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Hume Castle Photos Group II

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HCasml07.jpgCloseup of entrance gate with Home Crest

HCasml08.jpgWell inside Hume Castle walls covered with iron grate

HCasml09.jpgView inside walls of Hume Castle

HCasml10.jpgView from observation deck inside Hume Castle

HCasml13.jpgLocation finder placed on observation deck by Berwickshire Naturalists Club

HCasml11.jpgView from Hume Castle to southeast

HCasml12.jpgView from Hume Castle to south

HCasml14.jpgView from Hume Castle to west

HCasml15.jpgView from Hume Castle to northwest

HCasml16.jpgView from Hume Castle to northwest along castle wall

HCasml17.jpgView from Hume Castle to north

HCasml18.jpgVillage of Hume, just below and north of Hume Castle

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