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"The Ball Game," by Norma Howard, a Mississippi Choctaw

  Leading Men and Women of the IndianTerritory

Vol. I, Choctaws and Chickasaws

By H. F. O'Beirne, published 1891.

Genealogical Index extracted and compiled by Nalora Burns, edited by Rusty Lang

A few notes on this index:

  The first part of the index consists of all the main entries or biographies in the book, the order of which  is determined by the original 1891 index. It is "imperfectly  alphabetical".  The indexer  has extracted the most obvious  genealogical facts from each entry, and they appear  under each entry.  The indexer does not vouch for the accuracy of  the information. She transcribed it as it appeared in the book, so  please do not write to correct an 1891 book.

 The second part of the index are names appearing in the various entries and the page number they appear on in the book. These entries are for the most part merely mentions and do not contain biographical information.

  Please note that if you are searching for the names Folsom  and LeFlore, you should also search for Fulsom and La Flore,  as O'Beirne spells the Leflore name La Flore and the Folsom  names appear as Fulsom in some parts. 





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"Leaders and Leading Men of the Indian Territory"

Vol. I, Choctaws and Chickasaws

By H. F. O'Beirne

published 1891.


[Genealogical Index extracted and compiled by Nalora Burns

and -------]



> A few Notes on this Index:


The first part of the Index consists of all the main entries or biographies in the book, the order of which

 is determined by the original 1891 Index. It is "imperfectly  alphabetical". I have extracted the most obvious  genealogical facts from each entry, and they appear  under each entry. I do not vouch for the accuracy of  the information, I transcribe it as it appeared in the book, and I will not change my index, so please do not write to me to correct an 1891 book.


 The second part of the Index are names appearing in the various entries and the page number they appear on in the book. These entries are for the most part MERELY mentions and do not contain biographical information.


Please note that if you are searching for the names Folsom  and LeFlore, you should also search for Fulsom and La Flore,  as O'Beirne spells the Leflore name La Flore and the Folsom  names appear as Fulsom in some parts.





ALBERSON, Wm., Choctaw and Chickasaw b. 1860, Boggy Depot, IT

  father: Wilson Alberson

  mother: Mary Moseley, sister of Palmer Mosely

  wives: (1) Lizzie Shenohey

         (2) Sarah Hamilton

AINSWORTH, Napoleon B., Choctaw, b. 1856, Skullyville

  father: J. G. Ainsworth

  wife: Emily Thompson of Roanoke VA

  children: Ben, Pushmataha, Helena and Agnes

AINSWORTH, W. H., b. 1835, Simpson County, MS

  father: David Ainsworth, Kentucky

  brother, J. G. Ainsworth

  wife: "Miss Hill" daughter of G. L. Hill, Bastrop, TX

  children: none, though "adopted one girl"

  uncles: N. B. Ainsworth, T.D. Ainsworth

ADAMS, George W., b. 1857 Andrew Co., MO

  wife: Norah McSwain, daughter of M. S. McSwain of Denison, TX

  children: George M.

ALLEN, T. J., M. D. b. 1839 Washington Co., Ark.

  wives: (1)Helen S. Gatewood, of Sherman TX d. 1886

  children: Arthur, Minnie, James and Juanita

         (2) Eugene Lankford of Belton, TX sister of

             Dr. Lankford of Atoka

BYINGTON, Henry, Choctaw, b. 1851 Blue Co.

  father: Cyrus Byington

  grandfather: Nitakeche

  wife: Lorena Mosely

  children: Cyrus and Richard

BASSETT, William, Choctaw, b. 1864 St. John's Canada

  uncle: O. Hebert

  wife: Louisiana E. Hebert (his cousin), niece of Mrs.

        E. A. Flack.

  children: Clare, Mamie

BOHANNON, Edward A., Choctaw b. 1863 Blue county

   father: Edward Bohannon, MS

   brothers: David and Leonidas

BOUTON, Madison, Choctaw b. Jan. 1839, Roxburgh, NY

                         d. Sept. 18, 1885

  wife: Christina Folsom daughter of Israel Folsom

   (remarried after death of Mr. Bouton. H. Bates.

  children: W. J., Nellie, Annie.

BOYD, Judge Robert L., Chickasaw, b. Jan 1844 Martha Co. MS

  wives: (1) Nancy Love

         (2) Emily Allen

         (3) Molly McSweeney, sister of the wife of David Osborne Fisher

BURRIS, Judge Gabriel, Choctaw, b. 1816, MS

  wife: Miss Iny-a-tubbe, niece of Captains Tom and

        Dick Hayes.

  children: six,  two survive: Issac and Phoebe (now Mrs.

            Calvin Perry.

BURRIS, Colbert E. Rev., Chickasaw, (page 246) b. 1827, Ponotoc Co. MS

  wives: (1) Miss Hoyay

         children: 7, 2 survive: Hindeman and Issac

         (2) L. E. Bradley of MO        

BOURLAND, Judge Reuben, Chickasaw, b. March, 1820 Hopkins Co., KY

  wife: Eliza Moore (Chickasaw) d. Oct. 8, 1851

  children: 8, 4 living: William, John, Mary and Martha. James and George


            from accidental discharge of a gun.

BOND, John, Choctaw, b. 1853, Wade County

  father: Issac Bond

  uncle: Anonchubba

  wife: Ludretia West b. 1844 daughter of Joseph West of MS (cherokee)

  children: Willie, Henry, Ida, Susan and an infant.

BURTON, R. D. Choctaw and Creek, b. Nov. 10, 1847, Hinds Co. MS

  wives: (1)Mary C. McDuffy, Choctaw

         (2)Eliza Smith, Creek, daughter of Rev. John Smith

  children: Robert O., Nathaniel, Samuel L., Lydia B., Abbie L.,

            and Minnie O.

BEELER, George R. Chickasaw, b. 1854, Rockport, MO

  wives: (1) Mary Grant, daughter of Thomas Grant of Fort Arbuckle

         (2) Georgie Collins, daughter of Daniel Collins, of Colbert

BROWN, Wiley Franklin, Chickasaw, b. 1857 Floyd Co., GA

  wife: Eliza Johnson daughter of Martin Johnson

BYRD, Gov. Wm. L., Chickasaw, b. Ponotoc, MS

  father: John Byrd (white)

  mother: Mary Moore (Chickasaw and Irish)

  wife: Susan Folsom, daughter of David Folsom

BURKS, Mr. and Mrs. Dr. W. S., Chickasaw, b. 1826 KY

  wives: (1) Mrs. Nancy Wall, widow of David Wall

         (2) Susan Burney widow of John Duke of MS daughter of David

Calhoun Burney

             sister of ex-Gov B. C. Burney

BROWN, Hon. Josiah, Chickasaw, "Isa-to-ba" or "White Deer" b. 1835,

Memphis, TN

  father: L. L. Brown of NC

  mother: Chickasaw

  wife: Frances Simpson (white)

  children: Mary Kate (m. D. S. Norman) and C. H. Brown

BOHANNON, David, Choctaw, b. 1860, Blue county

  father: Ed Bohannon

  mother: Lucy A. Robinson

  wife: Miss Sarah Atkinson of MS

BRYANT, Josiah H., Choctaw, b. 1854, Durant

  father: Jesse Bryant of Blue county

  wife: "A daughter of John Lawson"

BOND, Judge George Mefflin, Choctaw, b. 1847 Howard Co., Maryland

  wife: Narcissa McClure, daughter of Issac McClure, San Bois

  children: Edmond McCurtain, Rose, Wallace, Rebecca, B. Frank,

            and Ida Maud.

BELL, T. D., Choctaw, b. 1858, MO

  wife: "Eldest daughter of Joseph Ward and widow of Walton Kelly,

         sister of Hon. Henry Ward."

  children: Hattie, Gordon, T. D.

  children from wife's first marriage: Joseph, James, William W.

     Leona, and Henry and John (twins) 

BUTLER, Rev. W. L., July, 1859, Oxford, MS

  wife: Helen Daughtery, niece of Charles Fargo

  children: Gracie, Bessie.

BAKER, Everett P., b. 1853, Washington Co., Ark.

  wife: Mattie Stark of Fayetteville.

BACON, W. H., b. July 1845, Pidgeon Roost, MS

  father: Rev. H. Bacon d. 1876 (cherokee)

  wives: (1) Frances Lizenby daughter of Charles Lizenby

  children: Samuel J., Edward S., William J., Franklin, Martha and Gertrude

         (2) Sammie Hancock daughter of Mitchell Hancock

BLOSSOM, D. C., b. 1850, Milwaukee, Wisc.

  wife: Emma Charles daughter of Joel Charles, Hesperia, Kansas

  children: Charles, Eugene, Edith and Herbert

BETTS, C. E., Choctaw and Chickasaw, b. 1846 Choctaw Nation

  wives: (1) Katie Robins,  d. 1882(cherokee) daughter of Joshua Robins

         children: Nancy E., Amanda A.

         (2) ?        

BILBO, Charles A. Choctaw b. 1857, Leake County, MS

   father: William Bilbo

   wife: Ella McCoy, Caddo

   aunt: Mrs. Flack of Atoka.

BROWN, Milton, Chickasaw, b. MS

  father: A-tch-a-tubby

  wives (1) ?

        (2) Viney Rilley d. 1887

        (3) Annie Guy Reemes widow of Robert Reemes, sister of Gov. Guy

BURNEY, Edward Sehon, Chickasaw, b. Jan. 20, 1861

  wife: Ada Cross daughter of Joel Cross

  children: Wessie Ella and Joseph Calvin

  brother: Ex-gov. B. C. Burney

BAKER, H. F., Chickasaw (pg 235) b. 1839 Saratoga, NY

  wife: Mary Bonde, widow of Captain Hightower

BURKS, John William, Chickasaw (page 301) b. May 1858 Gainesville, TX

  father: W. S. Burks of Pauls Valley

  wife: Hannah Waite sister of Hon. Fred T. Waite

  children: Tuleika, Vera, Royden, Willie and Rowena.

BIG TREE, Kiowa Chief


CHEADLE, Elias Rector, Choctaw, b. 1859 Gaines Co. Choctaw Nation

  father: James Stewart Cheadle

  wife: Mary Harkins daughter of Col. G. W. Harkins

        (d. May 26, 1889)

CHOATE, G. W., Choctaw, b. Oct. 1840, Ittala Co. MS

  father: Jas C. Choate

  wife: Eliza Wade, daughter of Simon Wade

  children: William F., and Allen J.

CHEADLE, James Stewart, Choctaw, b. July 1830, MS

  wife: Susan Riddle daughter of Captain John Riddle

  children: Sophronia E, Douglas C., Amos, Almedia, Elias Rector,


CARNES, Ellis H., Choctaw, b. 1856 Jacks Fork county

  father: Harris Carnes

  wives: (1) Eliza Anolatubbee

         children: Carrie

         (2) Lizzie Billy sister of Judge Issac Billy

         children: Julius V., Molsey, Minnie May

CAMPBELL, Chas. B., Chickasaw, b. Jan 1861, Fort Arbuckle

  uncle: M. T. Johnson

  wife: Maggie Williams, daughter of Bill Williams of Anadarko

COLLINS, Charles, Chickasaw, (page 279) b. Aug. 1851 KY

  father: George W. Collins

  wives: (1) "Widow McCoy" daughter of Joseph Harris and sister of Hon.

Robert Harris

         children: Maggie

         (2) Tennie Trentham daughter of Joe Trentham of TN

         children: "infant daughter named Allen"

         brothers: Tom and Edward Collins.

COLLINS, Daniel, Chickasaw, b. 1839 Caldwell Co. Ky

  wife: Sarah Potts, daughter of Joe Potts of Colbert, cousin of Jim Potts,

        founder of Pottsborough, Texas

  children: Georgie (married G. R. Beeler), Louie, Mirtie (married to

William Kersey)

            Ben Carter, Maud, Daniel, and Charlie.

  note: Mrs Sallie Alverson, aged over 100, lives with Mr. Collins.

COOPER, Wm. W., M. D. Chickasaw, b. 1848 Tuscumbra Ala.

  father: Ladell Bacon Cooper

  wife: Mattie Wells of Wapanucka

COLBERT, Frank, Chickasaw,

  father: Martin Colbert b. MS

  wives: (1) Martha McKinney (cherokee)

         children: Martin and Mary

         (2) Malinda Factor (Chickasaw)

         children: Sallie

         (3) Georgia Anne McCarthy

         children: Holmes, Texana and Jennie

         (4) Lou Goldsby (cherokee)

         children: 9, five living: Jim, May, Fannie, Harley and Richard.

COLBERT, Humphrey, Chickasaw, b. 1842 North Fork, IT

  wives: (1) Elmira Parker (chickasaw)

         children: Elizabeth, Walton, Martha, Doherty and Louisa

         (2) Selina Hamilton daughter of Solomon Ano-la-tubby

COCHRAN, William L., Chickasaw, b. 1834 Grange Co. TN

  wife: Jinsey Bohannan

  children: Eugenie (wife of Dr. Jas Ray, Denison TX) and Ella

CHASE, Abel Dustin, Chickasaw, b. Oct. 19, 1826 Baltimore MD

  wife: N. McCoy, daughter of Judge James McCoy

COLBERT, Hon. Holmes, Chickasaw, (page 296) b. 1829 d. March 24, 1872

  wife: "Sister of Hon. Sabe Love"

CAMPBELL, C. L., Chickasaw, (page 286) b. 1843, London, England

  wife: Sallie Humphries daughter of Major Dick Humphries

  children: Adelaide, Carrie, Montford, Holmes, Lawrence, John

            and Rose.

COLLINS, Edward, Chickasaw, (page 315) b. 1849 Caldwell Co., KY

  wife: Elsie McKinney niece of Alex McKinney

  children: Mattie, Louisiana, Tom, Charlie and Edward.

CHIGLEY, Hon. Nelson, Chickasaw, b. 1835 Memphis, TN

  wife: Julia Push-shuk-ka

  children: Moses, Wyatt and Eliza.

  one adopted son: Nelson Lewis

CARTER, Judge B. W., Chickasaw, b. Jan. 5, 1837, Red Hill, Marshall Co. Ala

  father: David Carter (Cherokee)

  mother Jane (Cherokee)

  wife: "Sister of Gov. Wm. M. Guy" 

CRUTCHFIELD, Lewis, Cherokee, b. 1847, Vinita

  father: (white), mother: (Cherokee)

CAMPBELL, Hugh A., Choctaw b. 1843 Philadelphia, PA

  father: John Campbell

  wife: Julia Gardner, niece of Zack Gardner

  children: Kate, Jennie, Johnnie, Rebecca, Mary and Anita.

COBB, J. McKinney, Choctaw, b. 1846 Doaksville

  father: James Cobb

  wife: Jane Chigley sister of Hon. Nelson Chigley

CAMP, Joseph Bradford, Choctaw Oct. 1839 Campbell Co. GA

  wives: (1)Martha Flint d. 1863

         (2)Mary Howell, sister of Dr. Howell

  children: Joseph, Rose, Ella, and Alice.

CROWDER, Robert, Choctaw, b. 1842 MS

  wife: Louisa Pitchlyn, daughter of William Pitchlyn

  children: Alice.

  children of William Riddles adopted: Peter and Almitia

COLEMAN, Richard R., Choctaw, b. August 1846 Springfield, MO

  wife: Eva Withers, daughter of Capt. Wash Withers, Clay Co. MO

COLBERT, James Allen, Chickasaw, b. Feb. 5, 1832, MS d. Jan 26, 1874

  wife: Athenius M. Fulsom, daughter of Israel Fulsom

  children, Henrietta, Charles, Walter, Lavisa Czarina, and Benjamin

  brothers: Frank and Henry Colbert

CLARK, Wm. Ashbury, b. Gilmer, GA

  father: Rev. Moses Clark

  wife: Selina Mowdy daughter of Jas Mowdy

  children: 4, two living: Nancy Leither, Asberry Bates

CLARKE, W. T., b. Nov. 1845, Morgan County MO

  father: A. M. CLARKE

  wife: Mollie Davis daughter of W. B. Davis of TN

  children: W. F., Mamie, Thos. Horatio, and Lowery

COBB, John A., b. 1853 McMinn Co. TN

  wife: Julia R. Benson

  children: adopted two Choctaw orphans. (twins)

CONNER, S. A., M. D., b. 1858 Kosciusko county, MS

  father: Dr. B. J. Conner

  wife: Lelia Smith of Sherman Texas d. 1887

CARUTH, Cora, Wichita

DOYLE, Edmund A., b. 1846 Michigan

  wife: Sue Jennings, daughter of G. A. Jennings, of Illinois

  children: Monita, Stella, Czarina and Esther

DWIGHT, Simon T. Choctaw, b. Sept. 1865 Pidgeon Roost, Jackson Co.

  father: Timothy Dwight d. 1885

  mother: Miss Wakaya

  wife: Janey Hunter daughter of Bennie Hunter of Bennington

DULIN, James, Chickasaw, b. 1837, GA

  wife: Pocahuntas Walner, daughter of Dr. W. M. Walner

  children: 4

DILLARD, Benjamin, Chickasaw and Choctaw, b. 1857 Carleton, MS

  father: Hamp Dillard

  mother: Elizabeth La Flore

  brothers: Hamp and George Dillard

  uncle: Forbes La Flore

  wife: Nancy Love, niece to Justice Overton Love

DURANT, Morgan, Choctaw b. 1872, Bennington

   father: Joseph Durant

   mother: Sophia J. Covender (Chickasaw and Choctaw)

DUNN, Alfred A., Choctaw b. 1861 Choctaw County, Alabama

   father: William N. Dunn, M. D.

   mother: "Miss Yates"

   grandmother: Millie Nail

DURANT, Rev. Dickson, Choctaw b. 1838, Big Black River, MS

   wife: Kate Harney

   children: Melvina, John Wesley, Mattie, Fannie, Mollie,

             and Rosey

DAVIS, Arthur W., Choctaw

   father: Arthur Davis, Christian County, KY

   brothers: Matthew, John R., Levi

   wife: Manda Lievsey, Mountain View, Arkansas

   children: 4

DURANT, W. A., Choctaw, b. 1866

  father: Sylvestor Durant

  cousin: Alexander Durant

DUNN, W. M., Choctaw, b. Dec. 8, 1828, Tallahassee, FLA

  father: Bryant Dunn of GA

  wife: Selina Yates daughter of Allen Yates, Choctaw

  children: 7, the oldest became Mrs. P. H. Little, deceased,

            Margaret, deceased, Dr. A. E. Dunn, W. M. Dunn Jr.,

            Mrs. J. R. HARRIS, Mrs. O. E. White, and Lena.

DOYLE, J. D., Choctaw, b. December 1839, Boone County, MO

  wife: Minnie Schultz of Atoka

DAVIS, Rev. William M. b. 1837 Giles County, TN

  wife: Melissa J. Diggs daughter of Rev. Wm. Diggs, Henry Co., TN

  children: Cooper, Martha Ellen, Minnie Eva, Julia Edna,

            Selina Eunice and William Elbert

DAVISON, James, b. 1837 Upper Canada

DURANT, Judge Alexander, Choctaw, b. 1839 Tyler Co., MS

  wife: Sallie Roberts, daughter of Push Roberts


EASTMAN, Charles Edward, Chickasaw, b. 1848 Fort Washita

  father: Charles Franklin Eastman of Old Hollis, NH

  sister: Matilda (m. Joe Perry of Panola Co.)

  wife: Rita S. Wilkins daughter of Dr. A. Wilkins of Chetam Co. TN

  children: Charles David Eastman 

EASTON, J. H., Chickasaw, (page 317) b. Albemarie, VA

  wife: Margaret Taylor (a widow)

  children: Josephine, Gracie, Henry and Franklin

ERWIN, Columbus C., Choctaw, b. Dec. 1848 Doaksville

  father: C. D. Erwin

  wives: (1) M. Hayes, d. 1885 daughter of Hickman Hayes

         children: Viola and Serian

         (2) "Miss Everidge" daughter of Chief Justice Everidge

         children: Joseph, Myrtle and Zirack Proctor.


EVERIDGE, Joe W., Choctaw, b. 1853 Kiamichi county

  father: Hon. Joel Everidge, supreme judge of the Choctaw Nation

  wife: Susan Erwin, daughter of Calvin Erwin of Doaksville

  children: Willie, Emma, Jospeh, Ella, Robert, and Mary.

ELLIS, Jackson W., Cherokee, b. 1859 Sweettown, Cherokee Nation

  father: Edward Ellis

  uncle: Samuel Ellis

  wives: (1)Beatrice Becklehymer d. 1883

         (2)Cordelia C. Smith, daughter of N. J. Smith


FOLSOM, Alfred W. Choctaw, b. Jan. 1840

  father: Samuel Folsom

  wife: Miss Piney Colbert daughter of Robert Colbert

FARR, John Gist, Choctaw, b. 1847 Union District, SC

  father: Thos. G. Farr

  wife: Annie E. Harris, daughter of Henry Harris

  children: Thos A., George C., and Elizabeth I.

FOLSOM, Albert P. Choctaw, b. 1866 Skullyville

  grandfather: Col David Folsom

  guardian: Turner Daniels

  wife: Susan K. Brashiers, daughter of Judge Turner Brashiers

  children: Cladius Conrad

FRAZIER, Campbell, Choctaw, b. Sept. 15, 1839 Towsen Co.

  father: Harris Frazier 

  wives: (1)Eliza Hayes granddaughter of Tom Hayes, Cedar Co.

         (2)Elizabeth Hayes, (first wife's cousin)

          children of wife 2: Frank

         (3)Sallie Williams         

FOLSOM, F. E. Choctaw, b. 1852 Blue County

  father: Israel Folsom

  wife: Mollie Pitchlyn daughter of Pushmataha Pitchlyn

  children: Minnie, Ewing, Columbus and Carroll.

FRAZIER, Loring W., b. March, 1867, Jackson Co.

  father: William Frazier

FRANKLIN, Hon. Joseph M., Chickasaw, (page 310) b. Dec. 1854 Milam, MO

  father Edmond Franklin

  wives: (1) Tinnie Colbert, daughter of Sam Colbert

         (2) Eliza R. Shelton daughter of J. J. Shelton

FOLSOM, Alfred Emerson, Choctaw, b. Aug. 1844

  father: Israel Folsom

  wives: (1)Margaret Campbell d 1886

         children: Ida, Alfred, and Nellie

         (2)Ollie Pate b. MS

FULSOM, Jerry, Choctaw, b. 1852 San Bois County

  father: ex-chief Peter Fulsum

  wives: (1)Miss Nancy Riddle, daughter of Jerry Riddle

         children: Jackson L. and Lizzie

         (2)"His first wife's sister"

         children: Peter

         (3)Ella Jones daughter of Forbes Jones of Gaines County

FISHER, Martin, Choctaw, b. Sept 1840, Adams Co, PA

FOX, William, Chickasaw, b. 1853 Robinson County, TX

  wife: Angelina Manning, daughter of Dr. T. J. Manning of Caddo

FISHER, Francis Joseph, Chickasaw, b. Panola Co.

  father: Hon. D. O. Fisher of Tishomingo

FROMAN, Perry, Chickasaw, (page 279) b. Sept 1836 Danville, Ill.

  wife: Lavina Colbert

FRAZIER, Newton Galloway, Chickasaw,

  father: Jackson Frazier

  mother: Hattie Hamalula-tubby (m. Cyrus Harris)

  wife: Emily McLish aunt of Richard McLish (owner of Ardmore)

FRANKLIN, Judge J. H., Chickasaw, (page 294) b. 1835 Boyle Co., Ky

  wives: (1) Martha A. Quick of Laclede, MO

         (2) Annie Crawford

         children: 1 died as infant

         (3) Martha Love widow of Frank Love and sister of Col. Lem Reynolds.

         children: 6 only 2 living.

FRINZELL, John, Choctaw b. 1842, Barvaria, Germany

  wife: Amelia Smallwood daughter of Ex-governor Smallwood

  children: 4, only 1 living, John Francis

FISHER, D. O., Choctaw and Chickasaw b. August 1850

  father: Joseph Fisher, KY

  mother: Martha Hayes, Choctaw

  wives: (1) Elizabeth Kemp, sister of Judge Ben Kemp

         children: 6, all dead but Joseph

         (2) Mattie McSweeney

         children: Mary, Agnes, Blanche

FOLSOM, Don Juan, Choctaw, b. August 1866, Atoka

  father Judge Julius C. Folsom

  mother: Netta Thompson

  wife: Deborah Brown daughter of J. R. Brown

  children: Daphne, Robb and Ethel

FOLSOM, Judge Julius C., Choctaw, b. June 1831, MS

  father: Israel Folsom

  wives: (1)Netta Thompson

  children: 8, only two survived, Don and Junia.

         (2)Hattie Coffland.

FARRINGTON, C. B., b. Beaver Dams, Wisconsin

  father: Eben F. Farrington

  wife: Charlotte Rogers, of North Carolina

  children: 2

FOX, Frank M., Chickasaw, (page 302) b. Terre Haute, Ind.

  wife: S. G. Priddy daughter of Col. James Priddy

FRANKLIN, Edward Q., Chickasaw, b. 1859 Lynn Co., MO

  father: Judge J. H. Franklin of Buckhorn Grove, Panola Co.

  wife: Louisa Calhoun daughter of Johnson Calhoun

GARDNER, Josiah, Choctaw, b. 1851 Wheelock

  father: Jackson Gardner

  wives:(1)Elizabeth Beans, Cherokee

        (2)Sallie Thunley, Choctaw

GARLAND, Joseph, Choctaw, b. 1836 Towsen County

  wife: M. Harrisson, daughter of William Harrisson

  children: 8, 4 living: Lorena, William G., Joe R. N., and Frank.

GARLAND, William G., Choctaw, b. 1865, Towson County

  wife: Mary Bellar daughter of James P. Bellar of Harrison, Ark.

  children: Joseph G.

GARLAND, Michael C., Choctaw, b. Dec. 1865 Wheelock, Towsen Co.

  father: C. Garland

  uncles: Hon. Joseph Garland, Issac, Peter, Maurice and Joel Garland

  mother: Sallie La Flore

  wife: Louisa McCauley sister in law of Willie Jones and daughter

        of James McCauley

GOODING, J. Franklin, Chickasaw, b. Nov. 1859, Memphis, TN

  father: Rev. Charles Gooding of Colbert

  wife: Sarah Stedman of Illinois

GODFREY, J. H., Chickasaw, b. Nov. 1848 Illinois

  wife: "Daughter of C. E. Gooding"

  children: three, two boys and a girl, as well as one adopted son who is

            a full blood Chickasaw.

GUY, Governor W. Malcolm., Chickasaw, b.Feb 4, 1845, Boggy Depot, Choctaw


  father: Colonel William Richard Guy

  uncle: Cyrus Harris

  wife: Miss Maggie Jane Lindsay, daughter of John Lindsay, Knoxville, TN

  brother in law: Judge B. W. Carter

GARVIN, Samuel J., Choctaw, b. 1844, Kentucky

  wife: Susan Muncrief

GARDNER, James W., Choctaw

GARDNER, Judge Green W., Choctaw, b. 1844 Little River

  father Jeremiah Gardner

  wives: (1)Harriet James

         (2)Arabella Folsom, daughter of Daniel Folsom

         children: Edward, Daniel, Mary, Robert, Willie, Donnie,

                   Bessie and Jessie.

GARDNER, William, Choctaw, b. 1830 Tom Bigby River, MS

  father: Jerimiah Gardner

  mother: Clarissa La Flore

  wife: Mary Wilson

  children: Robert C., Clara, and Sallie

  grandson: W.A. eldest son of Robert C.

GARLAND, Daniel L., Choctaw, b. 1864 Hood Co. TX

  wife: Inez Toole daughter of Alfred Toole

  uncle: T. J. Phillips

  children: Noma Ollie Lue

GOODING, C. E., Chickasaw, (page 318) b. 1833 ME

  father: Lem Gooding of Portland ME

  wife: Mrs. M. T. Frazier, daughter of James Allen of Tockpulla, MS

  children: Frank, Mollie (Godfrey), Emma (Watkins), Lemuel

GARDNER, Judge Jefferson, Choctaw, b. 1844, Wheelock, Choctaw Nation

  father: Noll Gardner

  wives: (1) Lucy James

         children: Eliza

         (2) Lucy Christy daughter of James Christy

         children: John, Willie Emma and Scott

         (3) Julia Christy

GUY, James Harris, Chickasaw,

  brother: William Guy


HOTEMA, Solomon E., Choctaw, b. 1854 Grant, Choctaw Nation

  wife: Nancy Coleman, daughter of John Coleman (choctaw)

  children: 3 only one living: Cornelia

HAYNES, Dr. W. F., b. Sept 1848 Salem Co., MO

  father: W. Haynes

  wife: Hattie Garner daughter of J. D. Garner

  brother in law: George Garner

HENRY, Amos, Choctaw, b. 1848 San Bois Co.

  father: Artembe

  wives: (1) no issue

         (2) Lucy Oks-ak-nibe

         children: Wilburn Henry

HARKINS, La Fayette C., Choctaw, b. April 1864 Atoka Co.

  father: Henry Clay Harkins

  uncle: David Harkins

HOMER, Davis A., Choctaw, b. 1862 Goodland, Choctaw Nation

  father: Aaron Homer

  wife: Selina Hayes

  children: Mary Dorah and Aaron

HARRIS, Henry C., Choctaw, b. 1837 Eagle Co. Choctaw Nation

  wife: Maggie Lee daughter of William Lee of Arkansas

  children: James W., Walter C., Bent S., Laura B., and Mattie J.

  uncle: Peter C. Pitchlyn

HAMPTON, Benjamin, Choctaw, Apr. 24, 1853 Wade County, Choctaw Nation

  wives:  (1) Harriet Belvin

          children: 2, both died young.

          (2) Daughter of W B. Simms, of Old Boggy

          children, 3, two living: Perry and Phoebe

HEALD, Charles Hobart, Chickasaw, b. March 17, 1843, Skullyville, Choctaw


  wives: Eliza Guy (d. 1887) daughter of W. R. Guy and sister to Gov. W. M.


  children: 10, 5 living

HULL, William, Chickasaw, (page 314) b. 1844 Liverpool England

  wife: Tippie Paul daughter of Smith Paul and Allatteche

  children: Tamsey

HARRIS, Tipton Shirley, Chickasaw, (page 299) b. Aug. 1869 Mill Creek

  father: Gov. Harris

  wife: Birdie Hele, daughter of W. Hele, Louisville, KY

HARRIS, James W., Chickasaw, (page 313) 

  father: Cyrus Harris

  wife: Tennie Brown, daughter of Gov. Brown

HARKINS, Giles W. Chickasaw, b. Apr. 2, 1861 Boggy Depot

  father: Col. G. W. Harkins

  wife: Mollie Sharp of Dyer Co., TN

HARKINS, Col. G. W., Chickasaw, b. MS d. Aug. 1890

  father: Willis J. Harkins (Choctaw)

  children: G. W. Harkins, Jr, and William

HAMPTON, Julius C., Choctaw b. 1859 Talihena, CN, IT

  father: Nicholas H. Hampton, Blue county

  wives: (1) Jennie Davenport

         (2) Peggy Downing daughter of Ned Downing, Cherokee

  children: Walter

HODGES, John M., Choctaw b. 1850 Sugar Loaf county, CN

  wife "Miss McKinney",

  father: Joseph Hodges

  mother: Cebelle Wall

HODGE, D. W., Choctaw, b. 1859 Towsen Co.

  father: Joseph Hodge, (white)

  mother: Cebelle Wall, (choctaw)

  wife: Alice Harkins, daughter of Clay Harkins, Atoka

  children: David, Claude and John

HODGES, Joseph J., Choctaw,b. 1857 Towsen County

  wife: Rose La Flore, daughter of Henry La Flore, Atoka

  children: 3

  brother: John M. and D. W. Hodges

HARRISSON, John M., Choctaw, b. 1858 Kiamichi county

  father: Zadock HARRISSON

  mother "Miss Ellis" daughter of Ellis and a daughter of Mosho-la-tubbe

  wife: Bettie Walton daughter of Murray Walton of Texas

  children: Martha and Cora

HARKINS, Alonzo J., Choctaw, b. 1860, Atoka Co., Choctaw Nation

  father: Henry Clay Harkins of Atoka

  wife: Mrs. J. Harkins, widow of Col. D. F. Harkins

  children: 2, one living, La Fayette

HOWELL, Thomas P., Choctaw, b. 1849 Eagletown, I T

  father: Calvin H. Howell

  wife: Lizzie J. Grant, daughter of Thomas Grant

HOWELL, John T., Choctaw, b. 1838 Plymouth, MS

  wife: Jane Colbert, daughter of Joe Colbert cousin of Frank Colbert

  children: Albert, May and Brunette

HAMPTON, Hon. W. W., Choctaw, b. Jan. 1841

  father: Nicholas Hampton

  wife: Susan La Flore daughter of Adam La Flore

  children: John and Elizabeth (Mrs. Soloman Mackay)

HARRISSON, Wm H., Choctaw,b. 1851 Red River Co.

  father: Zadock Harrison

  mother: Elizabeth Ellis daughter of John Ellis

  wife: Scerilda MCCaslin

  children: Ida, Ada, Etta

HESTER, G. B., Choctaw b. 1831, Granville Co., NC

  wife: Lizzie Fulton of Tunnel Hill, GA

  children: Fannie, (wife of Edward Perry, Dennison, TX)

            Daisy (wife of Robert L. Owen)

HENEGAR, J. T. & Co.,

  owners: B. Frank Byrd brother of Gov. W. L. Byrd

          Mrs. J. James

          J. T. Henegar b. 1847, Warren Co., TN

          wives: (1) Paralee Cummins

                (2) Ada Lillard

HANCOCK, C. A., b. Oct. 19, 1857

  father: J. S. Hancock b. 1832, KY

  wife: Julia Sims

HAAS, Julius, b. 1836 Weyerbach, Rhenish Prussia came to NY in 1853

  wife: Fannie Sandheimer

  children: Hugo, Alexander, Carrie and Gustave

HOUSTON, Granny, Kiowa Cherokee b. 1781


INTOLUBBE, Peter, Choctaw b. 1852

  father: Peter Intolubbe

  wives: (1) Evelyn McGee, daughter of Sam McGee of Bennington

         children: Colbert

         (2) Savannah Shaw (ended in divorce)

JAMES, Judge Silas, Choctaw, b. 1841

  wife: Mrs. Aaron Frazier widow of Aaron Frazier, Chickasaw

  children: 6, only one living: Daniel

JAMES, Booker, Chickasaw, (page 305) b. 1822, MS

  children: five, 3 living: Walton, Margaret, and Alice.

JAMES, Walton, Chickasaw, b. May 15, 1855 New Boggy

  father: Booker James

  wife: Susan Frazier daughter of James Frazier

  children Minnie, Turner, Felix and Abbie

JACKMAN, H. T., b. 1842, Holmes County, Ohio

  father: Henry Jackman

  wife: Minerva Thompson niece of Giles Thompson, Boggy Depot

  children: Parker and Albert.

JOHNSON, Montford P., Chickasaw, (page 284) b. 1843 Boggy Depot

  father: Charles Johnson

  mother: Rebecca Courtney (Chickasaw)

  wife: Mary Elizabeth Campbell sister of Charles Campbell of Purcell

  children: Edward, Henry B., Robert, Clifford, Benjamin, Ira, James,

            Stella, Fanny and Gertrude.

JONES, Willie W., Choctaw, b. 1860 Little River

  father: W. N. JONES

  wife: Emilia McCauley daughter of James McCauley of Atoka

  children: Wilson Nathan

JETER, Joshua Billings, Choctaw, b. August 1852, Wetumka, Ala.

  wife: Sarah E. Oakes, daughter of J. W. Oakes

  children: Gertrude E., Harriet S., James T., Francis B., William W.

            and Bonnie B.

JACKSON, Jacob, Choctaw, b. 1845 Louisiana

  father: Holbot-tibe

  mother: Elizabeth d. 1864 Cedar Co. Choctaw Nation

  wife: Levisa Westley, daughter of Thompson Westley

        children: Florence Lilly

JONES, Cornelius, Choctaw, b. 1835 Kiamichi county

  wives: (1)Miss M. Battise

         child Sydney, died in 1875

         (2)Miss W. Hayes (d. 1871)daughter of Jack Hayes

         (3)Nancy Pickens (d. 1876)daughter of Hon. Ben Pickens

         children: Caroline and Josiah

         (4)Miss S. La Flore, daughter of Adam La Flore.

JENNINGS, Reagan Webster, Chickasaw, (page 284) b. 1857 Sherman, TX

  wife: Henrietta Colbert, daughter of Hon. Jim Colbert

  children: Daisy, Thenie, Cutcheon-tubby, Lavisa and Alvers.

JONES, Wallace, Choctaw

  father: Solomon Jones

  uncle: Wilson Jones

  wife: Eliza Kincaid daughter of Andy Kincaid

  children: Jane, Ida and Henry

JAMES, Julius, Choctaw b. 1863

  father: A. W. James, Blue county

  mother: Mary A. Folsom, daughter of Daniel Folsom

  first cousin: Judge Julius Folsom

JAMES, McKee, Choctaw, b. 1850, Gaines Co. Choctaw Nation

  brother: Judge Silas James

  grand Aunt: Mrs. Frazier

  wife: "Miss Perkins" sister of Henry Perkins

  children: Edawrd W., Mary Anne, Elsie A., Benjamin D.,

            Josiah F., Jessie H., John Robinson

JOHNSTON, Judge Thomas B., b. 1819, Tom Bigbee River, Ala

  uncle: John Johnston Sr.

  wife: Eliza Strickland daughter of John Strickland

  children: Florence, Lester, Joe E., Issac W., Albert Sydney, Lemuel,

            Laura (m. Ambrose Barr), Catherine (m. N. H. Byers) and Emma

(m. Joseph Bunch)

  brother: Issac W. Johnston (children: Mrs. J. C. Degrees and Mrs. J. P.


JONES, Wilson N., Choctaw b. 1831 Mississippi

  father: Nathaniel Jones

  wives: (1) "Col. Pickens daughter"

         (2) Louisa La Flore

         (3) Isabell Heston, Bennett Co. Arkansas


KINGSBURY, Cyrus H., Choctaw, b. May 1859 Kiamichi county

  father: J. P. Kingsbury

  grandfathers: Rev. C. Kingsbury, and Rev E. Hotchkiss

  sister: Lucy Littlepage

KENNEY, John Henry, Chickasaw, (page 295) b. May 1850 PA

  father: Patrick Kenney

  wife: Minnie S. Harris, daughter of Gov. Cyrus Harris

  children: Maggie, James, Nannie, Mandy, Levi, Lillie, Jesse and Osceola.

KEEL, Hon. Lewis, Chickasaw (page 277)

  father: Cus-sap-po-li (meaning "divide" or "distribute"

  wife: Malsy Ok-sha-tub-by

  children: Manda, Johnson and Esau

KEMP, Simon, Chickasaw, b. DEc. 1842 Clear Creek, Towsen, Choctaw Nation

  father: Joel Kemp

  wives: (1) Elvira Colbert d. 1869

          children: 2 both died young.

         (2) Eliza Colbert (sister of Elvira)

KEMP, William M. M., Chickasaw, b. July 7, 1860, Panola Co.

  grandfather: Joel Kemp

KEENER, Rev. James Lisbon, b. Jan. 1851 Whitfield Co. GA

  wives: (1) Sabina K. Johnson (died in childbirth)

         (2) Louisa C. Johnson (died in childbirth)

         (3) Ellen Gertrude Mann, of Boonesville, Ark.

          children: Louisa, and James Oland Coppidge

KEEL, Hon Hogan, Chickasaw, (page 278) b. 1852 Atoka Co. Choctaw Nation

  father: Ka-shap-lay

  mother: Sho-King

  wives: (1) Annie McCarthy (Chickasaw)

         (2) Nellie Westley (Chickasaw)

         children: Minnie

KIMBERLIN, W. G., Chickasaw, b. Washington Co., Ky

  wife: Lizzie Mitchell, dau of Ben Mitchell

KO-MUL-TAH, Kiowa Chief


LOWERY, T. M., Choctaw, b. 1842, Mississippi

  father (white)

  mother: "quadroon Choctaw related to La Flore and Krebs."

  wives:(1) Margaret McGee

        children: 3, two survived: Agnes and Lucy

        (2)Miss C. A. Chapman

        children: 7, three survive, Thomas, Effie and Nevada.

LEWIS, Simon E., Choctaw, b. 1849 Towsen Co.

  wives: (1) Mary Hildebrand, (cherokee)

         children: Kathleen

         (2) Eliza Striplin (divorce)

         (3) Julia Hunter d. 1877

         children: 1, died in infancy.

         (4) Mrs. Murphey, widow of Benjamin Murphey of Jacks Forks Co.

         children: Simon Frazier, George Claburne, Julia Alma and Ruth

LOWRANCE, Willis Burges, Chickasaw, (page 309) b. Aug. 1830

  father: John Lowrance of Rowan Co. NC

  wives (1) Adelaide Lowrance

        (2) Mary Fletcher daughter of Peter Fletcher

        children: Robert Haines, Oscar and Bertie

LA FLORE, Captain Charles, Choctaw, b. 1841, Doaksville

  father: Forbes La Flore

  wife: Mary Angelina, sister of ex-governor Guy, niece of

        ex-governor Harris

  children: William, deceased, Anne, Estelle, Chick and Chock (twins)

            Daisy and Maud.

LLOYD, Rev. W. J. B. b. 1843 South Carolina

LANKFORD, Dr. J. S. b. 1858

  wife: Belle Gatewood daughter of Col. James M. Gatewood

  children: 6, five living, Lettie, Earle, Eugenie F, Anna L.,

            Esther B.

LANKFORD, J. D. b. 1861 Ponotoc county, MS

  father: N. A. Lankford

  brother: Dr. J. S. Lankford

  wife: Emmaetta Sullivan, of Atoka

LINDSAY, Joseph D., b. 1856 Hancock Co., KY

  wife: Mary Ellen McBride, daughter of John McBride of Arkansas

        sister of Hiram and William McBride of Atoka

  children: Hiram, Joseph D., William A.

LANEY, W. F. b. 1845 Russell Co., Ala.

  brother-in-law: B. F. OWEN

LEEPER, William Perry, Chickasaw, b. Jan. 1851 Noble Co. Ohio

  wife: Minerva Ward sister of Henry Ward and William Ward

LAURA, Kiowa

MIZE, H. M.(page 72)

MYERS, J. F., Chickasaw, b. Jan. 16 1855 Grayson Co., TX

  wife: Eula Colbert, only child of Holmes Colbert

  nephew: W. T. Shannon

MYERS, Mrs. Eula, Chickasaw, (page 307) b. July 1869 Panola Co.

  father: Holmes Colbert

  mother: Elizabeth Lare

  husband: J. F. Myers

MCBRIDE, Hiram Leon, Choctaw b. 1858, Prairie county, Ark.

  father: John McBride of N. C.

  mother: "Miss Davis" sister to J. D. Davis

  brother: Will McBride

  wives: (1)Kate Moore daughter of Dr. Moore, niece of Mrs. Robb

         (2)Leviza Colbert, daughter of James Colbert

  children: 2, one living, Hattie

MILTON, Davis Newton, Choctaw, b. 1837, Eagle County

  wife: Miss Celie

MCBRAYER, John E., Choctaw,b. 1857 MS

  wife: Virginia Harrisson daughter of Judge Harrisson

MCKINNEY, Rev. William H., Choctaw, b. Jan. 2, 1861 Holubby, Choctaw Nation

  wife: Elsie Hudson

  children: Carrie

  brother: Thompson McKinney

MCKINNEY, Alexander, Chickasaw and Cherokee, (page 290) b. May 1830, MS

  wife: Mattie Collins of Grayson Co., TX

  children: 1, died as a child.

  children, adopted: "At least 16" four from Henry McKinney, four from

William McKinney

            also raised a niece, Maggie Pursley and a boy named Ben who

eventually married.

MCCURTAIN, Jackson F., Choctaw, b. 1830 MS

  wives: (1)Maria Reilly

         children: "Mrs. Lewis Garvin"

         (2)Jane Austin

         children: Cornelia, Ligia Ann, Allen Cornelius

                   Lucinda Frances, Ida Norah and Lizzie Dunlap.

MCCURTAIN, Mrs. Jack, Choctaw, b. Aug. 1842, Doaksville

  father: Louis Austin

  mother: Miss Mollie Webster

  husband: Hon. Jack McCurtain

MAURER, Charles J., Choctaw b. 1846

  wife: Mary Freeney (Choctaw) sister of Clay Freeney

  children: Leonidas, Cecil

MCCLURE, Hon. Tecumseh A., Chickasaw, (page 308) b. 1830 MS

  stepfather: Smith Paul

  wife: Mary daughter of Aho-che-tubbe (father) and Suth-a-hacha.

        her grandfather was Captain Ala-pam-bay

  children: Janeson, Selina, Melinda, Imon, Edward and Abbie

MURRAY, Dr. H. F., Chickasaw, (page 298) b. March 1819 Williamson Co. TN

  father: Robert Murray

  wife: Margaret H. James, daughter of Lovett M. James

  children: 8, 6 living: James Alfred, Robert, George, Meiggs, Colbert and


MCKINNEY, Benjamin F., Choctaw, b. 1867 Atoka

  father: Alexander McKinney (Cherokee by blood, Choctaw by adoption)

  wife: Margaret Pursley, daughter of Joshua Pursley of McAlester

  children: Clara Louisa and Ben Alexander

MUNCRIEF, Samuel, Choctaw, b. 1851, Fort Smith, Ark.

  wives: (1) Margaret Hall d. 1883

         (2) Josephine Moss, d, 1889, widow of John Stowe

         children Mary Jane, Walter Lee, Georgia and Sammy

MARTIN, Captain Walker, Choctaw, b. 1825 Jefferson Co. KY

  father: John H. Martin

  wives: (1)Adelaine Folsom niece of Old chief George Harkins

         (2)Elizabeth GROVES daughter of Lt. Groves of Fort Towson

  children: son, Zeno

MANNING, Thomas Jefferson, Choctaw b. 1832, Walker Co., GA

  wife: Matilda La Flore daughter of Forbes La Flore

  children: Angie, Forbes, Tommie, Charlie, Cornelia,


MAXFIELD, Charles M., b. 1846, Vermont

MEADOWS, F. C., b. 1852

  father: J. M. Meadows of Carrollton, GA

  brotherL Joseph Courtney Meadows. d. 1884

  wife: Emma B. Richardson daughter of Major John M. Richardson

  children: Clara, Eugenie, Clegg, Hugh and Louise

MURROW, Rev. J. S.,b. June 7, 1835, Jefferson Co., GA

  grandfather: William Murrow

  wives: (1) Clara Burns daughter of Rev. W. Burns of Stonewall

         children: 2, One living in 1891: Mrs. Wm. McBride

         (2) K. R. Elliott

MCBRIDE, William, b. 1853 Prairie Co. Ark

  wife: Miss Clara A. Murrow daughter of Rev. J. S. Murrow

  children: Joseph M., William A., John H., Hiram Y., Clara A. and a baby.

MYERS, M. F. b. Sept 1866

MONTAGUE, Mickleborough S., b. 1848 St. Charles Co., MO

  wife: Annie Kinnon, daugther of F. A. Kinnon of St. Louis

  children: 3, two living, Annie, Dempsor Wishart

MCCURTAIN, ex-Chief Edmond, Choctaw, b. July 29, 1842 Sugar Loaf County

  brother: Jack McCurtain

  wives: (1) Susan King

          children: Polina, Kittie and Jennie

         (2)Harriett Austin

          children: 2, only 1 living: George

         (3) ? Separated

         (4) Clarissa La Flore daughter of Issac La Flore

MOSELY, Hon Palmer S., b. 1851 Tam-a-ho-shay, Choctaw Nation

  wives: (1) Lizzie Holloway

         (2) Amanda Greenwood, daughter of Harris Greenwood

MILLER, Henry Turner, b. Glasgow, MO

MASHBURN, J. H., Chickasaw, b. 1845

  father: G. W. Mashburn of McDowell Co., NC

  wife: Henrietta Eastman, sister of Charles Eastman

MEAD, Sanford Miner, Chickasaw, b. 1848 Carroll Co. GA

  father: Tyra Landers Mead

  wives: (1) Eliza Hote

         (2) Rose Cobb daughter of Dick Cobb of Panola

         children: Walter Bradford

         (3) Frances Kemp daughter of Joel Kemp

         children: Martha Francis, Minor and Landers

MANGUM, R. Y., b. MS (page 257)

  wife: Mary E. Guffin


NALE, Joseph S., Choctaw, b. 1858 Gaines County

  father: Ben Nale

  mother: Margaret Riddle

  wife: Vicey Smith (choctaw)

  children: Sephronia

  cousin: Joel Nale

NUTTAL, A. H., b. March 18, 1845 Warren Co. NC

  father: A. H. Nuttall

  mother: Matilda C. Hawkins, daughter of William B. Hawkins of NC

NORMAN, William A., b. 1858 Bloomfield, MO

  father: W. W. Norman

  brothers: D. S. and Nelson H. Norman

NOBLE, William, b. Feb 1866, Springfield, MO

NELSON, Col. Coleman Enoch, Choctaw, b. 1831 MS

  wife: Rhoda Underwood daughter of Kaney Underwood (Chickasaw)

  children: 8, 5 living: Gabriel, Alfred, Sukie, Rachel and Issac

  son in law: C S. Vinson

NAIL, Joel H., Choctaw b. 1850

  father: Jonathan Nail

  wife: Nettie Merrett, daughter of William Merrett

OAKES, Lem. W., Choctaw, b. 1857 Kiamichi county, Choctaw Nation

  father: Thomas W. Oakes of NC

  mother: "A sister of Chief Justice Everidge"

  wife: Lucy Smith, daughter of Henry Smith of Paris, TX

  children: Bessie, Lillie, Clarence, Frank, Mattie, and Nola

OAKES, Thomas E., Choctaw, b. 1846 Goodwater, Choctaw Nation

  wives: (1) Miss Emily Duncan, daughter of Rev. H. A. Duncan

             (died in childbirth)

         (2) Margaret Ervin of Doaksville sister of Columbus C. Ervin

  children: 5

OFFICER, Rev. R. W., b. 1845 Murray County, GA

  wife: Lota Venable, Winchester, TN daughter of Col. W. E. Venable

  children: 2, one living: Leon

OAKES, Samuel L., Choctaw, b. Dec. 1853, Goodwater, Choctaw Nation

  father: Thos. S. Oakes of NC (white)

  mother: Harriett Everidge (choctaw)


PAUL, Hon. Samuel, Chickasaw, (page 282)

  father: Smith Paul (white)

PHILLIPS, Thomas J., Chickasaw, b. 1839 Tishomingo Co. MS

  brother: J. J. Phillips

  wife: Mary Bourland, daughter of Judge R. R. Bourland

  children: Joseph R., Mattie, William T., Charles R., Rollie H.,

            John Everett, Ellie L., George Randolph

PARKER, J. Wesley, Chickasaw, (page 291) b. 1850 Tishomingo, IT

  aunt: Hettie Frazier ( widow of Jackson Frazier and later the wife of

Cyrus Harris)

PRICE, William N., Chickasaw, (page 306) b. Henry Co. TN

  wives: (1) ?

         (2) Tobothia Humes

         children: Nelson and Ellis.

PERRY, Calvin C., Choctaw, b. 1835 Shawnee-town, Choctaw Nation

  wife: "A daughter of Judge Gabriel Burris"

  children: Sophie, Simmie, Eli, Benjamin, Bill and Calvin

PATE, George A., Choctaw, b. 1854 Carroll Co. MS

  wives: (1)Maggie McMath d. 1884

         children: 1

         (2) "Daughter of J. L. C. Pate"

         children 3

PERKINS, Henry, Choctaw, b. 1841 Blue county

  father: Judge David Perkins

  mother: "Of the Lucas family"

  wives: (1) Mary Fry (choctaw)

         (2) Emily Hampton

         children: Alice and Edna

         (3)Miss Ramsey

POYNER, Dr. William, b. 1855 Graves Co., KY

  wife: Louisa Corbertt widow of Ben Boyd

  children: Willie Boyd Poyner

  first cousins: Alexander, John and James Rennie

PHILLIPS, Felix R., (page 289) b. 1860 Corinth, MS

  uncles: J. J. and T. J. Phillips

PARKER, Quanah, Commanche Chief,

QUICK, Edward, Chickasaw [although listed in the original book index, does

not have an entry in the book]


ROEBUCK, David, Choctaw, b. Nov. 1844

  father: William Roebuck of MS

  wife: Malina Austin sister of Mrs. Jack McCurtain

  children: Mary Jane, Ephriam, Edward, Ruda, David, William

            and Josephus 

RENNIE, Mr. and Mrs. Alex, Chickasaw (page 293) b. Oct. 1828, Kingston, Canada

  father: Alex Rennie of Aberdeen, Scotland

  wife: Mary Humphrey, daughter of Richard Humphrey and Sallie McLish

  half-brother: Holmes Colbert

RENNIE, John, Chickasaw, (page 300) b. 1838, Toronto, Canada

  father: Alexander Rennie Sr.

  brother: Alexander Rennie Jr.

ROGERS, Walter Scott, B. 1861 Cherokee Nation

  father: John Penn Rogers, cherokee

  wife: Sarah Hogue daughter of Rev. R. J. Hogue

  children: Walter Penn, John Hogue

REAM, Robert L., Chickasaw, b. 1871 Ream Station, Choctaw Nation

  father: Robert Ream d. 1887 brother to Vinnie Ream Hoxie

  mother: Anna Guy, sister of Ex-gov. Wm. Guy

  stepfather: Milton Brown

RODGERS, B. F., Choctaw, b. 1852

  father: William Rogers

  wife: Mrs. M. M. Flint nee Passons, widow of J. C. Flint

        daughter of Sophia Krebs

  children William Franklin, Mary Isabelle and Issac La Fayette

    also a Step-daughter, Sophia A. Flint.

ROWLEY, H. B., Choctaw, b. 1859, Stugis, Michigan

  wife: Czarina Ward, sister of Henry Ward

  child: Harry G.

  uncle: H. O. Tuttle of Sturgis.

ROBINSON, McKee F., Choctaw, b. 1856

  father: Rev. Calvin Robinson of Blue county

  wife: Lorena Daney daughter of Watson Daney.

  children: Coleman D., Carrie L., Nannie and Ella

ROBINSON, Rev. Calvin, Choctaw, b. 1827

  father: Amzi Robinson

  mother: Emily Folsom

  wives: (1)Sophia James

  children of first wife, 10, only 3 survived: McKee, F. and Corina

         (2)Mary Patterson

  children: Christo Chrisman

RILEY, Joseph H., Chickasaw, b. 1863 Choctaw Nation

  father: Col. James Riley

  grandfather: Milton Brown

  wives: (1) Susan Cut-chub-by

         (2) Sallie Moore of SC

         children: 1


SETTELL, Fritz, Choctaw, b. 1863, Hanover, Germany

  father: Ed Settell

  wife: Mulvany Pitchlyn

  children: Edward, William and Rose Myrtle

SHAFFER, F. E., b. 1858, Butler Co. OH

  wife: Ada Garner daughter of J. D. Garner of Stringtown

  children: 3, 2 living: James Samuel and Frank Alexander

SAWYERS, William M. b. 1862, Knoxville, TN

STANDLEY, Captain J. S., Choctaw

STEWART, James W. Choctaw,b. 1851 York Co. PA

  wife: Esther Stewart daughter of Wiley Stewart

STEAD, Dr. J. M. Cherokee, b. 1861, Bourbon Co., KY

  father: Cherokee

  wife: Mary E. Thill of Ohio 

SEMPLE, Charles A., Choctaw, b. August 1849

  father: Allen W. Semple of Steubenville, Ohio

  wife: Minnie Pitchlyn granddaughter of Hon. Peter Pitchlyn

  children: Frank P., W. F., Rettie, Julia and Charles.

SMIZER, Butler S., Choctaw, b. 1862, Oldham county, KY

  father-in-law Captain J. S. Standley

  wife: Norma Standley

  children: Norman and Stermon

SECOR, William H., Jr., Choctaw, b. 1865 Fannin Co. TX

  father: W. H. Secor, Sr. 

  wife: Annie Brown, Cherokee

  children: Refuna May (b. 1890)

STOVALL, Hon. James M., b. 1831 Franklin Co. TN

  wife: Mary E. Grow

  children 5, four sons and a daughter.

SMITH, Rev. Franklin B. b. Albany, NY

  wife: Sophia Fodd of Freedom, Ill.

SMITH, Jourdan Anderson, b. Nov. 1830, Carroll Co., TN

  wife: Mrs. Nancy McLish

  children: Mary Ellen (m. W. E. Washington), Josephine (m. William Stone)

            and Jourdan Couchatubbie

SURRELL, A. M., b. 1844 NC

  wife: S. F. Curry of KY

  children: Bessie, Hettie, Cora and Albert

  brother: John Surrell

SURRELL, John R., b. 1848, Wake Co., NC

  wife: "Miss Cummins" of Warner Co. TN

  children: Minnie, Mollie, Willie, John, Daisy, and Nome,

SADDLER, Joseph, Chickasaw, b. 1856 Iowa

  wife: Jennie Alexander, daughter of Chili Alexander, chickasaw

  children: Lavina and James.

SHANNON, William Thomas, Chickasaw, b. 1862 Denison, TX

  wife: Laura Mayes daughter of David Mayes of Beef Creek

  children: Theresa and Joseph Scott.

SHELTON, Dr. A. W., Chickasaw, b. July 20, 1853 Grayson Co. TX

  wife: Ada Colbert

  children: Edna and Myrtle

SKEEN, Cicero A., Chickasaw, (page 280) b. 1853 Randolph Co., NC

  uncle: Prof. R. H. Skeen

  wives: (1) Cleopatra Herrell daughter of J. B. Herrell

         (2) Emma Folsom, daughter of Col. Samson Folsom

         children: 7, only three survive: Walter, Fannie and Cora

STEWART, Charles F., Choctaw and Chickasaw b. 1854

  father: Wiley Stewart, Caddo, CN, IT

  wife: Josephine Harris, daughter of Captain J. D. Harris

  children: Wiley, Frank and Earl.

SMALLWOOD, Mrs. Annie, Choctaw b. 1833 DeSota Co., MS

  father "Mr. Moore" white man

  mother "Full blood Choctaw"

  husband: John Smallwood, brother of ex-chief Smallwood

  children: Ben, Susan (wife of John Dillon), John and Dick

  nephew: William Byrd

  brother-in-law "Ex principal chief of Choctaws"

STARK, Dr. Tollis H., Choctaw b. August 1833, Woodville, MS

  wife: Miss B. M. Hall daughter of John Hall

STEWART, Samuel F., Choctaw b. Jan. 6, 1869 Blue Co.

  father: Wiley Stewart, Caddo

  wife: Bettie Hampton, daughter of Wade Hampton

SACRA, Richard C., Choctaw b. 1857, Sedalia

   wife: Cleming Davis, daughter of Dr. Davis of Doaksville

SMALLWOOD, Benjamin F., Choctaw b. 1829, MS

  wife: Annie Burney (Chickasaw)

  children: 7, only 2 living Amelia and Lorinda

SMALLWOOD, Richard, Choctaw b. 1864 Doaksville, CN, IT

   wife: Rose Cooke, Denison, Tx, daughter of N. L. Cooke,

         of Louisville, KY.

   uncle: Governor Smallwood

STEWART, Wiley, Choctaw, b. 1824, Ray County, TN

  father: James Stewart

  wife: Nancy Folsom, daughter of Samuel Folsom, granddaughter

        of Nathaniel Folsom and Peter Pitchlyn

  children: 11, six living: Emma Cooper, Nancy Stewart, Lulu Walner

            Charlie, Samuel F., and Henry


THOMPSON, Thomas B., Chickasaw, (page 285) b. May 1865

  father: Thomas Jefferson Thompson brother of Green Thompson


TURNBULL, Edmund, Chickasaw, (page 285) b. 1854

  father: Robert Turnbull

  wife: Elizabeth Buckley of Bennington (remarried Robert Kelly)

  children: Lena Eliza, Robert Rosella and Susan

THOMPSON, Alexander, Choctaw, b. 1838 Marion County, ILL

  wife: Martha Watkins daughter of Theodore Watkins, of TN

  children, 10, 4 living: Richard Cobb, John Henry, Rob Roy, Alexander.

TOOLE, Alfred, Choctaw, b. Feb 1818 Wayne Co. MS

  wife: Belinda YATES b. Feb 1822

  children: John O., Joseph Y., Mary, Octavio, Viola, Orilla, and Inez 

TURNER, Mazeppa, Chickasaw, (page 312) b. May 8, 1840, Greenville Co, VA

  wife: Laura J. Johnson cousin of Holmes Colbert and niece of Frazier McLish


TELLE, Allinton, Choctaw, b. 1859

  father: Ima-no-bub-bi

  mother: Kate Wright sister of ex-governor Wright

THOMAS, Oliver, Choctaw, b. 1830, Indiana

  wives: (1)"Mrs. Anolatubby" daughter of William Trahern, of MS

             niece of Mrs. Flack d. 1881        

         (2)"Miss Secon" 1/8 Choctaw

  children: first wife 2, both died. second wife 3 two

            living: Oliver Grover and Pearl

TENNENT, Dr. Lewis C., Choctaw b. Nov. 8, 1847, Edgefield, SC

   wife: Emma H. McDuff, daugther of A. J. McDuff, choctaw

         grand-niece to Greenwood La Flore of MS

   children: 11, 4 living Carrie E., Gilbert L., William J. R.


TURNBULL, John P, Choctaw, b. July, 1833 MS

  wives: (1)married his cousin, Judith Turnbull d. Feb. 4, 1868

         children: 5, 2 living Eliza Ann, and Minerva

         (2) Harriet Willard daughter of S. M. Willard

TALLEY, William, Chickasaw, b. 1850, Charleston, SC

  wife: Agnes Chigley, (d Feb 16, 1888) daughter of Senator Nelson Chigley

  children: Fannie, William Nelson, Tom Perry, Suda Bell

TRUAX, George Henry, Chickasaw, (page 311) b. March 1855 Whitley, Ontario,


  father: J. B. Truax

  wives: (1) ?

          children: Maggie A.

         (2) Mary C. Colbert daughter of George W. Colbert

          children: Arthur Cleveland, Pearl.

TURNBULL, T. B., Choctaw b. November 1851 Blue county

  father: Brashear Turnbull

  mother: Jericho Perkins, sister of Judge David Perkins

  wife: Adelina Dwight

  children: Elizabeth, Timothy, Walter and Charlie

THOMPSON, Joseph B. b. 1861 Cedar County

  father: Rev. John Thompson

  wife: Betsey Ann Timms

  children: Alexander


VINSON, Charles Stewart, Choctaw, B. 1843 Blue Co.

  father: Hiram Vinson

  wives: (1)Rochelle Battise d. 1872

         (2)Sophie McKinney d. 1882

          children: 3 one living: Eliza

         (3)Rachel Nelson

          children: 1, a girl

VAIL, J. W., Choctaw, b. 1837 Jackson Co. Ala.

  father: D. W. Vail

  wife: Frances Folsom, daughter of Colman Folsom

  children: Mattie A., James T., Willie A., Charles E.

            Maude N. and Junia.


WARD, Henry P., Choctaw, b. March 1856 Springtown, Parker Co. TX

  father: Joseph Ward of Patterson, N. J.

  mother: "Miss Thompson" of Doaksville, a member of the Wall and Folsom


  wife: Miss Mary Dysart daughter of James A. Dysart of Springfield, Mo

  children: 10 born, 6 survive: Ella M., Ethel M., Leo Oliver, Louisa M.,

            William David and Eddie

WATKINS, Jonathan J., Choctaw, b. 1840, Red River Co.

  wives: (1) Choctaw woman, ended in divorce

         (2) Melinda Harley, sister of Thomas Harley of Red Oak      

WINSTON, Hon. Charles K, Choctaw, b. 1835 Doaksville

  wives: (1) Levina Loring

         (2) Selina Annie Battise d. 1881

         children: 6, 2 living: Julia and Clarissa

         (3) Eliza Peter

WALKER, Isham, Choctaw, b. 1840, Towsen County

  father: Sentinoma

  wives: (1)Christina McGee

         (2)Deliah Brown, daughter of Phil Brown, Choctaw

         (3)Eliza Boston, cherokee,

         (4)Phalena Foster (Choctaw)

         children: Daniel Webster

WAITE, Frederick T., Chickasaw, b. 1853 Ft. Arbuckle

  father: Thomas Waite

  mother: Catherine McClure sister of Tecumseh McClure

  wife: Mary E. Thompson

  children: Kate

WALKER, Henry T., b. 1860 Stewart Co. GA

WILSON, Newton G., Chickasaw, b. 1871 Tishomingo

  father: William Wilson

  wife: Ollie Dawnard daugther of J. K. Dawnard of Gainesville, TX

WRIGHT, ex-Gov. Allen, Choctaw b. Nov. 1826 Jackson, MS d. May 2, 1886

  mother: Hyah-pah-tuk-kalo "Iksa" d. 1832

  wife: Harriett Newell Mitchell

  children: Liffey, Frank, Allen, Mary, Annie, Kate,

            Clare, and Alfred 

WARD, Charles, Choctaw, b. 1849 Red River, Choctaw Nation

  wife: Mary Elizabeth Summers, of MO

  children: Charles Oliver, Benjamin F., Mary Elizabeth,

            William Giels and Aaron.

  brother: Judge Henry Ward

WILSON, Dr. George J., b. Apr. 1853 Henderson Co. TX

  father: W. H. Wilson, M. D., of Gainesville, TX

WILLIAMS, W. G., b. 1839, Clay Co. KY

  wife: Annie Eastman

WOODS, Rev. Benjamin J., Choctaw, b. March 20, 1841 Kiamichi Co,

  father: Horace Woods

  wife: Josephine Dukes, daughter of Rev. Joseph Dukes

  children: 15, 4 survive: Stephen, Simon H., Gilbert W., Harriet J.

WARD, Robert J., Choctaw,b. July 1850, Oak Lodge

  father: Jerimiah Ward

  wife: Ida Barker (cherokee) sister of W. H. Barker of Muskogee

  children: 8, six living: Sarah E., Susan E., Cora J., Robert J.,

            Ada B., and Irene C.

WILSON, John D., Choctaw, b. Feb 1864

  father: John Wilson, Towsen Co.

  mother: Maiden name James

  uncle: George James

WALKER, Tandy C., Chickasaw and Choctaw, (page 316) b. July 1840

  father: Louis Walker (Choctaw)

  mother: Mary Cheadle (Chickasaw)

  wife: Isabella Cochran daughter of Robert L. Cochran

  children: Robert, Theodore, Annie, Jack, Centennial, Cornelius, Ida,

            Grover and Minnie.

WALLACE, S. W., Chickasaw, b. Charlotte, NC

  wife: Mary W. Moore daughter of W. G. Moore of Kaufman Co. TX

  children: 1

WORLEY, J. C., Chickasaw, b. July 1849 MS

  father: Charles Worley (white)

  wife: Melissa Francis

  children: Charlie, Minnie, Jesse, Robert, Oscar, Scott, Gertrude

            Mattie, John, and Andrew.

WILSON, Joseph B. Chickasaw, (page 278) b. 1859 Sherman, TX

  father: Philip Wilson (white)

  mother: Susan Mitchell (Chickasaw)

  stepfather: David Mayes of Beef Creek

  wife: Emma Worley, daughter of C. R. Worley of Erin Springs

  children: Alta Pearl, Susan Ellen and Claude

WAITE, Amos R., Chickasaw, (page 281) b. 1858, Pauls Valley, IT

  father: Thos. Waite

  uncle: Hon. Tecumseh McClure

  wife: Mary E. Spear, daughter of E. R. Spear of Devonshire, England

  children: Verdi V. and Catherine

WEBB, John M., Chickasaw, b. Aug. 1850 Prattville, Ala.

  father: Frank Webb of Rawley, SC

  wife: Abigail Kemp daughter of Joel Kemp

  children: Joel, George, William and John

WALNER, John H., Chickasaw, (page 278) b. 1863 Colbert, IT

  father: William Walner of Cumberland Co. VA

  wife: Luld B. Stewart, daughter of Wiley Stewart of Caddo

WRIGHT, Issac Strickland, Chickasaw, (page 283) b. Jackson Co., GA

  wife: Lizzie B. Turner daughter of Mazeppa Turner

WARD, William G., Choctaw b. 1847, Panola, IT

  father: Joseph Ward of Newberry

  mother: Elizabeth Thompson daughter of Giles Thompson

          Boggy Depot, IT

  wife: Eliza Beck daughter of Caleb McDaniel Beck, Cherokee

  children: 8, 4 boys, 4 girls, oldest Timothy

WARD, J. L., Choctaw, b. 1861 Parker Co. TX

  father: Joseph Ward

  wife: Lettie Simmons

  children: Colman James, Lucy Elizabeth, David Robb, and Joseph Henry

  brother: Judge Henry Ward, and William Ward

WILD HORSE, Commanche

WHITE HORSE, Chief of the Otoes


YARBOROUGH, George A., Chickasaw, (page 305) 1849 Panola Co. TX

  father: Jas. J. Yarborough of Alabama

  wife: Battie S. Love, daughter of Hon. Samuel Love

  children: Francis, Emmet, Ida Virginia, William Henry, Ella Gertrude

            Minnie May, George Augustus and James Hercules

YORK, William C., Cherokee, 1852, Wayne county, MO

  wife: Sarah Ward, Cherokee, daughter of Sam Ward, Boggy Depot

        cousin to H. P. Ward of Kiowa.

  children: Maud, Ella, Leslie O., Mabel Lee, Willie, Pearl and Benjamin.












































































































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