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Descendants of John Hunt (1)

Generation One

1. John1 Hunt (1) was born circa 1695. He married Thankful Galpin (2), daughter of Benjamin Galpin (6) and Rebecca Brown (5), after 1727. He died circa 1780. His estate was probated on 18 Aug 1780.
From Mitchell Hunt's The Early Hunt Families of Sharon, Litchfield County, CT: William Richard Cutter's Genealogy and Family History of Central New York (Vol. 1, Lewis Historical Publishing Co., 1912) has articles on John Hunt and his alleged brother Dr. Japhet Hunt, by family legend two of "three brothers who came from England." Wyman's 1862-3 Genealogy of the Hunt Family has some records on Japhet and some on the descendants of his presumed brother John. There are many inconsistencies in the records. Cutter describes John Hunt, the brother of Japhet, as living near Japhet and living nearly 100 years; identifies the five Hunts who were heads of families in the 1790 census of Hillsdale, Columbia County, NY, as Japhet, his brother John, and John's sons John, Pelatiah, and Samuel. Pelatiah was said to be brother to Gideon and Seth (two known sons of the subject John Hunt). Samuel was said to be nephew of Japhet and son of John Hunt. Records of Woodbury and Roxbury, Connecticut show contradictions. The subject John Hunt (alleged brother of Japhet) died by 1780 (when his will was probated at Woodbury, Ct.) so he obviously was not the John in Hillsdale, NY in 1790. John had a son John who died at Roxbury, Ct., 22 July 1790, and his will was probated at Woodbury, Ct., 25 Aug. 1790. It is theoretically possible that the younger John was in Hillsdale, NY in the 1790 Census but this is questionable. Japhet had a son John who was not married until 1791 so would not be the John who was head of a family in Hillsdale, NY in 1790. The identity of the John Hunts in Hillsdale census of 1790 is still a mystery, albeit there is family legend that the Hunts of Hillsdale came from Roxbury, Ct. The Pelatiah and Samuel in Hillsdale in 1790 are alleged to be sons of the subject John, and this would be possible, but there is no record of their births and they are not mentioned in John's will dated 3 July 1771 and proved 18 August 1780. John Hunt was probably born between 1695 and 1700, though no record of his birth has been found nor other information except for his marriage to Thankful (Galpin) Terrill after 1726 until the birth of their son John is recorded at Woodbury, Ct. 2 June 1733. Thankful Galpin, dau. of Benjamin Galpin and Rebecca Brown was born 1706, married first Timothy Terrill who died in April 1727. Timothy and Thankful had a son Timothy and daughters Emma, Ann, and Olive who appear to have assumed their step-father's name of Hunt. Emma m. in 1765 Isaac Hurd; Ann m. ____ Stoddard; Olive m. David Leavenworth. The date of John Hunt's death has not been discovered but probably 1780 as his will dated 3 July 1771 was probated at Woodbury 18 Aug. 1780. John's will mentions wife Thankful (named executor), sons John, Seth (to whom he left his dwelling house), Simeon, Gideon, and daughters Ann, Olive, Emm, and Rebeckah. (Emm, Olive, and Ann, believed to be his stepchildren.) Thankful Hunt died at Roxbury 25 March 1782. Her will mentions her sons Seth Hunt, Timothy Terril, John Hunt, Simeon Hunt, Gideon Hunt and her daughters Eunice Castle, Ann Stoddard, Olive Leavenworth, Emm Hurd and Rebeckah Stoddard; also her granddaughter Thankful Hunt, dau. of her son John. Cothren's History of ancient Woodbury notes on p 778: In August 1757 there was an alarm for the relief of Fort William Henry. John Hunt and Timothy Terrill were in the group who responded.
He left a will on 3 Jul 1771.
Children of John1 Hunt (1) and Thankful Galpin (2) were as follows:

Generation Two

4. Gideon2 Hunt (16) (John1) was born at Roxbury, Connecticut. He was baptized on 29 May 1743 at Woodbury, Connecticut. He married Tabitha Wakelee (128), daughter of Daniel Wakelee (129) and Rachel Warner (130), on 7 Mar 1765. He died in 1826 at Roxbury, Connecticut.
Children of Gideon2 Hunt (16) and Tabitha Wakelee (128) were as follows:

5. Seth2 Hunt (4) (John1) was born in 1732 at Woodbury, Connecticut. He was born on 4 Mar 1735 at Woodbury, Connecticut. He married Mary Irish (18), daughter of David Irish (19). He died on 8 Jan 1828 at Roxbury, Connecticut.
Children of Seth2 Hunt (4) and Mary Irish (18) were as follows:

6. John2 Hunt (14) (John1) was born on 2 Jun 1733 at Woodbury, Connecticut. He married Elizabeth Minor (110) on 20 Jan 1756. He married Lydia Goodrich (111) on 23 Nov 1779 at Branford, Connecticut. He died on 22 Jul 1790 at Woodbury, Connecticut, at age 57.
Children of John2 Hunt (14) and Elizabeth Minor (110) were as follows:
There were no children of John2 Hunt (14) and Lydia Goodrich (111).

Generation Three

11. Daniel3 Hunt (85) (Gideon2, John1) was born in 1768. He married Esther Goodrich (89) in 1788. He married Hanna Belding (131) on 6 Dec 1804 at Essex, Vermont. He died on 10 Mar 1814.
Children of Daniel3 Hunt (85) and Esther Goodrich (89) were as follows:
There were no children of Daniel3 Hunt (85) and Hanna Belding (131).

16. Thankful3 Hunt (24) (Seth2, John1) married Simeon Pierce (124).
Children of Thankful3 Hunt (24) and Simeon Pierce (124) were as follows:

18. Ransom3 Hunt (22) (Seth2, John1) was born in 1768 at Woodbury, Connecticut. He married Sarah Blaklee (29), daughter of (--?--) Blaklee (30). He died on 18 Sep 1849 at Otego, Otsego County, New York (unknown article title, A Collection of Abstracts from Otsego County, New York Newspaper Obituaried, as compiled by Gertrude Audrey Barber, unknown location. Hereinafter cited as Abstracts of Otsego County.).
Ransom Hunt of Shaftsbury, VT, and Otego, NY From Mitchell J. Hunt's Vermont Hunt Families in 1791: Thomas Wyman's 1862-3 Genealogy of the Name and Family of Hunt has brief mention of Ransom Hunt and some of his family, identifying his parents as Seth and Mary (Irish) Hunt, ancestors not further known. William Cutter's 1912 Genealogy and Family History of Central New York, Vol.1, has similar information but goes astray in identifying the father of Seth as a John Hunt of Hillsdale, Columbia Co., NY, when the parents of Seth were a John and Thankful (Galpin-Terrill) of Woodbury, Ct., of a different family and possibly no relation to the John Hunt of Hillsdale, NY. Considerable information on Ransom Hunt can be found in the 1907 History of Otego, NY, by Stuart B. Blakely, items as follows: Huntsville was named in honor of Ransom Hunt, a prominent pioneer who did much to advance the interests of the little settlement. (P.24) Abram Blaklee and Ransom Hunt, both from Bennington, Vt., were double-brothers-in-law. They are said to have come to the town in 1799, to choose a location, when Blaklee built his frame house, and then to have returned for their families. He (Blaklee) was a peddler and a harness-maker...He had 4 daughters...He is said to have come to Vermont from Danbury, CT, with Ransom Hunt from Roxbury, CT. (P.65) [The house referred to is still standing on Averill St. where it was moved in the 1880s or 1890s; it has recently been improved and renovated..1989.] The log tavern of Ransom Hunt, possibly the one previously used by Elijah Smith and Samuel ?Ydw, stood a little south of the present Otego House [Note: now home of Frances Hall], was bought along with land, from Gouldsbrow Banyar, chiefly. In 1807, Ransom Hunt built a two-storied frame hotel, which he kept for over 30 years. Hunt's Hotel was the center of a large sphere of influence, and here all kinds of meetings were held. At the head of Otsdaws Ravine, Hunt built one of the first saw-mills in town, which, with a distillery near, was sold to Ephriam Sleeper. He erected another saw-mill on "Saw Mill Hill" (back of George Sherman, Jr.'s house). The small grist mill which he built on the site of Jennings' Mill was replaced by a second which he raised in a snowstorm on 8 June 1816. The present grist mill here was built by Follett and French about 1850. [The building was burned in May 1980 while being used as an antique shop.] (P. 67) Among those listed as Otego men who became prominent citizens of the State (NY) is Ransom Hunt, member of the Constitutional Convention of 1821 and Harvey Hunt, Member of Assembly from Otsego County in 1843. (P.125) From the Minutes of the first town meeting of the Town of Huntsville: At the first town meeting in the town of Huntsville held in the house of Ransom Hunt April 30, 1822, in conformity to an Act passed April 12, 1822, for the erection of the said town of Huntsville. (P. 126) The first grist mill in town was erected by Ransom Hunt. (P.133) Page 138 lists expenses of Town of Huntsville incurred at Ransom Hunt's, concerning elections. Page 143 records Hunt's conversation with an Indian concerning the location of a peat pond on the flat near the river on the flat near the Borden ice-houses. Page 144 tells of a fight on Saw Mill Hill after the raising of Hunt's Mill. The fight was to settle differences between the Yankees and the Dutch settlers. The following is a condensed genealogy of Ransom Hunt and his known descendants. Ransom-3 Hunt, b. 1768 in Woodbury-Roxbury, CT, m. Sarah Blaklee (also found as Blakelee), removed to Shaftsbury, Bennington Co., VT (where he is found in 1800 US census), removed with brother-in-law Abram Blaklee to what became Otego, NY (originally named Huntsville, after Ransom Hunt) where he became a prominent citizen; presumably died there but his date of death has not been discovered. Wife Sarah was b. 1768 and died 3 May 1848 (according to Cutter, op.cit.). He lived in 1800 at Shaftsbury, Bennington County, Vermont.
Children of Ransom3 Hunt (22) and Sarah Blaklee (29) were as follows:

19. Truman3 Hunt (20) (Seth2, John1) was born in 1777 at Roxbury, Litchfield County, Connecticut. He married Sarah Porter (28) on 15 Aug 1799 at Pawlet, Vermont. He died on 8 May 1838 at Parma, Monroe County, New York. His estate was probated on 2 Jul 1838 at Rochester, Monroe County, New York.
He lived after 1825 at Hunt's Corner, Parma, Monroe County, New York. He left a will on 16 Mar 1838 at Parma, Monroe County, New York (unknown testator will (n.d.), Monroe County Wills FHL film 0836773: dated 16 Mar 1838, unknown repository, unknown repository address. Hereinafter cited as Monroe County Wills.).
Children of Truman3 Hunt (20) and Sarah Porter (28) were as follows:

23. Thomas Judson3 Hunt (112) (John2, John1) (CT Hunt Families of Sharon, Typed Manuscript, Jul 1985, unknown repository, unknown repository address.) (Ibid.) (Ibid.) was born in 1773 (Ibid.). He married Charlotte (--?--) (113) after 1790. He died on 26 Jun 1858 at Charlotte, Greene County, New York (Ibid.).
Children of Thomas Judson3 Hunt (112) and Charlotte (--?--) (113) were:

Generation Four

24. Harry4 Hunt (90) (Daniel3, Gideon2, John1) was born on 17 Nov 1791. He married Mary Staples (94) on 18 Aug 1817.
Children of Harry4 Hunt (90) and Mary Staples (94) were as follows:

35. Byram4 Hunt (38) (Ransom3, Seth2, John1) was born on 8 Aug 1791 at Roxbury (prob.), Connecticut. He was born on 8 Jan 1798 (unknown title, unknown series, Vol 238; FHL film 837395; marker places age at 70 y 1 m 26 d. Hereinafter cited as Unpublished Cemetery Records of NY.). He married Mehitable Weller (39) on 1 Oct 1815 at Otego, Otsego County, New York. He died on 3 Mar 1868 at age 76 (Ibid., Vol 238' FHL film 837395.). He was buried after 3 Mar 1868 at Cemetery south of Troupsburg, Troupsburg, Steuben County, New York (Ibid., Vol 238; FHL film 837395; marker places age at 70 y 1 m 26 d.).
He was a Baptist minister.
Children of Byram4 Hunt (38) and Mehitable Weller (39) were as follows:

36. Ransom4 Hunt Jr. (32) (Ransom3, Seth2, John1) (unknown household, 1850 US Census, population schedule, unknown repository address, unknown repository, p 151.) was born circa 1803 (Ibid.). He married Mehitable Follet (33).
He lived in 1850 at Otego, Otsego County, New York (Ibid.).
Children of Ransom4 Hunt Jr. (32) and Mehitable Follet (33) were as follows:

37. Harvey4 Hunt (64) (Ransom3, Seth2, John1) was born on 3 Jan 1808 at Otego, Otsego County, New York. He married Louisa Scofield (65) on 5 Mar 1827. He married Wealthy Birdsell (66) after 1843. He died on 30 Nov 1888 at Otego, Otsego County, New York, at age 80.
He appeared on the census of 25 Jun 1870 at Otego, Otsego County, New York (Harvey Hunt, 25 June 1870 New York, Otsego County, Population Schedule, unknown repository address, unknown repository, Harvey, age 62, found with Wealthy, age 56, Dwight, age 22, William age 19, and James, age 14.).
Children of Harvey4 Hunt (64) and Louisa Scofield (65) were as follows:
Children of Harvey4 Hunt (64) and Wealthy Birdsell (66) were as follows:

49. George4 Hunt (114) (Thomas3, John2, John1) was born in 1810. He married Sally (--?--) (115) after 1825.
Children of George4 Hunt (114) and Sally (--?--) (115) were:

Generation Five

55. Thomas Jefferson5 Hunt (101) (Harry4, Daniel3, Gideon2, John1) was born on 20 May 1829. He married Mary Langdon (107) on 22 Feb 1853.
Children of Thomas Jefferson5 Hunt (101) and Mary Langdon (107) were as follows:

62. Daniel W.5 Hunt (43) (Byram4, Ransom3, Seth2, John1) was born on 28 Apr 1821. He married Sally Ann Wakelee (44).
Children of Daniel W.5 Hunt (43) and Sally Ann Wakelee (44) were as follows:

64. David B.5 Hunt (49) (Byram4, Ransom3, Seth2, John1) was born on 29 Dec 1825. He married Harriet (--?--) (50).
He was ordained (Baptist minister).
Children of David B.5 Hunt (49) and Harriet (--?--) (50) were:

80. Albert5 Hunt (72) (Harvey4, Ransom3, Seth2, John1) married Adelaide Bates (73).
He lived in 1912 at Binghamton, Broome County, New York.
Children of Albert5 Hunt (72) and Adelaide Bates (73) are as follows:

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