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Family Bibles

The Bible of
John R. DeLoach

The Bible of Jesse DeLoach

The Bible of Mary DeLoach

The Bible of William and Elizabeth DeLoach

The Bibles of Richard DeLoach and his son Seaborn DeLoach

The Bible of James Monroe Culpepper

The Bible of Redding Cannon DeLoach

The Bibles of Thomas DeLoach and his son Samuel DeLoach

The Bible of Henderson Frier

The Bible of Wiley DeLoach

The Bible of John J. McGraw

The Bible of Adeline Victoria DeLoach


The DesLoges Family, by Joseph Earle Steadman

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The DesLoges Family, by Joseph Earle Steadman. pdf format (1.1MB)

Publications Concerning DeLoach and Allied Families


Minutes of DeLoach's Primitive Baptist Church


Bethany Missionary Baptist Church, Chilton County, Alabama

Frazier Cemetery, Columbia County, Arkansas

Wares Chapel Cemetery, Columbia County, Arkansas

East Memorial Gardens Cemetery, Miller County, Arkansas

Langston Cemetery, Apache County, Arizona

Groveland Cemetery, Bryan County, Georgia

DeLoach's Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery, Bulloch County, Georgia

Eastside Cemetery, Statesboro, Bulloch County, Georgia

Hendrix Cemetery, Bulloch County, Georgia

Lott’s Creek Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery, Bulloch County, Georgia

New DeLoach Cemetery, Bulloch County, Georgia

Upper Black Creek Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery, Bulloch County, Georgia

Damascus Baptist Church Cemetery, Columbia County, Georgia

Bethel Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery, Echols County, Georgia

Laurel Hill Lutheran Church Cemetery, Effingham County, Georgia

Antioch Cemetery, Evans County, Georgia

Bay Branch Cemetery, Evans County, Georgia

Brewton Cemetery, Evans County, Georgia

Bull Creek Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery, Evans County, Georgia

Canoochee Cemetery, Evans County, Georgia

Ephesus Cemetery, Evans County, Georgia

Old DeLoach Cemetery, Evans County, Georgia

Union Cemetery, Evans County, Georgia

Tom DeLoach Cemetery, Fort Stewart, Georgia

Pine Mountain Cemetery, Harris County, Georgia

Beard's Creek Cemetery, Tattnall County, Georgia

Ebenezer Cemetery, Tattnall County, Georgia

Inman Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery, Toombs County, Georgia

Glenwood Cemetery, Upson County, Georgia

Jesup City Cemetery, Wayne County, Georgia

Louisiana Cemeteries

Mississippi Cemeteries

South Carolina
DeLoach Gravestones in Edgefield, Saluda and Greenwood Counties South Carolina

The DeLoach/Ward Cemetery, Edgefield County, South Carolina

Old Quaker Cemetery, Kershaw County, South Carolina

DeLoach Family Cemetery, Old Greenwood Plantation, South Carolina

DeLoach Family Cemetery - Nixville Section of Hampton County, S.C.

Addendum to DeLoach Family Cemetery - Nixville Section of Hampton County, S.C.

Steep Bottom Baptist Church Cemetery, Hampton County, S.C.

DeLoach Family Cemetery, Carter County, Tennessee

DeLoach Family Cemetery, Campbell Hollow, Johnson County, Tennessee

DeLoach Cemetery, Dickson County, Tennessee

Cemeteries in Madison County, Tennessee

Bastrop County, Texas Cemeteries

Deloach/Vanover Cemetery in Flemingtown, Clintwood, Dickenson County, Virginia

Census Records

The 1890 Census - What really happened

DeLoach Families in Early Census Records

1830 - 1870 Alabama Counties

1880 Alabama Counties

1900 Alabama Soundex - DeLoach

1880 Census of Tombstone, Arizona

1880 Arkansas Counties - DeLoach

1900 Arkansas Counties - DeLoach

District of Columbia
1910 - 1920 District of Columbia - DeLoach

1880 Florida Counties - DeLoach

1840 Census of Harris County, Georgia

1850 Census of Harris County, Georgia

1860 Census of Harris County, Georgia

1860 - 1870 Georgia Counties

Census Records for Tattnall County, Georgia 1820-1870

Census Records for Tattnall County, Georgia 1880

1880 Georgia Counties - DeLoach

1900 Georgia Soundex - DeLoach

1860 - 1920 Illinois Counties - DeLoach

1810 - 1920 Kentucky Counties - DeLoach

1880 Louisiana Parishes - DeLoach

1900 Louisiana Soundex - DeLoach

1820-1860 Wilkinson County, Mississippi Census - DeLoach

1880 Mississippi Counties - DeLoach

1900 Mississippi Soundex - DeLoach

New Jersey
1880 - 1920 New Jersey Counties - DeLoach

New York
1900 - 1920 New York Counties - DeLoach

North Carolina
1755 - 1870 North Carolina Counties - DeLoach/DeLoatch

Slaves and Laborers of Francis DeLoatch III, Northampton County, North Carolina

1850 Slave Schedule of Northampton County, North Carolina

Former Slaves who were Landowners in 1870, Northampton County, North Carolina

1880 North Carolina Counties - DeLoach/DeLoatch

1920 and 1930 Census of Bertie County, North Carolina

1860-1920 Ohio Counties - DeLoach

1870-1920 Pennsylvania Counties - DeLoach

South Carolina
1790-1850 Beaufort County, SC - DeLoach

1860-1870 Beaufort County, SC - DeLoach

1790-1850 Edgefield County, SC - DeLoach

1860-1870 Edgefield County, SC - DeLoach

1860-1870 South Carolina Counties - DeLoach

1880 South Carolina Counties - DeLoach

1812 - 1920 East Tennessee Counties - DeLoach

1810 - 1920 Other Tennessee Counties - DeLoach

1880 Texas Counties - DeLoach

1900 Texas Soundex - DeLoach

1930 Texas Census (Partial) - DeLoach

1782 - 1930 Virginia Counties - DeLoach

Land Records

Isle of Wight County, Virginia
Land Grant to Christopher Lewis, 750 acres, 26 Jul 1652

Land Grant to Rowland Griffen, 750 acres, 13 Jan 1661

Deed of Gift, Rowland Griffeth to Jane DesLoges, 9 Aug 1671


Alabama Marriages

Clarke County, Alabama

Georgia Marriages

Bulloch County, Georgia

Talbot County, Georgia

Tattnall County, Georgia

Early North Carolina

Slave Marriages in Northampton County, North Carolina

Edgefield County, South Carolina

Marriage Bond of Kinchen Barnes and Elisabeth Braswell

Marriage Bond, Elisha Clary and Polly Barns, 20 Feb 1793

Marriage Bond, William C. Barnes and Nancy Curry, 7 Jul 1829

Southampton County, Virginia


DeLoach Vineyards Poster

Surry County, VA Orders 1691-1713, William Goodman vs. William DeLoach

Arthur DeLoach, 1822-18 Jan 1882, Biographical Sketch

DeLoach WWII Servicemen from Lanett, Shawmut, Langdale & Fairfax, Alabama

The Saga of the Josiah DeLoach House

Letter from J.B. Malone to Mrs. Fannie E. Young DeLoach

Is There a DeLoach Family Coat of Arms?

Postcard from Loches, France

Minutes of the DeLoach Church, Bulloch County, GA

DeLoach Men Who Served in the CSA

DeLoach News in the Woodville Republican

Letter from Joseph Earle Steadman to Mr. J.T. DeLoach

The Research Notes of Dorothy Luttrell

Jesse DeLoach and Penelope Ruffin

The DeLoach Mill Manufacturing Company, Atlanta, GA

The DeLoach Stove Company

I'm My Own Grandpa

Proof - What is It?

Genealogy and Computer Information


Mathew DeLoach, 8 Aug 1922

William Samuel Deloach, 19 March 1942

Luberta DeLoach Smith, 3 Mar 1996

Honorable Mayor Perry Lee DeLoach, 6 May 2004

Helen Gertrude Owen Robinson, 21 Feb 2005

Dr. Lionel R. DeLoach, 13 April 2005



Old Bethel Church Cemetery
Clarke County, Alabama

Pennington DeLoach, Epsey Davis DeLoach and Georgiana DeLoach Stabler

White House Fork Baptist Church Cemetery
White House Fork, Alabama

Samuel Watson DeLoach and Lula Alice Foreman DeLoach

White Pond Baptist Church Cemetery
White City, Autaga County, Alabama

James Henry DeLoach and family


DeLoach's Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery
Bulloch County, Georgia

James Hoyt DeLoach

James L. and Mary Ellen Akin DeLoach

Antioch Cemetery
Evans County, Georgia

John Mac DeLoach

Barnard Cemetery
Evans County, Georgia

Isaac DeLoach

Brewton Cemetery
Evans County, Georgia

James F. DeLoach

Emanuel Fontaine Brewton and Julia Frances DeLoach Brewton

Bull Creek Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery
Evans County, Georgia

Henry T. DeLoach

James A. DeLoach

Lemuel Varnadoe DeLoach

Canoochee Cemetery
Evans County, Georgia

James Hoyt "Tom" DeLoach and wife Genie Bazemore DeLoach

Old DeLoach Cemetery
Evans County, Georgia

Jane Ann Virginia Zetterower and husbands William W. DeLoach and Wiley W. DeLoach

Georgia Ann DeLoach

Wehadkee Baptist Church Cemetery
Troup County, Georgia

Charles Augustus DeLoach and Mary Elizabeth Nichols DeLoach

South Carolina

Beech Branch Baptist Church Cemetery
Allendale County, South Carolina

Joseph Duncan DeLoach and Delora Mellison Dowling DeLoach

Wideman H. DeLoach and Lauretta I. Chaplin DeLoach

Joel DeLoach

Marie DeLoach


DeLoach Family Cemetery
Carter County, Tennessee

David DeLoach and Margaret J. "Maggie" Collins DeLoach


The Will of Rowland Griffeth - 1671

The Will of Rowland Griffith - 1671

The Will of Michael DeLoach - 1727

The Will of William DeLoach, Sr. - 1746

The Will of Thomas DeLoach - 1747

The Will of Eleanor Collins DeLoach - 1748

The Will of Richard Wall. - 1752

The Will of Samuel DeLoach, Sr. - 1764

The Will of Mary Boykin DeLoach -1773 (Samuel's wife)

The Will of William Bloodworth -1793

The Will of Francis DeLoatch -1770

The Will of William DeLoatch -1784

The Will of Richard Ruffin - 1782

The Will of Benjamin DeLoach - 1785

The Will of William John Hodgon Deloach - 1785

The Will of William Bloodworth, 1793

The Will of Joseph Barnes, 17 Dec 1794

The Will of Solomon DeLoach - 1795

The Will of Jacob Summerrell, 1795

The Will of Sarah DeLoach - 1797

The Will of John Still, Sr. - 26 Sep 1797

The Will of Solomon DeLoatch - 1799

The Will of Salley DeLoatch - 1821 (Solomon's wife)

The Will of Joseph Powell, 25 Sep 1800

The Estate of Richard DeLoach, Jr., 19 Oct 1801

The Estate of Richard DeLoach, Sr., 16 Feb 1801

The Will of Thomas DeLoach - 1802

The Will of Samuel DeLoach, Jr. -1805

The Will of Francis DeLoatch, Jr. - 1808

The Will of Ruffin DeLoach - 26 Oct 1833

The Will of Elizabeth Deloatch - 1834

The Will of Charlotte Deloatch - 1835

The Will of Nancy DeLoach - 1837

The Will of Rebecka F. DeLoatch - 1840

The Will of James Goggins - 1843

The Will of Jesse DeLoach - 1843

The Will of Dawsey DeLoatch - 1855

The Will of Thomas S. DeLoatch - 1859

The Will of Moody DeLoatch - 1861

The Will of Madison E. Deloatch - 1863

The Will of John T. Deloatch - 1869

The Will of Soloman DeLoatch - 1887

The Will of Wesley DeLoatch - 1901

DeLoach Researchers

This is a List of DeLoach Researchers, and their primary interests./

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