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My Eboch Family Tree

By: Rick and Kim Eboch Lawson

William Ferdinand Eboch (died 03-28-1888) was married to Eunice (Bond) Eboch (died 04-11-1898).

William Ferdinand Eboch's father was Ferdinand Ibach and his grandfather was Ferdinand Wilhelm Ibach.  (Ferdinand Wilhelm Ibach came over from Germany with his brother Charles Frederick Ibach on the ship Columbia and arrived in Philadelphia on April 17, 1796).

William Ferdinand and Eunice (Bond) Eboch had the following children:

* TWIN Thomas Jefferson Eboch (1855-1941) married Margaret (Haworth) Eboch their children are:

John F. Eboch(1888-1967)                       Helen "Virginia" Eboch

married   11-25-1916                                married  09-23-1914 

Susan Guszak(1893-1965)                       Samuel M. Nickel (1883-1916) 

John had a daughter Virginia who married Harold Sheriff.

Helen "Virginia" Eboch had 2 children Sarah Jane Nickel (1916-1917) and Baby Nickel (1915).

Thomas Jefferson Eboch was known by my family as Uncle Jeff who had a twin brother named James Monroe Eboch.

*TWIN  James Monroe Eboch (died 08-25-1931)


Esther McClellan

They had one son named:

Theodore Harold Eboch (1880-1934)

married 04-30-1900

Anne West(1883-1928)

Theodore Harold Eboch had the following children:  Hobart West Eboch (1902-1939); Mary Elizabeth  (died as an infant); Anne Catherine born 1917 (married Salvatore Rocci); James Monroe Eboch born 1919. 

I have the following info on James Monroe Eboch who married Pauline Agnes Jackson their children were: Janice Anne Eboch born 1948; James Monroe Eboch, Jr. born 1950; Edward Jacob Eboch born 1952; Norman Lee Eboch born 1956; Barbara May Eboch born 1961; Daniel Jackson Eboch born 1963.

Other children of William and Eunice are as follows:

Hannah Augusta Eboch married William Steel (unknown if any children).

Catherine O. Eboch (supposedly never married)  I do show at one point she is listed in a turn of the century directory in Philipsburg as widowed.

Sarah Jane Eboch married Daniel Paul (2 babies died at birth) and one son Harry Paul.

Robert D. Eboch married ?  his children are Robert R. Eboch who married Ilse Engle and had a daughter Kara Eboch;  and Della Eboch married Manuel Baline (unknown if children).

Charles F. Eboch 06-13-1840 / 03-18-1852

Maggie L. Eboch 03-27-1860 / 04-06-1866

Elizabeth Eboch married ? Stine = 3 other daughters

Anna Mariah Eboch


Jackson Stine

Their children are:

Anna Melinda married James Weiss then James Sensenbach

Clara Stine married Howard Blakeslee then George Hamill = Martha;Daniel;Jackson;Carl;Sarah;LeRoy and Melinda (all Hamill's). 

Helen Stine (also listed as Ellen or Ella) married John Wolfe = Grace 

Douglas Eboch (died 12-22-1923)


Della (Wheat) Eboch (died 08-14-1911)

They had ELEVEN CHILDREN who are:

Martha married a Kincaid; Sadie; Helen married a McClusky; Ella; Mattie; William (died 1926); Edward married Myrtle Way; Robert D. Eboch; Charles;  (this side of the family is unsure who the other two children were).

I was in contact with Edward Eboch's children.  We tied our family trees together and did research for many years.  Edward and Myrtle had 7 son's of which I did research with 4 of them. 

Edward and Myrtle's sons were:

Gerald W. Eboch married Helen Walls=Wilma.

Joseph Eboch married Alice Davies = Joseph Jr; Shirley; Nancy; Francis; Edward; Judith

Edward "Donelson" married Alice Aurandt = no children

William "Maynard" Eboch married Dorothy Brauninger = William Jr; Sue Ann

Robert Lynn Eboch married Anna Strong = Barbara Ann; Robert Jr; Donald Kenneth

Richard "Frederick" Eboch married Veronica Rhiner = Richard Jr

Sidney Charles Eboch married Patricia Wineland = Mark Maynard

My great-grandfather was Charles Milroy "Stubbs" Eboch 

Charles was born September 26, 1866 and was raised by his grandparent's William Ferdinand Eboch and Eunice (Bond) Eboch. His parents are still unknown and not listed on the death certificate. His name was changed from Stubbs to Eboch by the 1880 census. I can only assume that one of his parents was an Eboch since he was raised by his grandparents. When Charles was 6 weeks old the Eboch's left the Pocono (Blakeslee, PA) area of Pennsylvania and relocated to Philipsburg PA.  There was a family named Stubbs who lived a few doors down from the Eboch's in Blakeslee PA. I am in the process of trying to find out if possibly a family member of this Stubbs family may have been one of the parent's to my great-grandfather. This is my great-grandfather family tree:

Charles Milroy (Stubbs) Eboch (1866-1949)


Lydia Baker (1874-1956)

Their children were:

Ord Eboch married Jane Cook = adopted Jane's niece Lenore

Harry Eboch married Eunice Graffius = no children

Gladys Eboch married Alfred Johnston = Lee

*twins Edna Eboch married Preston Osewalt = James; MaryLou; Shirley; Judy, Peggy

*twins Mary Eboch married Charles Gutshell = Robert; Lois

Wynoma Eboch married Stelle Stonebraker = Maxine; Dorothy; Helen

Charles B. Eboch married Alice Brown=Delores; Nancy; Charles Jr; **William; Robert; Franklin

Charles Bernard Eboch, Sr. was my grandfather.  **William and Robert are twins.

Charles Bernard Eboch, Sr. married Alice Madelyn Brown and had the following children:

Delores "June" Eboch married William Bowman = William, John, Constance, Scott, Heather

Nancy Jane Eboch married Nicholas Minarich = no children

Charles Bernard Eboch, Jr. married Carol Diann Klett = Kim, Charles Bernard III

William Baker Eboch married Gladys Cramer = Jeffrey, Irene, Jacquelyn

Robert Allen Eboch married Doreen Thompson = Suzanne, Cindy, Leo, Nicole

Franklin Delano Eboch married Bonnie Hummel = Crystal, James, Jason

My immediate family is: Kim Diann Eboch married Richard John Lawson = Mariah Carol Lawson

My brother is: Charles Bernard Eboch, III married Carol Lynn Stinebrick = Marc Anthony Eboch

Kim Eboch-Lawson

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