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Clan Home Gathering Photos

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2008 Scotland Gathering

2008ClanHome01.jpgClan Home Gathering at The Hirsel in August 2008

2008ClanHome02.jpgLord Home greeting Clan Home members at The Hirsel

2008ClanHome03.jpgTea at Hume Castle

2008ClanHome04.jpgJim Hume, one of the MSP's for the South of Scotland, attending the Tea at Hume Castle

2008ClanHome05.jpgClan Home banner raised at Hume Castle

2008ClanHome06.jpgClan Home banner

2008ClanHome07.jpgMembers of Clan Home attending the Tea at Hume Castle

2008ClanHome08.jpgClan Home dinner at Paxton House

2008ClanHome09.jpgClan Home dinner at Paxton House

2008ClanHome10.jpgClan Home dinner at Paxton House

2008ClanHome11.jpgClan Home dinner at Paxton House

2008ClanHome12.jpgClan Home dinner at Paxton House

2008ClanHome13.jpgMusic was provided by Mairi Campbell and Dave Francis at Wedderburn Castle

2008ClanHome14.jpgMembers of Clan Home enjoy the entertainment at Wedderburn Castle

2008ClanHome15.jpgMembers of Clan Home enjoyed a rousing reel at Wedderburn Castle

Additional pictures of the events and sights from the 2008 Clan Home gathering can be seen at the following links:
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2005 Hume Castle Hand-Over

2005ClanHome01.jpgMembers of Clan Home, members of the Berwickshire Civic Society, members of the Scottish Borders Council and residents of the village of Hume gather at Hume Castle on 31 August 2005

2005ClanHome02.jpg'Stane & Turf' ceremony - Colonel Simon Furness, who, as chairman of the Berwickshire Civic Society, handed over Hume Castle to Dr. Ian Maitland Hume representing the Hume Castle Preservation Trust

2005ClanHome03.jpgLord Home addressing the attendees at the hand-over

2005ClanHome04.jpgMembers of Clan Home descend from Hume Castle

2005ClanHome05.jpgAttendees after the ceremony

2005ClanHome06.jpgAttendees after the ceremony

2003 Scotland Gathering

2003ClanHome01.jpgClan Home Gathering at The Hirsel in June 2003

2003ClanHome02.jpgView of The Hirsel

2003ClanHome03.jpgClan Home descending from Hume Castle

2003ClanHome04.jpgTea at Hume Castle

2003ClanHome05.jpgClan Home dinner at Paxton House

2003ClanHome06.jpgClan Home dinner at Paxton House

2001 Scotland Gathering

2001ClanHome01.jpgSixteen members of the Clan Home Society from the USA met in the Borders area of Scotland in June 2001

2001ClanHome02.jpgMen of Clan Home

2001ClanHome03.jpgScotty and Philly Holmes

2001ClanHome04.jpgA luncheon meeting was hosted by Rosemary and Dr. Ian Maitland Hume at their home on Eastfield Farm, Greenlaw, Berwickshire, Scotland

2001ClanHome05.jpgScene from Eastfield Farm

2001ClanHome06.jpgScene from Eastfield Farm

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