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Leave the water level alone. If you drain it more than a few feet below normal and the ground becomes saturated, the pool's shell could pop out of the ground, even if it's concrete. In addition, damage from projectiles is greater to exposed pool surfaces.

Turn off the power to the pump motor, lights and other equipment at the circuit box.

If the motor is exposed and you live in a flood-prone area, remove the pump and store it indoors. Otherwise, try to wrap it with a waterproof cover and tie securely.

Remove automatic pool cleaners, pool blankets and covers and take them inside.

Super-chlorinate or double the chemicals you normally add to reduce contamination and infestation by mosquitoes and other insects.

Stock up on chemicals; you'll need to "shock'' the pool after the storm.

Don't throw patio furniture in the pool because chemicals will harm or ruin most furniture, and furniture can scratch the pool's sides and bottom.

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