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Miscellaneous unplaced documention:

Some have speculated that Robert Hester's wife was a Tate rather than McAllister. However, dates do not jibe with his generation.

Cty. Lou, Book: 2, Page: 239, James Tate, Type: will, Date: 11-Nov-1776
Louisa county, to grandson John Tate, son of Uriah Tate, all the land I bought of my brother Nathan also the land I bought of Walter Goldsmith; if John dies then sell land and divide between his two sisters Anne and Agness; to my grandson James, son of James, all the land I bought of Francis Hester? If James dies with no heirs then equally divided between Zimry Tate's three sons to wit (Miafrdo/Mafdo? Mazdo), Thomas and Zimmy; son-in-law Enos Tate all the land given me by my father, if no heirs, then to my brother Enos Tate's son Robert Tate; wife Abagail, sons Uriah, James, dau's: Cicely Gardner, Elizabeth Tate, Abagail Tate, Margaret Tate; divided among all my grandchildren and Ciceley Gardner, Charles Hester excepted …. Equally divided between my brother John Tate's daughters; administrator friends William Gardner, Enos Tate; written 17 Oct.1776; recorded 11 Nov.1776; witness Zimry Tate, Peter Schooler, Charles Daniel Jr., John Gardner  (If you note the date on this will, James Tate evidently purchased land from a younger Francis Hester than the one who probably died in 1719-20.)


James Tate's dau. Rachel was b. 1749 and is said to have been the wife of John Hester.  However, a John Hester married Sarah Tate much later. Thus, Tate court documents have been consulted to attempt clarification but proof is lacking.  James Tate mentions grandson Charles Hester in his 1776 will which may lend credence to Rachel being a Tate if indeed it is the same Charles but it is more likely that James Tate is referring to Charles,  the son of Sarah Tate that married John Hester.  Francis Hester b. 1650 may had more children that we have not located.  There are some claims that John Hester b. 1773-1883 who married Sarah Tate  was the son of Jesse  and Mary Tate. but those dates, too, are totally off.  Much caution is needed here in sorting these families out.


The only Hester found in the 1767 list of tithables and census for St. Martin's Parish, Louisa County, Va was Robert Hester so it appears he is the first of the family to arrive here which may have led one to think that this is Robert's son Charles that is named in James Tate's will.


Robert Tate's (b. 27 Feb 1671) family sheet shows James Tate being the 4th of 6 children, being born in 1718 in St. Paul's Parish, New Kent County, VA., which became Hanover Co. in 1720, then in 1743 became Louisa Co.. The first born to James and Abigail was Rachel, born in 1742 in Fredericksville, Hanover County, VA. According to the family sheet her spouses name was Robert Hester. The Hester name pops up again further on in regard to some land purchased by a James Tate from the Hester family, ie "purchased of Francis Hester and wife Agnes 200 acres adjoining Robert Hester, Robert Tate and Henry Bibb on Tomohawk Creek" etc..


Robert's family sheet shows James being the 4th of 6 children, being born in 1718 in St. Paul's Parish, New Kent County, VA., which became Hanover Co. in 1720, then in 1743 became Louisa Co.. The first born to James and Abigail was Rachel, supposedly was born in 1742 in Fredericksville, Hanover County, VA. According to the family sheet her spouses name was Robert Hester(another one for you to throw into the mix.) The Hester name pops up again further on in regard to some land purchased by James from the Hester family, ie "purchased of Francis Hester and wife Agnes 200 acres adjoining Robert Hester, Robert Tate and Henry Bibb on Tomohawk Creek" etc.  Unfortunately, these dates are way off to be the Rachel that married this Robert Hester.


In the court of 1833, Mary Hester wife of Benjamin Hester filed a motion stating that her husband, Benjamin Hester died leaving a will which when offered for probate was contested. Now the widow asks for her third of the estate, saying that the heirs at law are: the children of Frank Hester, brother of Benjamin Hester, deceased who died before him namely; Garland, William and Robert, Alfred, and Thomas Hester and Frances Hester, Polly Hayes, Milley Hayes, who married Solomon Hayes, Nancy Gordon, who married William Gordan and the said Frank Hester had another daughter named Betsey who married a Mr. Morris, both deceased and Garland Hester and Solomon Hayes and wife Milley live outside the State, there was also brother, Zachariah Hester and sister Tempe who married Sowell Frazier, the latter lives in Stokes County. He also had a sister named Nancy who married Henry Watson, he died before the intestate and left the following children; They are unknown to the petitioner or where live. He also had a sister, Mary Curry and a brother John who preceded him in death, leaving the following children: William , Elijah, Robert, Benjamin, Lucy, who married Phillip Voss, Nancy married William Whicker, Mary married James Whicker, Elizabeth married Jacob Frazier, Faithey married Smith Frazier, Martha married Drury Watson, and all reside in Guilford County, except Lucy and Phillip Voss who have removed from the State to parts unknown, and there was another brother named Robert, who died before him leaving the following children, namely Charity Snipes, being in Tennessee, Bennett and Robert Hester, Lucy Bennett who married Thomas Voss who resides in this county and the deceased had another brother who died before him named William, leaving the following children; Patsy, married William Elliott, Atha married John Hunt, William and John Hunt who reside in this county, and Mary who married Phillip Yancey, Jincey, Lucy married but name unknown,Robert,Jeremiah, Benjamin, all of whom have removed to parts unknown to your Petitioner; Betsey Morris daughter of Frank Hester, left the following children; Benjamin, Asa, Coley, Matilda Morris, and Jency who married Thomas Tippet. The one third of the estate laid off to the widow, Mary D. Hester, widow of Benjamin Hester, with the dwelling house, containing 1480 acres and several Negroes. December 29, 1831..

In the Daughters of the American Revolution, index of 1966,quote "John Hester, born c.1754, died before Feb.1820, Rank: Musician, North Carolina Continental Line". In the "State Records of North Carolina" John's brother Benjamin gave this account of his service when he applied for his pension in 1833, quote" In February 1833, Benjamin Hester of Granville County,NC. testifies that he joined Capt. Taylor's Company at the Troublesome Ironworks , the day after the Battle of Guilford Courthouse and distinctly recollects the two incidents related by Capt. Taylor, viz. the attack on Tarleton's Dragoons and the affair at the cabin, as recited by him. He thinks however, that the name of the party wounded in retreating from the cabin and who afterwards died, was Capt.Crump instead of Drake. The hat that fell from his head when wounded was taken possession of by his brother John Hester, who was present at the time. His brother, John Hester, was also one of the party. Benjamin Hester states that Degloback who was with Taylor in the attack on the pickets of the enemy, had no commission at the time, nor did he receive it untill afterwards near Wilmington, as his expression at the time of receiving it was,"dam'em I will fight them to the very Hell". The three prisoners taken in that attack were wounded by the sword of Benjamin Hester. The two first were sentries at their post. In their retreat he captured the third who was sheltered behind a tree and he drove him along before him untill he came up with the rest of the company from whom he had been partially separated. Degloback immediately ordered him to kill the Hessian, which was not done although somewhat maltreated. He was in pursuit of Cornwallis to Wilmington, NC."


.From the Clayton/Peery Family records we find this history of Charles Hester of Spartanburg


I. Charles Hester

     Charles Hester was born Aug 16, 1747 in Louisa county, Virginia (proven by Revolutionary War pension application). He received grants of 522 acres in 1798 and another 805 acres in 1805 on Cherokee Creek of Broad River in Spartanburg county, South Carolina. In addition to these grants he bought and sold many other plots in this area including a purchase of 5,429 acres from William Hester. He was surely a planter as most land owners were in the time and place but we also know he was a blacksmith because he filed a claim for service as a horseshoer (sic) for the troops during the revolution. Charles wrote his will in 1828 (proven 15 Apr. 1833 which means he died before this date) naming his wife  Martha and children: Wm Hester, John Hester, Abraham Hester, Jesse Hester, Sally Fondren, Lucy Arnold, Nancy Camp, Robert Hester, Joseph Hester, and Fanny Blanton; grandson Simpson Hester; and stepson Thomas Logan. Apparently Martha is the mother of Thomas Logan. It is not known if she was the mother of Charles' children but I suspect their mother was an unidentified first wife of Charles. At the time he drew his will his sons John, and Joseph had moved to Alabama. Apparently the other sons had also moved since he named his step son Thomas Logan and grandson Simpson Hester as executors of his estate.

II. John Hester

     John Hester  was born about 1773  probably in North or South Carolina. From a combination of property deeds and  wills in Spartanburg county we know that he married Sarah Tate, daughter of Jesse and Mary Tate and granddaughter of William and Elizabeth Tate (Elizabeth is believed to be a sister of Charles Hester who along with William Hester and John Hester witnessed William Tate's will). On Nov. 16, 1816 John and his wife Sarah sold 202 acres of land on Cherokee Creek to Tindal Robertson and on the same day John sold another 216 acres on Cherokee Creek to William Tate (Sarah's uncle?). John and his wife were probably preparing to move to Alabama at this time as he is found on the 1820 census of St. Claire county, Alabama. This census shows that they had six sons and six daughters. A Hester family history compiled by Jean Holley Day in 1984 gives the names of their known children as: Charles, Obadiah, Green B., Minerva, John, Joseph, and Christopher. When John and Sarah Hester moved to Alabama they did not move alone. John's brother Joseph went with them as did Herrod Fondren who's wife was John's sister Sarah. Herrod and Sarah Fondren later moved to Choctaw county, Mississippi as did John's son Josepth Hester. John Hester died in 1833.
     There is nothing to indicate that they even knew each other but in 1820 one of John Hester's neighbors in St. Claire county, Alabama was Charles Collier Clayton. One hundred years later John's great great granddaughter married Charles' great great grandson.

Robert Hester
Person County, North Carolina
Will Book 10, Page 328

June Term 1827

In the name of God amen, I Robert Hester of the State of North Carolina and County of Person being weak of body but perfect mind and memory make this my last will and testament in means following. first that is I allow all my just debts to be paid. 2nd I have in former division given to Braudie Malone's children three hundred and forty four dollars over and above what I have given to the rest of my children allowing them to represent their father and mother Braudie and Sally Malone as legatees and above Sum of three hundred and forty four Dollars to have trust untill a division is made which I allow my other children (viz) Nancy William Nicholas Elijah & Nancy each of them to have a Same equal to the above and the ballance to be equally divided among my Six Children, that is Henry Hester, William Hester, Nicholas Hester, Elijah Hester Sally Malone & Nancy Malone in writing I have here unto Set my hand and Seal this 22nd day of august 1820.

Signed in presents of
James McMullins [?] Robert Hester {seal} John Snipes Willis Snipes [Juratt]

Person County June Term 1827

the execution of this will was duly [presented] in open Court by the oath of Willis Snipes and ordered to be recorded
[?] Jesse Dinkins Clk

Information provided by Robert L. Williams on the Franklin Co. ALGENWEB site.


Found in: Georgia Bible records by Jeannette Holland Austin, published by Baltimore Genealogical Publishing Co,Inc. 1985.
page 219:
Carwell Hester Bible
Owner: Mrs Ella Hester Tribble
Lavonia Georgia

Carwell Hester 1796-3/15/1863 m 12/25/1819 by Canceler, Esq.,
Elizabeth Whitmire 03/22/1798-02/05/1896
Malinda Hester 11/9/1828-7/1852 m. 7/16/1847 by Rev. Eady,
Aaron Robberson
Abraham Hester 12/8/1819-4/22/1862 m. 6/20/1849 Emily Dean
Henry W. Hester b. 7/10/1821 m.4/5/1851 by O.E. Barton, Esq.,
Malinda Clayton
Elizabeth Capehart m. 5/28/1862 Waddy Thompson Hester 7/7/1839-
James Fisher b. 2/7/1828 m. 11/17/1868 Mary E. Robberson b. 6/15/1853

Children of Carwell Hester and Elizabeth Whitmire:
Abraham Hester 12/8/1819 Samuel R. Hester 9/11/1830
Henry W. Hester 7/10/1821 Carwell Hester Jr. 9/19/1832
Jeptha N. Hester 2/17/1823 Mary Elizabeth Hester 9/29/1834
Louisa Hester 12/29/1825 Waddy Thompson Hester 7/7/1839
Malinda Hester 11/9/1828

Children of Malinda Hester and Aaron Robberson:
H.T. Robberson 9/12/1848 Mary E. Robberson 6/15/1853

Children of James Fisher and Mary E. Roberrson:
B.T. Fisher 4/22/1854 W.T. Fisher 8/23/1859
Jeptha Fisher 12/20/1857

Louisa Hester 4/5/1823 S.R. Hester 9/20/1862
Jeptha Hester 3/20/1850 Carwell Hester Jr. 1/21/1863
M.E. Fisher 10/11/1860