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Reunion discussion thread... (part 1)

In order to serve so many people we ate at an armory.

I've coordinated several reunions (hate to admit it). We've had dinner dances with spouse (about $50/couple) allow to pay the dj or band, etc, luncheons -- ladies only -- I attended an all-girl school, dinners, they have been at the school or other locations. My sister has a "weekend reunion" There will be a family picnic, dinner dance, and luncheon. You can attend any or all of the events. Some have suggested a pizza party at the school. Some have gone to Vegas as a group with travel agents setting up the rooms, etc. I guess it depends on the group. A questionnaire is always helpful. But not too many questions. Also include a deadline for returns. Get a committee to help you. There is a lot of work involved.

At my 10th class reunion weekend, I had the time of my life. I paid $50 a couple for me and my husband but I would of paid more! One major piece of advice - my brother's reunion is this summer and his class officers hired a consultant to plan the reunion and it's costing them a fortune! Don't do that - it's hard work planning one, but worth it.

We had a casual get together on Friday night at a local restaurant/bar. It was not air conditioned and we liked to burned up. We won't do that again, but the owner was a classmate and we got to rent the bar side for free and it was closed to the public. We hired a band made up of mostly classmates or THS (Tupelo, MS) grads. We had free finger foods and soft drinks. You registered there andreceived your free t-shirt and class book. The book told all about the grads now and their address and such. If anyone wanted to order food or drinks, it was on them.

Saturday we had a family picnic at a park. Everyone brought their kids and ate bbq that was catered in. We had the usual bbq stuff and soft drinks. Everyone just visited and saw each others kids. It was fun too and low keyed. The kids
ran around playing. This is where we voted for things like most changed, least changed, longest married, etc.

Saturday night was at a banquet hall with a band and finger foods and soft drinks. There was a cash bar. It was fun but too small. We plan for a larger place at the 20th. We had a display memorializing those who had died and a display of memorabilia. It was fun and I loved it!

A friend of mine on country recipes said at her husband reunion this summer, she compiled a cook book and household tips of the classmates.

My 30th reunion is coming up in a couple of weeks. We have pretty much a set plan for each reunion. Friday night we meet at the local Elks club for registration and social gathering. Saturday afternoon we all do a community service. This year we're washing cars for Literacy. Last time we collected money for DARE. Saturday night we have a dinner somewhere at $50/couple complete with a dj and reading of the class will and class prophecy. Sunday either someone hosts a backyard bbq or we go to the local swimming hole. A few reunions ago we combined forces with area school reunions and brought the Beatles (impersonators of course) to town! Boy, we rocked! Even our kids were dancing!

My high school (an all girls school) also hosts a yearly reunion luncheon. It includes an update of the past year, recognition of special accomplishments and a huge raffle. All prizes are donated and most recently they've been organized into gift baskets. A basket of tickets to play/movies and coupons for popcorn or a basket of new baby items or gardening items or artsy items or craft items, etc. Then on the day of the luncheon tickets are sold and you can place a ticket(s) in a small box in front of each of the gifts you want (small kleenex boxes work great). Numbers are drawn and prizes are claimed. What fun.

A few years ago I was visiting an aunt in Millinocket, Maine. It happened to be "Reunion Weekend" The town invited all past graduates to a dinner dance. My cousin and her husband were attending and asked me to go too. (I spent the evening talking to the spouse. The town had graduation pictures from each class in all the storefront windows. It was neat to cruise up and down the streets and find the appropriate class.

Also a good thing to do is to include memorabilia from your time in high school. Include such things as a gym uniform, prom bids, special newsletters, funny stories, we had dumb-looking uniforms. Someone on the committee kept all these things.

Before or after each meal- guests sign with ink the linen table cloth - after the cloth gets embroidered and is used as a wall hanging to remember everyone who has visited. I think it would be great at a reunion then embroider it to pass around the families who hold the next reunion event...