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Reunion discussion thread... (part 2)

Folks, I need your advice. Our family reunion is in the final stages of preparation. I want to publicize it--where would you suggest?

a. newspapers--personal columns
b. internet--genweb
c. special web page
d. notices to lists--what's the nettiquette on this? Are there lists for family reunions and the like?
e. look up names and addresses over the internet and send out invitations
f. what else?????

I can think of the Everton's Genealogical Helper Magazine, might be other magazines pertaining to Genealogy. Also the libraries that the family name might be researched by other genealogist....

First of all, we always spend Saturday morning and early afternoon doing something for charity. We had a car wash for the Literacy Volunteers of America and raised over $600. Then last night was the dinner dance at the Elks. We did the Electric Slide, the Macarena, the Twist, the Stroll, and a wild conga line! There was a hula hoop contest and beach balls everywhere for us to throw around. Only one person was drunk and he was so funny that all the women, including me, were lined up waiting to dance with him. Great food, lots of fun and laughter.

I am a couple of days past due on reading but in answer to your inquiry about family reunions---we used to have one each summer in the park nearest my aunt's house. There was a creek there for swimming and lots of trees, playground equipment etc. and aunt Mildred would go reserve about 5 long picnic tables by putting tablecloths on them and sitting there "guarding them" until some of us showed up to cover the tables with food and dishes.

Each family would bring their own table settings and we'd all bring various potluck dishes...all the best food and cooking, watermelon, desserts..... sometimes the aunts & uncles with motor homes would bring them so some of the food could be heated in microwaves or propane ovens. Lots of good fun, conversations, showing off the newest younguns, etc. No money involved, just all of us sharing our good food and memories. Sometimes some would play some cards or games on the tables after eating. The kids and younger folks would go swimming and playing on the swings and stuff.

Folks, for those of you planning family reunions, a couple of suggestions:

1. Two years in advance is about the right length of lead time for the first one. Some folks will still try to tell you that you didn't invite them in time.

2. You probably need to send out two sets of invitations, the first suggesting a date, time and place, but asking for suggestions and support, which should go out about 6 months in advance; the second one with specifics and including a sheet to return with specifics like how many are coming and asking for a donation.

3. Color photocopies of photos really make the day, especially if put up on a board of some kind.

4. It is worthwhile to search the internet address lists and send invites to people nearby (say in the same state?) and write something like: "looking for descendants of Mary Jane Smith Jones. I have genealogical information to share."

5. Don't be discouraged if it seems like nobody will be coming. Some unexpected folk call at the last moment. Even a smallish crowd can be fun; I am more concerned that everybody have a good time than that a lot of people turn up.