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Requirements to join

Your page must contain information related to your Genealogy, and/or family tree.

You must have a site that is well maintained.

Please do not register if you do not intend to post the coding to your web site!

Please add the coding as soon as possible after registering as the queue is checked daily (some folks seem to forget about posting the info if they don't do it right away). If you fail to add the coding to your site within 2 weeks, your site will be dropped from the queue due to inactivity.

Post the Imrie ring html fragment to either your home page (index page) or a clearly marked 'ring' page. (If you use a ring page, don't forget to include a link to your home page - I've been to some sites where you have to 'hunt' for the main site - many of your visitors may leave your site instead!

You agree to keep your web site and e-mail addresses up to date through the ring edit page. (If for some reason your web page is discontinued, please remove your site from the ring through the edit page). Both of the above situations result in 'broken links' in our ring!

Please be advised! If during spot checks your URL (site address) yields a 'not found error', your site will be removed from the index back to the ring queue (waiting list). An email to this effect will be sent to you advising that it will remain on the queue for 2 weeks; after this time if the correct address is not submitted, your site will be removed from the ring. If the email message also bounces as undeliverable - it will be taken for granted that you are no longer interested in maintaining your ring membership and your site will be deleted from the ring immediately.

2. 'NOs' for a ring site!" Please!:

No strictly commercial sites please - there should be some freely available genealogical info on your site.

No sites that require a password to enter your main web pages.

No static 'splash' pages (a simple one page site with a minimum listing of surnames only).

No 'links only' sites.

Do not link to the graphic on this site (in addition to possibly delaying downloading of your page, linking of graphics is considered 'bandwidth theft' and can be costly for the site that you have linked to.). Please download it to your own hard drive and then upload it to your server. If you have a WebTV site and are not familiar with downloading graphics, this info may be of assistance. Or, there is an alternative ring logo available for those unable to upload graphics.

Do not post excessive graphics on the page to which the ring logo is posted - if your site takes too long to download, your visitors may decide to go elsewhere; save your 'extra' pictures for other pages on your site. 

If your site is 'technogically advanced'; consider those of us that do not surf using the most up to date browsers and equipment, or just dislike frames, java script, excessive graphics or music etc. You should not expect to be able to request folks to download different browsers or other types of software just in order to access your website. Consider including alternate 'no frames' pages, 'plain' html pages versus advanced scripting, options to turn off the music etc. (If your site is so far advanced that ONLY the most modern systems can access your pages, there is a chance that you may not be added to the ring if you do not provide alternate pages!)

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This Imrie Ring Site is owned by Linda Wampach
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The Ringmaster reserves the right to refuse admittance of sites to the ring and to remove sites from the ring at any time, at her discretion.  


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