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Early Settlers of Franklin Co., North Carolina

This history of our family begins in the mid 1700's, a few years before the Revolutionary War, when the Sanders and Arendells acquired land and settled near each other on the waters of Crooked Creek in what is now Franklin County, North Carolina. Many documents have been cited which will show various connections between these two families.

At that time, Franklin County had not yet been formed. At the beginning of 1740, this area of North Carolina was known as Bertie County. By 1760, Bertie had been divided to form Granville, Edgecombe, Halifax, and Northampton counties. By 1775, other changes in names and boundaries had occurred, and the original Bertie Co., area included Bute, Edgecombe, Halifax, and Northampton counties. In 1780, Bute was divided to form Warren and Franklin counties, and Edgecombe was divided to form Nash and Edgecombe, while Halifax and Northampton remained basically the same.

The Revolutionary War began in April 1775, and was in full swing during which time our ancestors continued to acquire land and settle on Crooked Creek. Even though much of the war was fought outside North Carolina's borders, North Carolinians joined the fight against the British in Virginia, Georgia, and South Carolina. In 1780, British forces led by Lord Charles Cornwallis marched toward North Carolina from the south. Part of his army was slaughtered in the Battle of Kings Mountain, just south of North Carolina. He retreated, but later moved northward again, this time into North Carolina. On March 15, 1781, Gen. Nathanael Greene's forces outlasted Cornwallis' troops in the Battle of Guilford Courthouse. The British abandoned North Carolina. It wasn't until November 21, 1789 that North Carolina finally ratified the United States Constitution and became a state.

From about 1800 to 1835, North Carolina was called the 'Rip Van Winkle State'. It was so backward that it seemed to be asleep. It was lacking in commerce, industry, seaports, and transportation facilities. Most of its people worked on farms, using poor tools and wasteful methods. Many persons left North Carolina to find a better life.

This is the period that saw the birth, and marriage of THOMAS B. SANDERS and CAROLINE ARENDELL, and their departure from Franklin County, North Carolina. They left around 1833 or 1834, with their two young sons KEMP H. (b. 1830) and PERCIVAL FRANCIS (b. 1832). They too, were seeking a better life for their family.


The 1770's

October 27, 1763, Joseph Stoddard of Brunswick Co., VA to BENJAMIN ARRENDALL of Granville, 27 Oct, 1763, 50 pds Va money for 100 A in Granville Co. on east side of Cypress Beavers Dams where BENJAMIN ARRENDALL now lives, adjoining Little Creek. Wit: Dan'l Potter, John Day. Proved by Dan'l Potter, Bute July court, 1765. Deed book A, p 251. Warren Co., NC Records, Vol. II.

October 26, 1764, JAMES ARRENDELL & his son RICHARD ARRENDELL to William Freeman, 60 pds Va. money for 100 A below Jumping Run, on south side of Crooked Creek. Wit: David Dodd, BRIDGES FREEMAN, BENJAMIN ARRENDELL. Proved by Bridges Freeman, Bute October court, 1765. Deed book A, p. 345. Warren Co., NC Records, Vol. II.

December 29, 1768, The will of THOMAS CHRISTMAS names JOHN, ELIZABETH (now Simms), NANCEY, MARY, & RIETTA SANDERS as his grandchildren. Will book A, p. 105. Warren Co., NC Records, Vol. 1.

November 16, 1769, KIRBY (Kirbee) SANDERS, planter, to WILLIAM SANDERS, planter both of Bute Co. 20 pds procl money (& payment of Quitrents) for 150 A in Bute Co. on south side Crooked Creek to Kirby Sanders Spring Branch, adjoining William Freeman & JOHN SANDERS. Wit: Jacob Hartsfield, JOHN SANDERS. Proved by John Sanders. Bute Aug. court, 1770. Warren Co., NC Records, Vol II Supplement.

**Bertie Co. Court Minutes 1767-1779 by Brent Havard Holcomb contains numerous entries for deeds, sales, estate matters, jury duty, and road clearing & upkeep. The majority of these entries includes the SANDERS, ARENDELL, REDDICK, BRIDGES, AND COOLEY names. They appear over & over, showing that they were an important part of the settlement of this area.

May 10, 1775, Administrator's bond in estate of ROBERT FREEMAN dec'd. MARY FREEMAN, Admr. Securities: JOSIAH REDDICK, THOMAS ARRENDELL. Will book 2, p. 52. Warren Co.. NC Records, Vol. II.

May 28, 1775, Dennis Bradley, planter, of Wake Co. to William Thornton, of Bute Co., for 53 pds: 13 sh: 4 d: *procl. money for 300 A in Bute Co. in fork of Crooked Creek, from Long Branch, adjoining THOMAS SANDERS. Wit: ELLICK SANDERS, JACOB HARTSFIELD, WILLIAM PRUWT(?). Proved by Jacob Hartsfield, Bute Feb. Ct. 1776. Deed book 6, p. 54. *Procl. (Proclamation) Money had less value than Va. money; (because of varied ratio). Warren Co., NC Records, Vol. II Supplement.

October 1775, JOHN SANDERS, planter, to his son ALEX. SANDERS, both of Bute Co., Province, NC. Gift of 300 acres where said JOHN SANDERS did live, on branch of Crooked Creek to Andrews Branch, part of a 640 A grant, May 6, 1756, to John Mooney, exec. by Francis Corbin & Benjamin Wheatley. Warren Co., NC Records, Vol. II Supplement.

January 10, 1778, ALECK (ELLICK) SANDERS, blacksmith of Bute Co., Province NC, & MARY SANDERS to Tobias Butler of Bartee (Bertie Co.), Province NC 300 pds procl money for 300 A in Bute Co. on branches of Crooked Creek where said SANDERS now dwells, down the Dividing Branch to Andrews Branch adjoining Mooney, part of a 640 A Earl Granville grant to John Mooney by Francis Corbin and Benjamin Wheatley. Wit: JOHN COOLLEY (COOLEY), MOSES JOYNER. Bute Feb. Court, 1778. Warren Co., NC Records, Vol. II Supplement.

February 12, 1779, the State of North Carolina granted (grant # 83) to THOMAS ARENDELL 640 acres of land in Bute County on the waters of Crooked Creek adjoining land owned by Perry. Deed book 2, # 193.

March 13, 1779, Tobias Butler of Bertie Co., NC planter, to Edward Cooley of Franklin Co. planter, for 655 pounds Procl. money a tract of 300 acres in Franklin Co. on the south bank of Crooked Creek at the mouth thereof adjoining Phillip Taylor, WILLIAM SANDERS, and Jones. Deed book 1, # 44.

October 8, 1779, KIRBY (CARBY) SANDERS of Franklin Co. to Moses Wren (Renn) of same, for 500 pounds current money, a tract of land (214 acres) lying on the west side of Long Branch, beginning at its head, adjoining Isaac Alford, it being part of a tract of land GRANTED TO SAID SANDERS by a deed from William Thornton. Wit: Wm. Fish and Jacob Hartsfield. Deed book 1, # 96.

From the three entries above, we see that both THOMAS ARENDELL & WILLIAM SANDERS lived on Crooked Creek, which made them "neighbors". And, keep in mind that neighbors usually married neighbors. This is our first documented connection of the families which became our ancestors.

January 11, 1780, THOMAS ARENDELL of Franklin Co., to his son BRIDGES ARENDELL of same for 10 shillings and love for his son, a tract of 619 acres situated in Franklin and Wake Counties lying on both sides of Flat Rock Creek and on Paces Mill Branch adjoining Caid and Parish. Deed book 1, # 127.

March 15, 1780, State of North Carolina grant to John Hog for 334 acres in Franklin Co. lying on the waters of Great Crooked Creek adjoining KIRBY SANDERS, THOMAS SANDERS, Norris & John Martin. Deed book 2, # 250.

September 18, 1780, THOMAS ARENDELL of Franklin Co. to THOMY ARENDELL of same for 10,000 pounds a 640 acre tract of land and plantation situated on the waters of Crooked Creek adjoining Perry. Wit: Jacob Hartsfield and John Williams. Deed book 1, # 132.

October 13, 1784, Grant to THOMAS ARENDELL for 192 acres in Franklin Co. on Crooked Creek adjoining Freeman, Perry, and THOMAS ARENDELL. Deed book 2, # 342. (notice that this land bordered land already owned by Thomas Arendell).

August 10, 1786, State of North Carolina grant # 120, to THOMAS ARENDELL for 200 acres in Franklin co. on Crooked Creek adjoining said ARENDELL, Weathers, and THOMAS ARENDELL, JUR. Book 2, # 341.

Undated, 1790, A transaction involving land adjoining KIRBY SANDERS on the west side of Long Branch. Wit: MARY SANDERS. Deed book 6, # 925.

Undated, 1790, Wrenn transfer of land bought from KIRBY SANDERS. Wit: VINSON SANDERS. Deed book 7, # 942.

February 26, 1790, Bill of sale to CURBY SANDERS for a negro girl named Cherry. Deed book 6, # 927.

March 5, 1790, Joseph Wright of Franklin Co. to THOMAS ARENDELL for 50 pounds Va. money a tract of 385 acres on Crooked Creek and the Long Branch adjoining RICHARD ARRENDELL, Benjamin Person, and others. Deed book 7, # 948.

March 5, 1790, James Young of Franklin Co. bill of sale to THOMAS ARENDELL of same, for 100 pounds, a negro wench named Jinny about 23 yrs of age, and her child Chany, about 4 yrs of age. Deed book 7, # 1077.

March 5, 1790, Bryant Ferrell of Franklin Co. to THOMAS ARENDELL for 24 pounds of Va. money a tract of 40 acres adjoining THOMAS ARENDELL and Granny Sowell. Book 7, # 1084.

May 12, 1790, John Green to THOMAS ARENDELL for 10 pounds specie, a tract of 40 acres on the waters of Little River & on Crooked Creek adjoining TOMMY ARENDELL and Jeffreys. Book 7, # 1009.

Undated, 1791, THOMAS & JAMES ARENDELL were witnesses to a land transfer. Deed book 7, # 1398.

August 17, 1793, KIRBY SANDERS to Jacob Hartsfield, for the sum of four and a third pound Silver Dollars, a parcel of 5 acres on the run of Miry Branch adjoining Jacob Hartsfield's old line. Wit: JAMES SANDERS & REBEKAH SANDERS. Deed Book 10, # 1283.

February 17, 1794, William Green, Esquire, Sheriff of Franklin Co. to THOMAS ARENDELL at public sale for 21/10/- a tract of 262 acres sold as the lands of REBEKAH PERRY, dec'd, now in the hands of her heirs Ephraim Perry & Drury Perry, whereon she formerly lived lying on the south side of Crooked Creek, and bounded by lands of THOMAS ARENDELL, WILLIAM SANDERS, Benjamin Robinson, Nath'l. Perry, and Drury Perry. Wit: Thomas Brickell & Jordan Hill. Deed book 10, # 1402.

October 19, 1795, BRIDGES (BRIDGERS) ARENDELL deed to his daughter FRANCES ARENDELL. Wit: THOMAS ARENDELL, JUR. Deed book 11, p. 155 taken from the book "Kinfolks of Franklin Co. North Carolina 1793-1844.

October 22, 1796, JOHN ARENDELL (ARRENDELL) of Wilkes Co., NC deed to THOMAS ARRENDELL of Franklin Co. for land bequeathed to JAMES ARRENDELL during his natural lifetime and after his death, to his son RICHARD ARRENDELL, his heirs, etc. by the last will and testament of RICHARD ARENDELL, the elder. Deed book A, p. 201, ibid.

May 22, 1797, Will of THOMAS ARENDELL (Sr.) To daughter EDEE WINSTON, all the estate she already has in her possession, and 1 negro boy Gorge, horse named Davie, her mother's bed & furniture, 2 cows and calves, 40 dollars. To son BRIDGES ARENDELL 728 acres joining his own land, Wm. Dunn's and others; negro men Dick, Jack, negro woman Clow. To son THOMAS ARENDELL all the estate already in his possession, and "all my land not legateed out", 2 negro men Jim and Lewis, 1 barell still, all barrels and hogsheads, all brandy, all "my book accounts", 1 yoke of oxen and cart. To son ISAAC WINSTON, all the estate already in his possession and 1 negro woman Jenny, 2 cows and calves, 1 feather bed and furniture, 40 dollars. To daughter THENY (?) PERRY all estate already in her possession, 1 horse named Diamond, riding saddle and bridle, the new bed and furniture, 100 dollars. To daughter ADA WRIGHT all estate already in her possession, 1 horse, 1 woman's saddle and bridle, feather bed and furniture, 100 dollars. Rest of estate to be divided between two sons BRIDGES & THOMAS. May 22, 1797. Executors: sons BRIDGES & THOMAS. Signed. Witnesses: Wm. Ferrell, Solomon Perry, John Dent.


The 1800's

Undated, 1801, Account of THOMAS ARRENDELL dec'd, minor of BRIDGES ARRENDELL, dec'd by John Williams, admr. Covers 1801. Persons mentioned: Thomas Brickell, Littleberry White, Thomas Williams, Thomas Brown; NANCY, POLLEY, ROWENA, & ELIZABETH ARRENDELL who were orphans of BRIDGES ARRENDELL. Examined September 15, 1802. Will book B; # 138.

Undated, 1801, Inventory of estate of THOMAS ARENDELL dec'd, son of BRIDGES ARENDELL dec'd. Entire inventory consisted of 2 negroes, not named. John Williams, admr. Will book B; # 103.

April 2, 1801, Sale of estate of THOMAS ARENDELL, dec'd, orphan of BRIDGES ARENDELL, dec'd, ; ELIZABETH ARENDELL bought negro Dick, Thomas Broom (Brown?) bought negro boy Gabriel. (These were the entire sale). John Williams, admr. Will book B; # 117.

June 1802, Account of BRIDGES ARRENDELL, dec'd., by John Williams execr. Covers 1799-1801. Names mentioned: Frederick Reed, Athy Green, Crafford Felps, Nathan Gean, Green Hill, Luke Price, William Cook, John Carpenter, Goodrich Alford, Jr., William Hogg, Doctor. William Fenner, John Richards, Jesse Weathers, Jacob Hartsfield, Ezekiel Clifton, Ansil Alford, Joseph Wheeler, Nehemiah Williams, John Upchurch, Isaac Pippin, Doctor Mitchell, William Dunn, THOMAS ARRENDELL (minor of Bridges Arrendell dec'd), Mary Parish, the admr. of Charles Upchurch, FRANCIS ARRENDELL (now Williams, who received her distributive share"), SARAH ARRENDELL (now Brown, her distributive share); NANCY ARRENDELL, POLLEY ARRENDELL, RHONEY ARRENDELL, ELIZABETH ARRENDELL, children of BRIDGES ARRENDELL, dec'd. their distributive share. Examined June 12, 1802 by William Andrews, William Lancaster, Jeremiah Perry. Will book B; # 132.

March 13, 1804, Guardian accounts for NANCY, POLLEY, ROWENA, & ELIZABETH ARENDELL, orphans of BRIDGES ARENDELL, dec'd. by John Williams, guardian. Persons mentioned: Wm. Green, Wm. Cook, John Norwood (for schooling), Jubal Upchurch, John Williams, and others; Old Hanner also mentioned. Will book C, # 6.

Undated, 1805, Account of estate of MARY SANDERS, dec'd , by JAMES SANDERS, admr. Covers 1801-1803. Persons mentioned: JOHN SANDERS, John Pippen, Jacob Hartsfield, Benja Sherrod, and others. Examined September 7, 1805 by Wm. Harrison, John Norwood, & John Williams. Will book C, # 31.

September 5, 1805, John Williams and wife NANCEY (NANNEY ARENDELL) WILLIAMS sold their part of land formerly conveyed by BRIDGES ARENDELL, now deceased, to his two daughters SALLEY ARENDELL & NANCY ARENDELL by deed bearing date Sep 5, 1798, and said NANCY has since intermarried with John Williams, May 18, 1805. Deed book 13, p. 139.

February 13, 1806, Benjamin Roberson of Washington Co, GA deed to THOMAS ARENDELL for land that fell to him from Acrel Ferrell's estate, wit: James Ferrell and MAHALAH ARENDELL. Deed book 13, P 157.

October 14, 1806, Littleberry White and wife ELIZABETH WHITE, who was the former WIDOW OF BRIDGES ARENDELL, conveyed her dower right in land formerly given by said BRIDGES ARENDELL to his daughter FRANCIS ARENDELL by deed bearing date October 19, 1875 to Thomas Williams who had since intermarried with FRANCIS ARENDELL. Wit: John Williams. Deed book 14, P. 54.

April 1, 1806, Richard Arendell witnessed a land sale.

June 1808, AGNESS SANDERS & THOMAS ARENDELL are two of the ones named in the account of the estate of Capt. William Jeffreys, dec'd, by his execrs. Simon Gray Jeffreys and Robert Nicholas Jeffreys. Covers 1802-1807; persons mentioned for old notes and debts. (Also Jarrett Sanders, dead & insolvent). June court 1808. Will book C, # 117.

September 14, 1810, Francis Gholson (female), Benjamin Gholson, NANCY (Gholson) ARENDELL, WILLIAM ARENDELL, Polly Gholson, and Lucy Gholson sold a tract of land devised to them by the last will and testament of John Gholson, dec'd Deed book 15, p. 120.

January 1, 1811 THOMAS ARENDELL to WILLIAM ARENDELL. Deed book 16, p. 132.

February 18, 1811, THOMAS & WILLIAM ARENDELL were executors for the last will and testament of Joseph Norris, dec'd. who devised land to his two grandsons, namely, Green Norris, son of Robert, and Joseph Norris, son of John. Deed book 16, p. 7.

March 1811, Articles of Agreement between heirs of Herbert Hight. Document signed by THOMAS ARENDELL, March court 1811. Will book C, # 200.

March 1811, Inventory of estate of Joseph Norriss, dec'd. Included were 6 negroes not named. Signed by THOMAS & WILLIAM ARENDELL, execrs. March court 1811. Will book C, # 204.

Undated 1811 THOMAS ARENDELL to BRIDGES ARENDELL of Carteret Co., NC. Wit: BENJAMIN ARENDELL & THOMAS B. ARENDELL. Deed book 15, p. 260.

Undated 1811 BRIDGES ARENDELL of Carteret Co., NC sold land situated in Franklin Co., NC. Deed book 16, p. 69.

Undated 1811 THOMAS B. ARENDELL witnessed deed from THOMAS ARENDELL to BRIDGES ARENDELL of Carteret Co., NC Deed book 25.

March 1812, Report of County Trustee Presley C. Persons for 1809. 277,767 & 3/4 acres taxed; an additional 7,460 acres not listed. 2,718 polls taxed, and additional 34 polls not listed. Value of town property listed at 8440. Persons who owed or were owed by the county: Nathaniel Perry, JAMES SANDERS, Jubal Upchurch, and others. (many were named). Will book C, # 246.

June 1812, Account of estate of Joseph Norris, dec'd by THOMAS ARRENDELL & WILLIAM ARRENDELL. Covers 1810-1812. Persons mentioned: Alexander Falconer, Jesse Kemp, Richard Feriner, JAMES SANDERS, and others. Will book C., # 277.

March 5, 1813, THOMAS BROOME & wife SALLY (ARENDELL) BROOME, sold land that was bequeathed to said SALLY, by her father BRIDGES ARENDELL. Deed book 16, p., 139.

March 1813, Guardian account for ELIZABETH ARENDELL by THOMAS BROOME, guardian. Will book G, # 90.

March, 14, 1814, Frances Gholson, and later his wife, dispose of various things in their estate prior to their deaths. Certain articles were given to her 3 daughters: NANCY GHOLSON ARENDELL, Polly & Frances Gholson. Will book D, # 62 & 63.

June 1814, WILLIAM SANDERS is one of the ones mentioned in the inventory of the estate of Thomas C. Hill. Will book D, # 88.

March 1815, Sale of estate of Jacob Heartsfield. ELIZABETH ARENDELL, JAMES SANDERS, & SHERROD SANDERS were listed among the buyers; also BENJAMIN ARENDELL, VINSON SANDERS, & RICHARD ARENDELL. Will book D, # 142.

March 1815, Allotment of dower to Martha Harris, widow of Brittain Harris, dec'd; 1/3 part of 784 acres on Tar River and Cypress Creek. Nathan Perry, sheriff; Wm. Person surveyor. Jurors were: James Strother, Cordy Ferrell, Wm. Freeman, Sr., Knighten Alford, Loftis Pippin, Reuben Stallings, JAMES SANDERS, Stephen Cooley, Joshua Perry, Elias Wrenn, Reddick Hillsman. Eight negroes were also allotted. Will book D, # 144.

Undated 1815, Buyers at the sale of the Gholson estate included: BENJAMIN ARENDELL, VINSON SANDERS, & WILLIAM ARENDELL.

March 13, 1816, John Gholson, & Benjamin Gholson of Tennessee, and WM. ARENDELL & wife Ann G. ARENDELL, & BENJAMIN ARENDELL & wife Mary G. ARENDELL of Franklin Co., NC sold land as heirs and representatives of Francis Gholson, dec'd. Deed book 17, p. 104.

May 5, 1816, Vinson Sanders deed to Sherrod Sanders for a token amount. Deed book 20, p. 271.

October 21, 1816, Alexander Frazer of Nash Co., NC deed of gift to his nephew, THOMAS SANDERS, the son of his sister Peggy, to take place after the death of his wife Sally Frazer. Deed book 17, p. 222.

June 9, 1817, Inventory of property of Vinson Sanders. Included were 470 1/2 acres, 11 negroes (not named). Names mentioned: Littleberry Pippen, James Cooley, Jacob Mitchell, WILLIAM SANDERS, the widow WINIFRED COOLEY SANDERS, and others. Signed SHERWOOD SANDERS, Adm. September court, 1817. Will book F, # 343.

September 5, 1817, County sale of VINSON SANDERS, dec'd. Buyers were SHERROD SANDERS, WINNEFORD SANDERS, & ELDRED PIPPEN. Signed by SHERWOOD SANDERS, admr.

February 9, 1819. Will of THOMAS ARENDELL (Jr.), decd. "weak in body". To my wife RACHAEL (PERRY) ARENDELL 100 Acres where I now live with 1/2 the orchard, 1/2 my barrels, 1/2 the still, 2 feather beds & furniture, certain livestock & riding chair, tools, etc. my negro man Murfy, woman Beck & her children, woman Fanny, all for her lifetime. To my daughter GILLISINELL all the property in her possession. To my daughter NANCY FERRELL all the property in her possession. To my son BRIDGES ARENDELL, all the property in his possession. To my son WILLIAM ARENDELL all the property in his possession. To my daughter PARTHENY MATTHEWS all the property in her possession. To my daughter MAHALA (MAHALY) FERRILL all the property in her possession. To my son RICHARD ARENDELL all the property in his possession. To my son THOMAS BOON ARENDELL all the rest of this tract of land with his mother's after her death, 1 feather bed & furniture, etc. To my daughter THARNY (?) SANDERS all the property in her possession, girl Barbery, etc. To my daughter MATILDA YOUNG all the property in her possession, girl Cheany, etc. All the rest that I have not willed away, namely woman Milley, boy Sam, 1 feather bed & furniture, 1 mare, 2 lots of land to be sold and the negroes sold within the family; then, after paying my debts, the balance to be divided among my 6 daughters GILLY, NANCY, PARTHENY, MEHALEY, THARNEY, MATILDA to be controlled by my executors as they think they have need of it, for it is not to pay 1 debt of ALSEY FERRELL OR BENJAMIN MATTHEWS. After my wife's death the property left to her to be sold at the discretion of my executors and the proceeds, after making my 6 daughters equal with the boys, then the balance to be divided among my 11 children: GILLY, NANCY, BRIDGES, WILLIAM, PARTHENY, MEHALEY, RICHARD, BENJAMIN, THOMAS B., THENEY, MATILDA, except GILLY'S & PARTHENEY'S part to be left in the hands of the executors unless ALSEY & MATTHEWS should die, and if GILLY & PARTHENY should die the money to go to their children. Executors: WILLIAM ARENDELL, THOMAS B. ARENDELL. Wit: Robert Hicks, Robert Freeman, Joseph Young. A note appended dealing with notes owed him by said FERRILL & said MATTHEWS. Also to my grandson **ALLICK (Alexander?) DUKE ARENDELL 1 sow, and 1 heifer from Richard's old cow. Will Book G; P. 9. Franklin Co., NC Wills.

**Below is a portion of a transaction which took place in Morehouse Parish between A. D. Arendell and Thomas B. Sanders. Notice the close similarity in the name Allick Duke Arendell in both documents.

" Be it known that on this the 19th of February, A.D. 1853, personally came before me the undersigned recorder & Ex officio Notary Public for said parish, ALEICK ARRENDEL & THOMAS B. SANDERS of same residence...... that for and in consideration of the sum of Two Thousand Four Hundred dollars ($2, 400) paid and to be paid as follows to wit........which notes are evidenced herewith, hath bargained and sold to the said THOMAS B. SANDERS , his heirs, and legal representatives the following described property to wit Jerry, a negroe man about 26 years of age of Black complexion & Matilda a woman of dark complexion about 24 years of age, Louisa a girl........all slaves for life, which said slaves this vendor and declarant A. D. ARENDELL does hereby transfer and deliver to said SANDERS described negroes with guaranty of title, and do further warrant said negroes to be free from all the malladies and vices prescribed by the testimony of all which the said parties, vendor and vendee, do hereunto sign their names in the presents of witnesses of lawful age and residence , and me, said recorder and notary, the day and date above."
            Dixon Hall, Sen.
            A. D. Arrendell
            George W. (X) Headen
            Thomas B. Sanders

Filed for record February 19, A. D. 1853

February 26, 1819, THOMAS ARENDELL was one of the commissioners, along with J. Perry, John Perry, & Jeremiah Perry for the division of 1178 acres of and belonging to Solomon Perry, dec'd

March 13, 1820, Account of VINCENT (VINSON) SANDERS. Names mentioned among many others were: Jeremiah Perry, RICHARD ARENDELL, Littleberry Pippen, & WILLIAM SANDERS. Will book F, # 549.

Undated 1821, Account of estate of James Spivey by Willis Horton, admr. Names mentioned among many others were: ARENDELL & FOX, BAILEY PERRY, EDWARD COOLEY, JEREMIAH PERRY, EATON UPCHURCH, & JAMES SANDERS, dec'd. Will book G, # 610.

January 1821, Buyers at the sale of property of John Williams included: SHERROD SANDERS & WILLIAM SANDERS. In Feb. 1821, the slaves were sold, and named among the buyers were EDWARD COOLEY & BAILEY PERRY. March court 1821. Will book D, # 638.
            **NOTE: BAILEY PERRY was a bondsman for the marriage of THOMAS B. SANDERS & CAROLINE ARENDELL. This means that they were good friends.

Undated 1821, THOMAS ARENDELL was a witness on the will of Nathan McMillan. Will book G., # 618.

October 1821, Inventory of property of THOMAS ARENDELL (Jr.), dec'd., willed to be sold to pay his debts. Names mentioned: Richard Reaves, Sr., BENJAMIN ARENDELL, Norfleet Byrd, Robert Young, Elias Williams, boy Sam. Inventory of property that THOMAS ARENDELL left his wife (RACHEL) for her maintenance; man Murphrey, woman Beck, woman Fanny, boy Davy, boy Henry. Signed: THOMAS B. ARENDELL. Will book G., # 655.

October 4, 1821, Sale of estate of THOMAS ARENDELL, dec'd. Buyers were: SHERROD SANDERS, Davis Young (who bought boy Sam). Signed: THOMAS B. (BOONE) ARENDELL, excr. Will book G., # 654.
            ***Note added by this writer: the SHERROD SANDERS mentioned above was probably the husband of THARNEY (Arendell) SANDERS.

May 7, 1825, Theodoric Ferrell & MAHALA FERRELL (formerly Mahala ARENDELL) relinquishment to BENJAMIN ARENDELL for their interest in the estate of THOMAS ARENDELL, dec'd. Deed book 26. p. 230.

October 12, 1825, RICHARD ARENDELL deed to BENJAMIN ARENDELL. Wit: THOMAS ARENDELL. Deed book 23, p. 165.

December 4, 1828, Bill of sale for some of the property/belongings of THOMAS ARENDELL, dec'd. states that he died in the year 1820, leaving his son THOMAS BOWEN (BOON) ARENDELL as his executor. It also shows that he had six daughters, and that his widow RACHEL PERRY ARENDELL died in 1828. Deed book 25, p. 83.

Undated 1838, John Tabb Foster deed of gift to MARMADUKE SAUNDERS, KEMP POWELL SAUNDERS, SARAH TABB SAUNDERS, & ELIZABETH JANE SAUNDERS; he to retain possession thereof during his lifetime.

This concludes the documentation of about 75 years of "business" carried on by members of the SANDERS & ARENDELL families, and their close neighbors in Franklin Co., North Carolina.

It was my intense desire to "find" the parents of our ancestors Thomas B. Sanders & Caroline Arendell that led me to do this history. However, I was not able to completely accomplish my goal. I am convinced though, that Thomas B. & Caroline came out of this community, because these Sanders & Arendells cited herin were the only ones in Franklin Co. at that time. One other very good evidence is the close friendship between Thomas B. Sanders and Bailey Perry whom we know was a member of this community. See note in entry for January 1821.

Submitted by Annette Heard Shelton  
January 30, 1997


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