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Q: Should I turn off the electrical power to my house before the hurricane arrives?
A: No. Leave the power on. You may unplug most appliances, but keep your refrigerator and freezer plugged in and set to the coldest setting.

Q: Should I shut the gas off to my house at the main?
A: Shut gas off to individual appliances inside the home if accessible. Do not turn it off at the outside meter.

Q: Should I leave one window partly open, as with a tornado?
A: No. It will only allow wind and water into your home to do more damage.

Q: What kind of tape should I buy for my windows?
A: Tape is practically useless. Put your money into plywood instead. If you want to tape the windows after that, go with inexpensive masking tape. Strapping tape or duct tape won't stop a hurricane.

Q: I live in a development with a great deal of construction. Who is responsible for removing the construction materials before the storm?
A: The developer is responsible for securing the construction site.

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