Grandma's house. Every child who comes to her house for Easter has their own special spot to find eggs. I usualy have to look at a nearby park. Some of my cousins have to search one of the neighbors yards. Then we come into the house and count the money that's hidden in the eggs!! Sometimes their are sheets of paper that you can hand in for a gift!

Easter Fairness

Every year my mother has a basket for each of us and to keep people from taking eggs that aren't theirs my mom has a different colour for each of us to find. Eg. yellow for my sister, green for my brother. And because I don't like pure chocolate my mom hides candy caramels instead! It works and there is never a fight. Besides you can trade hints about where a sibling saw one of your eggs so you don't get stuck.

Easter Hat Parade

Give everyone a white baseball cap.
(can be found at any craft store)
Give many materials such as ribbon, elastic, colored fabric, etc... then, after they're done have them walk in a sort of parade to show off their Easter hats.
*Optional--have judges to pick winners such as prettiest, scariest, most original and so on.

Bunny Tag

I have a game we use to play its called bunny tag and you play it like this: you pick a person to be it and everybody hops around ...if you run you're automatically it.
Have fun this Easter.

Golden Easter Egg

One of the best egg hunts my kids will tell anyone about is when mom hides one glittery gold Easter egg with a dollar in it. The kids had fun. It was not expensive and the winner of the golden egg is a real delight. I always tell my kids that the younger ones get the eggs in plain view and the older ones must look harder. They also have a limit to how many they can find this way all get their fair share.

Bunny, Bunny, Hop....

This game is just like duck duck goose, with 2 changes.
1. Obviously, the words change to "bunny" as you tap each child, and "hop" when one child is selected.
2. Instead of running around the circle, players hop with their feet together.
We found these results to be more fun than duck duck goose. When you start with a great original game which kids already know and like, it doesn't take much to explain the new rules and see their excitement soar! We played this with 6th graders and kindergarten buddies together and they loved it!

Matching Game

As a Kindergarten teacher I use this game for all holidays.
Depending on the number of children it takes 10-20 minutes.
For Halloween I print the children's names on pumpkins and hide the pumpkins all around the room. I give them one with their name printed on it for them to use as a model. Early in the school year this is enough of a challenge!

At Christmas I do it again using trees or stars. This time I give them a letter and they have to find five more that match. Sometimes I give them the lower case and they have to find the upper case matches.

For Valentine's Day I give them 2 and 3 digit numbers in varying sequences. I always give them one as a reference and they have to find the others to match.

By Easter they are really good at how to play the game. I hide egg shaped paper with letters all over the room. On the egg that I give them for reference it has one word e.g. Spring or Easter. They have to find the six letters that spell Spring and put them in the correct order. I have also used this for a unit on spiders where they find the letters to spell spider.

I have always found that they love this game and have even used it for my nephew's birthday parties. When hiding 42 sets of letters for my double Kindergarten class, I make piles of complete class sets to hide so I don't end up hiding all one child's eggs at one end of the room. After they have shown me their complete set they help a friend to find theirs.

Give it a try! It works, it's fun, it's educational and it works off excess energy on special days!

Egg Toss

No Easter games can be complete
without a round of egg toss.

People pair-off and face each other at a starting line. each pair is given one egg. An official blows a whistles (or shouts some appropriate term), and each person takes a large step backwards. The person in each pair with the egg tosses it to the person without. When all couples have completed their toss, the official signals for a second round and the process repeats (large step backward, toss, pause, etc, etc).
If a couple does not successfully complete its toss, and the egg has not broken, they return to the starting line. If it breaks, they're out. The couple that's left in the end (presumably far away from the starting line) wins.
Use raw eggs for maximum excitement. Game is best with at least five couples.

Egg Crazy!!

Dye 10 eggs.Then boil for seven minutes. The person who cracks and eats the most wins.

Easter Egg Hunt

I love Easter Egg Hunts! The only problem is that usually one kid gets a ton of candy and some kids hardly get any. I think it should be fun for everybody.

My sister in-law has a great idea that really works. She puts out an equal number of eggs for each participant, with their names written on them. This way nobody has to run over others grabbing in that traditional "greedfest" attitude.
I am trying something new this year with the hunt at our church. We are explaining that Jesus Christ gave his life, and Easter can be a time of giving--so in our hunt we will tell the children to find a treat for their own basket, then find one for someone else. This will repeat itself until the hunt is over. I have also gone to a hunt where a few adults with bags of candy walked around sneaking candy into empty baskets.

Chocolate Egg Hunt

An adult can hide chocolate eggs in grass. Then, the children have to find them. The child who finds a chocolate egg with a number or sticker on it wins a prize. Also, whoever finds the most eggs gets a prize too.

Egg Hunt

Great game for kids and big kids too!
Purchase plastic Easter eggs and put numbers in them. Each number should correspond to a gift for the adults. Have the children hide the plastic eggs for their parents.
Plastic eggs with numbers can also be hidden by the parents for the children with numbers that correspond to children's prizes.

Duck Pond

Put plastic ducks in water and the children pull out a duck and get the prize associated with that duck. You could put numbers or shapes on the bottom of the ducks.


Each child is given the name of an animal with three children having the same name. No one is allowed to tell another which animal he is. At the signal each child makes the noise of the animal that he has been given. The first group of three animals to find each other and sit down are the winners.

Spoon Walk

Put an egg (can also use a marshmallow) on a spoon and walking across an area; make an obstacle course if you like. Can also play where you have to pass it to a partner to go back to the beginning is fun. If the egg is dropped, you have to start over. Grown ups have to put the spoon in their mouths.

You can also play hide and seek: all of the people who are hiding must balance an object on a spoon as they dash for a hiding spot. If it falls, that's where they have to hide.

Animal Relay

The players form two lines with equal numbers on each team. The first animal on each team is an animal, the second a different animal. On the word "go", the first person acts like the animal they represent, run, hop or crawl to a given place and back. The next person then acts like their animals and so on until one team is finished and sitting down. Use animals such as kangaroos, bunnies, dogs, cats etc... Bean Bag Relays - Walk/run/hop with bag on head/between knees/between feet. Leap Frog - Well... you know.

Duck races

Players line up on a start line. At the signal, they must all bend over and grasp their ankles. The first one to waddle to the finish line without letting go of their ankles, wins.
Adult fun too!

It's always fun to watch the kids hunt for Easter Eggs but have you ever saw a bunch of adults act like children. Or, should I say, have as much fun. My mom started this a few years back and, boy, do we ever look forward now more so for Easter. Except what the meaning really is. Anyway she puts money into the plastic eggs, anywhere from a couple dollars up to five or ten. Then her and dad go hide them. Let the adults go and watch them act as children again.

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