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Parents' Guidelines
For A Safe And Happy Halloween!

Don't let your kids go trick or treating unsupervised.

Don't allow your children to eat treats that you are unsure of and that are not wrapped.

Make sure your children have something reflective on their costumes so that they will be safer when crossing the streets in the dark.

Be positive your children can see where they are going and that they can breathe with their masks on.

Tell your children that no matter how enticing the treats offered them, they are NEVER to go into the home or car of someone they don't know!

Make sure you chaperone older kid's Halloween parties.

Don't drink and drive!


Halloween Safety Tips For Kids

~Have parents always check candy before allowing child to eat it.

~Always carry a flashlight when trick-or-treating.

~Always wear reflective clothing when trick-or-treating.

~Never eat candy that looks open.

~Do not eat apples unless your parents check them first.

~Never go to a house when the lights are off.

~Make sure you can see clearly when wearing a mask.

~Look both ways before crossing the street.

~Always go trick-or-treating with an adult.

~Always say 'thank you' when receiving treats.

~Dress warmly before going trick-or-treating.

~Be sure to brush your teeth after eating treats!


Crime Dog Delivers Halloween Safety
Over the Internet

Kids and parents can now use the Internet to receive Halloween crime prevention and safety tips from McGruff(R) the Crime Dog.

A new Web site at will offer children a new safety and crime prevention tip each week during October, which is National Crime Prevention Month. Kids can also sign-up for a round-up of McGruff Halloween information including: Halloween safety tips, inexpensive recipe ideas, jokes and a math game. The Halloween information will be delivered via e-mail.

"We've heard a lot about the negative issues surrounding the Internet, but this is one example of using this tool in a positive way to help children be safe," said Louis G. Dominguez of the National Crime Prevention Council.

In an effort to help make Internet access safe for children, this site offers free download availability of the three top software programs for controlling and restricting Internet activities.

The Web site includes:

Sections for parents to share their ideas about safety
Links to other crime prevention resources on the Internet
Ordering information for three popular McGruff booklets: McGruff Safe Kids Identification Kit, McGruff Halloween Safety Kit for Kids, and McGruff Safety Kit -- Kids on Wheels (Balancing Fun and Safety).

Information about other McGruff educational products, including Halloween bags, coloring books, crayons, "McGruff" and "Scruff" plush dolls, pencils and stickers.

The Web site was developed by Minneapolis-based marketing firm of Boerner, Inc. in cooperation with the National Crime Prevention Council. The Web site and all McGruff Safe Kids crime prevention materials are produced following an extensive research and development process that includes reviews by law enforcement professionals, educators, parents and children. Boerner, Inc. is an official licensee of the National Crime Prevention Council.

McGruff the Crime Dog, an icon of crime prevention, celebrates his 20th anniversary in 2000. His power is demonstrated by the $56 million in public-service advertising support for his "Take A Bite Out Of Crime" campaign in 1996.

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